The Virgin Mary’s Warning about a Schism

“Dear children, I am your Sorrowful Mother and I know what is coming for you. Bend ye your knees in prayer. The false Church with the New Order will suffocate the truth. The plan of the enemies is to move the greatest number of My poor children away from the knowledge of the truth. Be ye attentive. Announce ye the Truth of My Jesus to all My poor children. When there is no knowledge of the truth, there comes sad spiritual blindness.” — from the private revelations to Pedro Regis in Brazil

The above text could be interpreted as referring to the second part of the tribulation (the greater tribulation) when the Antichrist rules the whole world, and he sets up a false Church, to try to draw the faithful away from the true Church. The false Church is the “New Order”.

The other possible interpretation, which does not exclude the first interpretation, is that the lesser tribulation or first part will have some type of false Church, a New Order, which is opposed to the true Church. This could indicate a schism in the Catholic Church, as a prelude to the great apostasy. First people fall away partially, by schism and heresy; then they lose faith altogether, being separated from the vine.

This New Order could be liberal Catholics, who depart from the Church under the next conservative Pope (Francis’ successor), or it could be the traditionalist Catholics who break away due to restrictions on the Latin Mass and the continuation of their complaints about Pope Francis.

The use of “New Order” (in the latter case above) is a clever play on words, because the schismatic traditionalists (not all traditionalists) reject the Novus Oro (New Order) Mass, in favor of the 1962 Mass, the so-called “Traditional Latin Mass” TLM. However, it is this schismatic traditionalism which is new. For the Magisterium was established by Christ, 2000 years ago, so whatever it approves is of the Old Order, that is, of Christ and of the plan of God from all eternity. And the schismatics who gather around the TLM are forming a New Order, which rejects the authority of the Church from of old.

Remain with the true Magisterium, which is led by each Roman Pontiff whoever he may be. Do not judge any Pope. Accept the authority of the Bishops, especially as a body, with the Pope as their head. And accept every teaching of every Ecumenical Council.

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