Vigano’s Blaspemous Prayer to the Virgin Mary

Here’s the link.

First of all, none of us should ever write into a prayer accusations against other persons, esp. the Pope, or a rejection of decisions of holy Mother Church on doctrine or discipline, or a rejection of scientific-based efforts to help the sick. This is not a prayer, but an expression of Vigano’s malice toward the Church, of which the Virgin Mary is the pure image, and vice versa. His prayer assumes that he is right, and the Church as well as the medical authorities are gravely wrong.

Sometimes prayers of the faithful at Mass are written in this manner, asking that God cause people to…to act the way that the person writing the pray wishes.

There is also a direct but subtle attack on the papal magisterium, where Vigano claims that certain persons are preparing for the reign of the Antichrist. Then, too, he speaks as if the indefectible Church has gone astray.

Where Vigano says “the forces of the Enemy are multiplying their infernal assault”, he refers to the Pope and Bishops, who do not act as Vigano would like. He also references Mary as co-redemptrix, a term that Pope Francis has set aside (for now).


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5 Responses to Vigano’s Blaspemous Prayer to the Virgin Mary

  1. Alex says:

    I’ve just read the “prayer”. Thanks for the analysis!
    While I do not agree with every post of yours, viewpoint, or the timeline and the kind of chastisement, I agree that we have a present danger here and now in the face of those fanatical leaders of rebellion. Only servants of Satan can exalt themselves over any authority and call for rebellion, notice, in the name of “dogmatic” in their own eyes “principles”, while at the SAME TIME THEY TRAMPLE REAL DOGMAS of Vatican I and reject fully Vatican II as well as several popes-saints. Notice how the followers of Vigano do not recognize anymore St John Paul II as a saint. Because his large heritage does not fit in their narrow stereotypes they want to impose on everyone.

    A sincere and deluded conservative believer may say, what so wrong in a “good” prayer to Our Lady by someone who “defends” the Church? Vigano does not defend the “Church”. He defends his own doctrine, also in this “prayer”.

    So what, all those who save life are actually heinous criminals who intoxicate our children, according to him? Would he burn them if he could? Where are we going with a logic like that in 21st century? Thanks God the people of Vigano are desperately outnumbered and outreasoned. Their days are numbered and they know it.

    Our Lady does not need such a service deprived of any love and mercy. Jesus in Divine Mercy said clearly that the souls who do not practice mercy will not know His Mercy regardless of their prayers.

  2. Thomas Mazanec says:

    I got a 404 on the link.

  3. franciscofigueroa1 says:

    Phrases such as “enlighten our rulers”, “awaken in their conscience an awareness”, “enlighten our Shepherds. Open their eyes to see the present threat” with the intention that they do whatever is truly the will of God no matter if we think the contrary, that should be fine. However, Vigano does not include himself to be enlightened as well throughout this long prayer. Vigano frames his prayer with the idea that he is right and they are wrong which is evident when he says “Strengthen parents and educators to oppose the experimental use of a dangerous and morally illicit drug on our children”. He has clearly expressed his opposition to Church’s teaching on Covid-19 vaccines; therefore, he think he is right and Church authority is wrong. “the deception of the pandemic, the lie of the workers of iniquity. Make the light of Truth shine upon the lie, “. Again, he thinks he is right and what the Church authority has taught regarding the pandemic is wrong or that She is “lying”. “Shake off from them, […..]*, all human respect and all connivance with sin. Inflame them with love for God and their neighbor, enlighten *their* minds, and strengthen *their* will.” He clearly states that our Shepherds are the sinners, ok, in one sense we all are, buy why does he remove himself from the equation? All is “them”, “their”, but why not enlighten me too?. Does he thinks that he is already enlightened? This is an arrogant prayer, full of pride and lack of humility, he takes himself out of the equation. Why doesn’t he say “enlighten US” or “enlighten US TOO”? This prayer is worst than the prayer of the Pharisee in Luke 18:9-14; and worst still for at least we read that he prayed alone, but this one also encourages many others to do the same, so Vigano is carrying many others to do this same grave sin.
    * I had to remove a Holy name from this sentence because it is indeed blasphemous.

  4. dd says:

    Except that the Church itself has not taught a single thing about the pandemic. To be factual, we need to make a distinction of the Church and individuals within the Church.

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