My Latest Book: Reply to the Papal Accusers (Volume 1)

My latest book is now available in Kindle format and as a paperback book.

Vatican I and the perennial teaching of the Church teach certain papal charisms: the Pope cannot fail in faith nor err gravely in doctrine/discipline. I defend Pope Francis, other Popes, Vatican II, and other Councils

Reply to the Papal Accusers: Volume One

This book is intended to help the faithful remain faithful to the Popes, Councils, Magisterium, and the Church in the face of all manner of accusations against Peter and his successors, against the Apostles and their successors, and against the body of Christ here on earth.

Buying the book also helps support my work on this blog, defending the Faith.

This book is Volume One. A Volume Two is already underway with a few chapters near completion. The second volume replies to public petitions and open letters, as well as to various particular claims made against Pope Francis.

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2 Responses to My Latest Book: Reply to the Papal Accusers (Volume 1)

  1. I got the book. That was a quick delivery from Amazon. Hopefully, this book may be translated into Spanish sometime later for there are may papal accusers in the Spanish speaking world as well.

  2. *many papal accusers

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