Medjugorje Visionary says Second of Month will be important

I know why the date of the second of the month is said by one of the visionaries of Medjugorje to be important. Basically, the first part of the tribulation ends with a certain timing, and the second of the month of April will be the first full day afterward, the first full day of peace, holiness, rebuilding after an horrific series of unimaginable sufferings, year after year.

So that date will become a new type of Thanksgiving, a worldwide celebration. For a while, it might be a monthly celebration on the second of every month. Then after a while, it will be once a year on April 2nd.

The first part of the tribulation begins with the four horsemen of the apocalypse, which are the same as the first four Seals of the Seven Seals:
1. World War 3,
2. severe worldwide civil unrest,
3. famine more severe in wealthy nations,
4. death and the fear of death

Then the fifth Seal is a great martyrdom of Christians in the occupied lands after WW3.

The six Seal is an all-out nuclear war. Two or more nuclear weapons will be used in World War 3. But many nuclear missiles will be used in World War 4, which is the sixth Seal.

After or near the end of World War 4, many holy persons throughout the world will be given the Seal of the living God. This is a visible sign on the forehead, along with interior gifts from God. The sign and the gifts differ from one person to another.

Then the seventh Seal is divided into events called Seven Trumpets, only six of which occur for the present generation. The Trumpets:

1. pieces of a broken comet strike the Earth (comet Tempel 1). A third of the land is burned up, including whole cities.

2. one large piece of the same comet strikes the ocean. A third of the fish and a third of the ships are destroyed.

3. nuclear fallout from World War 4 falls to earth, some more radiation is stirred up by the comet strikes as well, causing many deaths.

4. nuclear winter caused by World War 4 and especially by the fires and debris from the comet strikes

5. A supernatural affliction which causes great suffering in all those who do not have the Seal. The affliction lasts 153 days from November 8th, 2038 to April 9th, 2039. Those who do not have the Seal may pray the Rosary for some relief.

6. The Three Days of Darkness, March 29, 30, 31 in 2040 A.D. Previously, about a third of humanity was killed by the past events of the tribulation. Now another third of humanity is killed by the Three Days of Darkness.

On April 1st of 2040, the people who survived came out of their homes and other places to see that the earth has been healed of the nuclear fallout and nuclear winter. The first part of the tribulation has ended.

On the second of April, the first full day after the first part of the tribulation, the people proclaim a day of thanksgiving and rejoicing. This continues monthly, and later yearly.


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7 Responses to Medjugorje Visionary says Second of Month will be important

  1. Alex says:

    Ron, this is Your understanding of the Apocalypse’s seals. It could well be the seals 2 and 4 to be WW1 and WW2, for example, and the economic crisis of 1929 that brought Hitler to power in Germany 1933 to be the third seal. The communist persecutions (although varying in severity between countries and years) could have made the fifth seal. Just one possible interpretation. Many others exist. Including all of that to take place after hundreds of years if not more.

    For the time being, I think it is urgent to NOT underestimate the current situation in Ukraine that made it already to the MSM these days. Stern warning from the Russian defense minister Shoigu today, together with a Chinese official warning US about Taiwan on the same day. Today the General secretary of NATO Stoltenberg warned Russia after his meeting with the Ukrainian minister. Seems there is no more dialogue rather warnings infront of the MSM. Indeed presidents Biden and Putin talked today. Did they agree on anything, we do not know.

    What profit to know that not WW3 but WW4 will see hundreds of nukes and nuclear winter, if I or my loved ones die in WW3? Urgent preparation is required. We are told of the level of conflagration in the news. Worse than any crisis after the Cold War. Frankly, I did not expect the MSM to carry it out. I expected a flash attack. Instead it is escalating slowly enough so we all can prepare. All could have read by now the secondary sources including twitter videos that now are being quoted by US spokespersons weeks after they occurred (like transfer of tanks etc).
    But… are we ready?

    • Jeff says:

      Ukrainian issues with Russia go back several presidential administrations, so what’s going on over there right now politically is nothing new. We should still pray for peace and for Putin to back down as he usually does. The tribulation will come when it is time, Gods time, not our time. As far as 1/3 of the worlds population dying from anything or 1/3 dying from the 3 days of darkness, these people who die aren’t all going to automatically go to hell. There is undue fear and anxiety with this, and the focus needs to be on ONES OWN personal account with God and making things right if they aren’t. Pray for peace and for the dead, fast, go to mass and confession weekly, and do good works. Things that should already be going on regardless of the political state of the world. This is all we can ever do to prepare for anything, and if we do this, it doesn’t matter what happens tomorrow, because we are in Gods hands, ready for the tribulation, and part of His plan.

    • Alex says:

      to be ready to present ourselves to the Lord is the first thing we are on this earth for. No matter if we lived in 1st century or in 21st. God willed for us to live in 21st though and we’d better pay attention what happens so we can continue carry out God’s plans further both personally for us and for the future generations. It matters if we leave to them an irradiated planet with genetic mutations at birth while we pretend to become martyrs. God’s will is not everyone to die in the madness of nuclear war. I agree we can do very little, in first place prayer, but also be ready to respond to any emergency situation and directions, and forget about all conspiracy nonsense of “fema camps” etc.

      What more to say that I didn’t already say? I’m awaiting the announcement of today’s Kremlin talk to the US ambassador, whether there will be only economic war or more.
      Remember in the event of a real war, the first to go down is internet. The second is electricity. Be ready for one or both. Further, an EMP will not leave much for us to do, including no supplies in the stores, no gas and no water, since everything is controlled by electronics and electrical power. Let hope the things will stop short of that. It would be very sad to see the large number of innocent children of conservative families starving to death, irradiated, thanks to their parents’ stubbornness and lack of proper evaluation and reaction to the situation that is already worse than the Cuban missile crisis according to analysts.
      Peace be to us all!

  2. King Robert the Bruce says:

    Another thing to consider is that the warning,consolation and miracle haven’t happened yet I know you have been expecting this from at least 2009 Ron and it hasn’t came yet so we have 19 years till the 3 days of darkness. The way I look at it is mercifully we haven’t had the tribulation for almost 30 years of suffering could you imagine struggling through the tribulation since 2009

    • Ron Conte says:

      Yes, good point. It seems the days of tribulation have been shortened. I just don’t know if all the events of the first part of the tribulation can be fit into so few years. Maybe the Three Days of Darkness is later than 2040.

  3. Alex says:

    I agree the lesser tribulation has been shortened from its beginning point. We do not know how much more time remains. I have the feeling that some of the secrets have been cancelled, as the 7th were. Whether we will have a major war Now, I think the chances are very high we get it. Even if it is not a Total Nuclear War with nuclear winter. We may argue how many nukes will explode, or other modern secret weaponry will be used from orbit etc.

    What the ultra conservative people really don’t get it, is that they and the rest of the people are all in one boat so to speak, and until they are prepared physically to survive they will not make it. Because if God sends the Angels to personally save every ultra conservative catholic and leave behind all the rest, as they apparently believe, then we will have the time known as the end of the world when God sends His Angels (Even if so, the problem remains that those people presume it is They the saints, something we cannot be so sure…I talked about that before, and Ron has lengthy analyses).

    Instead of preparing with sane reason, the ultra conservatives engage in rhetoric and in outright Accusations and CONDEMNATIONS of everyone who thinks a bit more open minded. Now the German bishops’ actions will come as a free flying ball in their field that they will want to score big with the German ball AT ALL COST. The paradox is, the cost will be their own lives and families, because instead of losing precious time to fight medieval battles (even if those battles are righteous, I do not discuss that right now), by doing so they practically do not see the salvage boats sent ultimately by God. For example, will they go in FEMA underground shelters if they are told by governmental service that a regional war will become nuclear in the next 72 hours with great possibility of a Russian first strike involving anywhere between 50-200 warheads? *that practically will irradiate the entire USA more or less but will NOT kill more than 10% – here I am talking for the rest of 90% who survive the first blast). There are many such prepper sites that are by no mean liberal rather heavily conservative (but not fanatic). Then those same ultra conservative catholics say “God will save us, all of that is not relevant, it is important to be at peace with God, those people who write that are protestants”, etc etc accusations. Well, let they not be surprised when tomorrow they will be literally left out of any shelters. Not because the “nwo governments” want so, but because they have decided to become “martyrs” at the expense of their own families and children. Those kids were not asked whether they would like to share the martyrdom of their crazy parents. Paradoxically, by sacrificing (not to God) everything, those crazy people will free the world from their erroneous teachings when they die off in the minor tribulation.

    • Jeff says:

      When we consider major war, I think we have to consider, but not rule out, that nuclear Holocaust isn’t an absolute. This would certainly cause a nuclear winter lasting ~10 years, which would eradicate most life from the planet by destroying agricultural production and the food chain. This cannot happen in order for Gods plan to be fulfilled, so war must occur in another way, possibly ground or air.

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