New Book: Reply to the Papal Accusers

I am working on finishing my latest book: Reply to the Papal Accusers

Table of Contents

Part I. The Teaching of the Church
1: The Church is Indefectible
2: The Pope is Indefectible
3: Perennial Church Teaching
4: The Second Vatican Council
5: The Charisms of the Body of Bishops
6: The Extent of Papal Error
7: The House Built On Sand
Part II. The Innocence of the Popes
8: Pope Honorius I
9: Other Accused Popes
10: Pope Saint Peter
11: The Vatican II Popes
Part III. The Innocence of Pope Francis
12: Monsignor Charles Pope’s Letter
13: The Filial Appeal
14: The Dubia of the Four Cardinals
15: On Amoris Laetitia
16: The A to Z List of Complaints
17: The Filial Correction
18: Father Weinandy’s Letter
19: Profession of Immutable Truths
20: An Appeal To The Cardinals
21: Human Fraternity
22: Open Letter to the Bishops
23: Taylor Marshall and “Infiltration”
24: Declaration of truths…
25: The Amazon Synod and Pachamama
26: Against Recent Sacrileges
Part IV. Final Thoughts
27: The Misuse of Eschatology
28: Misplaced Hope in a Future Pope
29: Commentary on the Latin Mass

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6 Responses to New Book: Reply to the Papal Accusers

  1. franciscofigueroa1 says:

    Looking forward to the book, Ron. Will the book also discuss the Body of Bishops lead by the Pope is indefectible? (which can be included in # 1) – Some people claim that the “majority of Bishops can go astray” and give the example of the Arian heresy, but you refuted that argument in this post:

    An individual Bishop or a group of Bishops (like what is happening in Germany, and as has happened different times in Church history with unapproved councils) can go astray, but not the Body of Bishops in communion with the Pope.

  2. Robert Fastiggi says:

    Dear Ron,

    I will pray for the completion of your much needed book. May God bless you for your love of the holy Catholic Church and your defense of the authority Christ has given to the Roman Pontiff and the bishops in communion with him.

    In Corde Jesu,

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