The Reprehensible fight for control of Communion

The Church has the duty and right to decide the disciplines which accompany the Sacraments, including the reception of holy Communion. Since holy Communion is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Son of God, hidden under the mere appearances of bread and wine, we must receive Communion with fear of the Lord.

Be subject to one another in the fear of Christ. (Eph 5:21).

The current situation in “online Catholicism” is a battle of articles and comments on whose rules for Communion should prevail. People are speaking as if Communion were a prize to be won or to be controlled by one group or another; as if Communion were a “political football”, as they say. One side speaks with anger or malice toward the other side, for supposedly having the wrong opinion on Communion discipline.

Each side speaks as if they own Truth, and as if their Truth should control the behavior of everyone else. Each side speaks as if they own the Eucharist — which is the Son of God!!

This type of behavior toward the Son of God in the Eucharist show how degraded these online discussions of the Faith have become. You cannot say whatever you want, do whatever you want, and then claim to be a faithful disciple of Christ. Fear the Lord Jesus. He is your judge.

The Eucharist is God made man. No one has the right to demand that certain rules must be followed, based on that person’s understanding or based on the view of a subculture in Catholicism. No one has the right to “lord it over” the Lord hidden under appearances of bread and wine. Fear the Lord.

The Church must decide the discipline for Communion. And we must be careful to examine our consciences and often go to Confession, before receiving Communion. Those who put themselves above the Eucharist, speaking as if they should decide the discipline for Communion, are sinning. This battle for control of the rules for reception of Communion is wicked, idolatrous, and blasphemous because it treats the Lord Jesus in the Eucharist like an idol to be controlled, or like a mere physical object, and not as the Son of God.

My own articles on discipline for holy Communion are my understanding of Church law and Church teaching. I accept whatever the Church decides on discipline for reception of the Eucharist. I suggest the same attitude to everyone.


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