On Preaching Heresy and Schism from Ivory Tower and Closed Gardens

Many of the papal accusers — Schneider, Vigano, Burke, Marshall and many others — preach their lies, their heresies, their hatred for the Roman Pontiff, their rejection of Vatican I and II, and their schism from ivory towers and closed gardens, so to speak. They do not respond to criticism. They have no theological arguments for critics. They are too busy speaking into echo chambers, telling their audiences what they want to hear, to respond. In many cases, they have no substantial theological arguments even for their own audiences.

They are like men shouting lies with their hands over their ears. They cannot hear what anyone else is saying, but they shout loudly to make everyone else listen to them. And their hypocrisy is stunning. They still complain about the decision of the Pope not to respond to the dubia of the four Cardinals. But the schismatics still demand that the Pope answer their questions. Do they answer the questions of the Pope’s supporters? No. Do they engage in theological discussions on these topics? No. They publish articles as if they were the Magisterium issuing dogma. They do not even engage with the teaching of the Church to the contrary.

Many of them have their own small group of followers, and such a leader will speak only to his supporters. Any disagreement is banned, ignored, deleted. Taylor Marshall is like this.

As for Vigano, his writings are those of a man who is clearly not mentally well. His conspiracy theories on Covid and on society in general are contrary to reason, clear public facts, as well as contrary to faith. It is obvious that these leaders of the schism were not chosen because they are holy or wise or scholarly. They are chosen only because they tell their listeners what they wish to hear. And unfortunately, when people are afraid, they are vulnerable to conspiracy theories.

I don’t consider these persons to be Christians at all, who speak with hatred towards LGBTQ persons, material such as is found at the sites Church Militant and LifeSiteNews. Where there is no charity, there is no Christ. Those persons are hollow shells of Christianity who do not love others.

As for those Pharisees who refuse to receive Communion unless it is at a Latin Mass, with every detail of liturgical form correct, kneeling, and on the tongue — they blaspheme against Christ be refusing Him unless they get their way in every detail of the Mass, contrary to what the Church Herself has decided. They are like someone will not not admit a supposed “friend” into their home unless the friend dresses and acts exactly as they demand. That is not friendship or love or faith in Christ.

None of these schismatics listens to what the Magisterium teaches. None listens to anyone outside of their own closed and rotting garden of religious self-worship. And the most prominent of them issue documents from their ivory towers and never respond to any critics and never given theological arguments. They speak as if they were kings issuing edicts.

That is not Christianity. What Pope Francis teaches is the true Faith. His teaching is Christianity. His love for all is like that of Christ. His openness to those who are different is Christian. And those who hate him for these teachings are truly hating Christ himself.

When they are judged by God they will be locked up in the closed garden called Hell.


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5 Responses to On Preaching Heresy and Schism from Ivory Tower and Closed Gardens

  1. justin1745 says:

    “As for those Pharisees who refuse to receive Communion unless it is at a Latin Mass… kneeling, and on the tongue…they blaspheme against Christ.”

    Ron, how can you make a blanket condemnation of an entire group of people based on mere externals? Isn’t at least possible that those who act in such a fashion are doing so out of love for Christ, that they may receive him in the most reverent way they know possible, in conformity with many centuries of tradition?

    I think you bring up good points regarding the papal accusers, but not every traditional Catholic who receives the Lord while kneeling and on the tongue is of one mind with them.

    • Ron Conte says:

      I’m referring only to those traditionalists who absolutely will not receive Communion other than at the Latin Mass and kneeling, on the tongue. Preferring the Latin Mass, kneeling, on the tongue is fine. Demanding it or else you will refuse Communion entirely is what I am condemning.

      Those traditionalists who love Christ will go to Novus Ordo Mass sometimes, and will accept Communion in the hand, while standing. It is obedience to Christ out of love, to go to Mass when you disagree with the decisions the Church has made on liturgical form. Saint Augustine used to require his monks to eat meat and drink wine, some of the time, on Sundays I believe. He was trying to keep them from falling into the idea of some that one should reject all bodily goods.

      I recommend that traditionalists sometimes attend NO and receive in the hand standing, so as to show their submission to CHRIST by submission to the Church. It is just pride to require the Church to do things your way rather than the way decided by the Church.

  2. King Robert the Bruce says:

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  3. John says:

    Thanks for another well written post…very hard hitting but entirely justified. I saw a video from Marshall regarding the Pope’s recent General Audience where he spoke about prayer with Mary. It was so completely wrong about what the Pope said that it could only be intentional, yet every comment was in agreement.

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