Interpretation of Messages from Mary at Anguera

It is my opinion that these message are truly from Heaven. They are given to Pedro Regis (who seems to have rejected Pope Francis by misunderstanding these messages).

Something big is going to happen in the Church, probably in the next year or less.

5,119 – Message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace, at Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker, transmitted in 5/1/2021
“Seek ye strength in prayer, in the Gospel and in the Eucharist. Ye are important for the realisation of My Plans. Be ye attentive. A great storm will come upon the Church of My Jesus. Remain ye faithful to My Jesus so as not to be dragged through the mire of false doctrines.”

The Gospel is not only the four Gospels, but all the teachings of Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium. Our strength is in Prayer, and in the Teachings of the Popes, the Councils, and the body of Bishops led by the Popes, and in the true Eucharist. There is no strength in Bishops who reject any Pope or any Council or who accuse any Pope or any Council of heresy, or apostasy, or idolatry, or grave errors on doctrine or discipline.

The Eucharist is only true if it is consecrated by a validly-ordained priest. A bishop is a kind of priest; a Pope is a kind of bishop and a kind of priest. To be a valid Eucharist, wheat bread and grape wine must be consecrated, using the words chosen by the Church. If the priest does not believe what the Church teaches about the consecration, transubstantiation, and the real Presence, then perhaps he does not intend to do what the Church does in this Sacrament. And such a failure of faith could possibly make the consecration of the Eucharist invalid.

But if a woman were to claim to be an ordained priest, and if she then attempted to consecrate the Eucharist, this would certainly not be valid. This invalid Eucharist is the beginning of what will be, in the distant future, the abomination of desolation, a false Eucharist.

The Gospel is only “valid”, that is, true, if the teachings presented as Gospel are approved by the Roman Pontiffs, the Councils, and the body of Bishops united to the Roman Pontiff. No alleged Gospel teaching is true merely because it is taught by your favorite priest or speaker or by a schismatic bishop. Anyone who opposes the Roman Pontiff, or accuses any Roman Pontiff of heresy, apostasy, or idolatry, or the like, is not a reliable source of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Storm will affect the prayers, Gospel teachings, and Eucharist of the Church. This suggests that the Storm will include false teachings presented as if Gospel truth, in a great schism, and invalidly “ordained” women priests. Do not allow yourselves to be led in prayer by persons who do not believe and teach what the Popes, Councils, and body of Bishops teach. Do not allow yourselves to be taught or led in prayer by women-priests, nor by any schismatic, male or female.

5,120 – Message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace, transmitted in 5/4/2021
“Stay ye at My Side; fight ye with Me against the enemy. Ye are living in the time of the great spiritual battle. Do not forget ye: in your hands the Holy Rosary and Holy Scripture; in your heart, love for the truth. Give ye Me your hands and I will conduct you along the path of goodness and holiness. Bend ye your knees in prayer for the Church of My Jesus. The enemy of God will sow confusion among the Ministers of God and the pain will be great for My poor children. Do not turn ye away from the truth.”

The conservative schismatics will reject Pope Francis and will battle against the recent Popes, against Vatican I and II, and against the body of Bishops. Love the truth taught to you by the Church. Do not try to own the truth by deciding for yourself what is and is not Gospel truth. Humbly accept whatever the Church teaches.

Confusion will be sowed among the Ministers of God. Perhaps this will happen if Pope Francis institutes women deacons, who are ordained. I believe that the Church has the authority to ordain women as deacons only. There is no definitive magisterial teaching to the contrary. But if this happens, many unfaithful Bishops will invalidly attempt to ordain women as priests. These women-priests are not validly-ordained, and their attempted Sacraments are not valid (except perhaps baptism, and then only if they do not pervert that Sacrament).

The ordination of women deacons would cause the conservatives to finally break away from the Church openly. But already so many of them are in a state of full schism and heresy; they just do not admit it yet. Then these schismatics, finally “free” of the Apostolic See, will issue many false doctrines to their followers, rejecting teaching after teaching, Pope after Pope, Council after Council. This will cause great pain and sow great confusion among the faithful.

5,121 – Message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace, transmitted in 5/6/2021
“Be ye faithful to the Gospel and to the true Magisterium of His Church. The traitors of the faith will act to turn you away from the truth; They are wolves disguised as lambs who have spread everywhere so as to cause confusion in the House of God. Ye will still see horrors. Many consecrated people, for fear of losing what passes, will turn away from the truth. “

The true Magisterium is exercised by Pope Francis, by Vatican I and II, and by all the Popes from Peter to Francis. The traitors to the faith are those who reject Pope Francis and many other Popes, and also reject Vatican I and II. They are wolves in lambs clothing.

The fear of losing what passes could mean some subculture in society or in the Church to which they have become attached. The left and the right has schismatics of this type. They are attached, on the one hand, to all the trappings of traditionalism; but they reject Popes and Councils. Others are attached to whatever sinful secular society teaches; they distort the Gospel to agree with society.

5,122 – Message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace, transmitted in 5/8/2021
“What ye have to do, do not leave ye for tomorrow. Ye are walking towards a future where few will remain firm in the faith. By the fault of bad shepherds, the abominable will be embraced and the pain will be great for My poor children. Give ye Me your hands and I will conduct you to the truth.”

The bad shepherds in this passage are not the Roman Pontiffs but the leaders who reject Popes and Councils. The abominable is a false Eucharist and an invalid priesthood, and a false Gospel.

5,123 – Message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace, transmitted in 5/11/2021
“The worst is yet to come. I suffer for that which is coming for you. Trust ye in Jesus. Those who remain faithful to the end will receive great reward. Do not forget ye: Everything in this life passes away, but the Grace of God in you will be Eternal.”

Remain faithful to the teachings of the Roman Pontiffs and the body of Bishops and the Councils.

5,124 – Message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace, at Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima, transmitted in 5/13/2021
“I ask you to belong to My Son Jesus. Turn ye away from the world and live ye towards Paradise, for which alone you were created. He who is the door will be with the key in His Hands. My Jesus is in control of everything. The enemies act, but the victory will be of My Son Jesus. Whatever happens, stay ye with Jesus and do not depart ye from the teachings of the true Magisterium of His Church. The shared key will not open the door to eternity. That which is false will fall to the ground. Do not turn ye away from prayer. Hold ye your Rosary and follow ye Me along the path of holiness. Onward in defence of the truth.”

Jesus is the door, and He has the key to Heaven in His Hands. He is in control of the Church and the world, through providence, grace, and miracles. The enemies will act, thinking that they will gain control of the Church and bend Her teachings to their will. Their plan will be to share the key, meaning to share power over decisions of the Church on doctrine and discipline. That plan never works.

The plan of Christ is that “Christ and His Vicar constitute one only Head” of the one Church. The key is not shared between Christ and the Pope, as Christ acts through the Pope, so that there is one only Head. The powers of the Church are one in Christ. But the schismatics do not have one leader whom they follow. They have several leaders, who think to share power, once the convince the faithful to reject the Popes and Councils. But the true Church has one foundation, on Peter and his successors. She is not founded on the many grains of sand which cry out against the Popes, the Magisterium, and against Christ himself.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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7 Responses to Interpretation of Messages from Mary at Anguera

  1. Ecto says:

    Why does Mary keep appearing to him if he doesn’t understand? All the messages seem real but that’s weird

    Also how do I become good enough to know I won’t fall in schisms?

    • Ron Conte says:

      You don’t avoid schism or heresy by being good on your own strength, but by being good in Christ. * Daily prayer, including the Rosary.
      * Put your faith in the teachings and guidance of the Church.
      * Put your faith in the teachings and guidance of the Pope, no matter who he may be.
      * Receive Communion and adore the Eucharist
      * Do not follow any particular Bishop, priest, deacon, religious, theologian, speaker, author, or subculture.
      * Go to Confession at least once a month, if you are able.

      On Pedro Regis, Mary appears to him for our sake. Visionaries have the same requirement as everyone else to do good, to avoid evil, and to repent. No visionary is necessarily free from heresy or schism, merely because Mary speaks to him. She does NOT make certain that each visionary is saved by means of private revelation; they can only be saved in the same way as any of us. Therefore, she does not tell a visionary if he or she has sinned gravely, or if they have fallen into schism, or the like.

  2. Philip says:

    “…If the priest does not believe what the Church teaches about the consecration, transubstantiation, and the real Presence, then perhaps he does not intend to do what the Church does in this Sacrament. And such a failure of faith could possibly make the consecration of the Eucharist invalid.” ?
    The sacraments are an instrument of God and are independent of the piety and moral disposition of the one who administers it. For sacraments, “ex opere operato” applies: from the work itself (ex opere) follows the operation (operato).

    • Ron Conte says:

      The priest or other person who administers a Sacrament must intend to do what the Church does. If a priest does not believe in transubstantiation and the Real Presence, it is not a valid Eucharist.
      Trent: CANON XI — If anyone says that, in ministers, when they confect and confer the Sacraments, there is not required at least the intention of doing what the Church does: let him be anathema.

  3. Alex says:

    Our Lady in Anguera has many messages speaking of new heavens and new earths in plural. The newer messages the plural form was moved to singular.

    Ron you may not like antigravity, but you have to admit what is developing infront of our eyes. just switch on Foxnews. Yes I mean UAP UFO.

    Our Lady in Anguera has many other messages speaking of major earth changes, including rivers of lava, giant rising from the ocean?! asteroids (celestial objects) strike each other. I researched Anguera long ago, I hope all of that can be found online, but I definitely can’t spend the same amount of time to prove something to those people who are hell bent to deny it.

    Whether you will post my comment or not, I do not care anymore. I did my job and washed my hands so to speak. The civil leaders would never do disclosure if the cataclysm wasn’t upon us. many millions will die, sadly mostly among the super conservatives from any church or no church because of their blind denial and demonization. Pity for their kids

  4. Matt says:

    It appears the upcoming tribulations can split Catholic families. For example, the husband may support the other ‘Catholic Church’ while the wife stays with the true Catholic Church. What do you recommend married couples do when they are split between choosing the two Churches?

    • Ron Conte says:

      They should love each other and agree to disagree. Many married couples are from different faith traditions, and they are able to make a marriage work.

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