Conservative hatred for Concelebrated Masses

What’s next on the list of things that the Catholic far right hates? Why don’t they just come out and admit that they hate Jesus himself? I’m not kidding. The papal accusers, who reject the authority of Pope Francis, Vatican II, and various other Popes or Councils, have lost their faith in Jesus Christ and in his Church. The things that are of Christ in Church doctrine and discipline, they literally hate. They hate the teachings of Francis, which are from Christ. They hate the disciplines chosen by Christ for the Church and for the Mass in recent decades. This is the work of Jesus Himself and they hate it. Some of them even hate the Church Herself, accusing Her of being infiltrated by Satan. Vigano and Marshall, in particular, have open hatred for the Church, while worshipping the idol that they have created from their own versions of Pharisaical Catholicism.

The only Mass that Jesus celebrated “in person” so to speak, was the Last Supper. And present were the 12 Apostles. This Supper is the starting point for all subsequent Masses. The consecration of the Eucharist by Christ at the Last Supper had the effect of consecrating every Eucharist at every Mass in Time and Place, through the priests of those Masses. Christ consecrated every Eucharist that ever will be by that Act of consecration at the Last Supper.

Every Mass is a concelebration with Christ the Lord as the priest, concelebrating with whichever priest or Bishop presides in person. Those who hate concelebration wish to cut Jesus Christ out of the Mass and out of the Church. And that is also evident from their hatred of Church authority, Popes, Bishops, Councils, doctrine and discipline. They have set themselves up as the sole judges over doctrine and discipline, rejecting the authority of every Vicar of Christ. For even when a Pope is conservative, they will not accept what he says if it is not to their liking. So do they reject Christ himself.

So it is fitting that they hate concelebrations, as each conservative or traditionalist priest wishes to replace all Bishops, Popes, and Christ the Lord Himself as the sole head of his group of conservatives. A concelebration means communion with persons who accept Pope Francis, Vatican II, and other things of the Faith that they openly hate. A concelebration means a loss of total dictatorial control over the Mass by that conservative priest. A concelebration means communion with those who are submissive to the Roman Pontiffs, whom they hate.

In Truth, concelebration is the definition of the Mass. Every Mass throughout all places and all of time, from the last Supper forward, is one Mass concelebrated with Christ and with all of His priests and bishops. Why would there be only one priest celebrating Mass as the supposed preferable norm? One reason is the lack of priests in the Church, which is caused by lukewarm faith and by sin. In a holier time, in the future, each parish will have multiple priests, and concelebrations will be much more common. And that is the way that the Church should be. There ought to be many priests. Rejection of concelebration assumes few priests. But that is also because the far right has and always will have few priests in their schism. So they must claim that sole celebration is the norm.

I once attended a Mass at thanksgiving, at my own parish (when I lived elsewhere), with seven priests concelebrating. And when the people heard that there would be seven priests concelebrating the daily Mass for Thanksgiving, they made a joyful noise. And rightly so. Should they instead have booed or mourned? Should 6 of the priests be forced to sit in the back of the Church and be quiet, while one celebrates?

‘Nobody is obliged to obey’ decree suppressing individually said Masses at St. Peter’s Cardinal Müller reportedly said. ‘Nobody can be forced to concelebrate, because the normal form of the holy Mass is one priest is celebrating, representing Christ,’ said Müller.

Wrong. The “normal form” is not one priest representing Christ. Normal for a healthy holy Church is many priests, with one priest who leads the celebration, and the other priests who concelebrate with him. And this is a figure for one Roman Pontiff concelebrating with some, even many, of his brother Bishops. The normal form represents the authority in the Church, as designed by Christ, one Pope and many Bishops, and so one priest leads the celebration, but other priests concelebrate with him, representing the Pope and the Bishops. And the Pope is the Vicar of Christ.

Jesus did not found a Church on one Apostle only, but on Peter, with his successors, and the other Apostles, with their successors. Therefore, the normal form of the Mass represents this choice by Christ: one lead celebrant and multiple concelebrants.

by the way, Muller flirts with schism by saying Nobody is obliged to obey. The authority of the Holy See requires obedience. There are different degrees of authority and of obedience. But nobody is able to simply disregard the decision at St. Peter’s.


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6 Responses to Conservative hatred for Concelebrated Masses

  1. James Belcher says:

    Please relax and keep the faith. Your recent articles on the schism and associated events reflect your contempt for certain peoples. Let us not show anger but to relate all their faulty ways in which you are doing in a very positive way.
    Through prayer and fasting – we can hopefully lessen the impact of the upcoming events.


  2. Thomas Mazanec says:

    When I was a child (1960s) my parish had several priests but I don’t remember any concelebrations.

    • Alessandro Arsuffi says:

      Concelebrazione was absent in the Tridentine Mass. There are several witnesses of this practice until the 12th century, when it began to be abandoned in favor of multiple Masses, one for each priest. That was also the time when multiple altars began to be displaced along the nave. The liturgical reform restored the ancient form of concelebration. Nevertheless,there were two circumstances where more than one priest was at the altar even before:
      1) when a priest acted as a deacon or subheadings during a Missa in tertio (Solemn High Mass with Priest, Deacon and Subdeacon)
      2) during the Mass of the Chrism on Holy Thursday, when all priests concelebrate with the bishop.
      The Eastern Churches, even those in communion with Rome, have never abandoned the practice of concelebration.

  3. Alex says:

    People like the retired cardinal Muller would do better to show HUMILITY and RESPECT that they so much demand from their subordinates. Indeed, the priests of the old behave as sovereigns that need to be served and not to serve the people of God with all of its needs. Jesus washed feet instead.

    Here comes the first news to show not everything is as presented to us recently.

    “Vatican sources suspect Pope Francis was distancing himself from CDF statement on same-sex unions in address

    “…(Pope) Francis explained that this “means sowing seeds of love, not with fleeting words but through concrete, simple and courageous examples; not with theoretical condemnations but with gestures of love.” He added that “then the Lord, with his grace, makes us bear fruit, even when the soil is dry due to misunderstandings, difficulty or persecution or claims of legalism or clerical moralism . This is barren soil. Precisely then, in trials and in solitude, while the seed is dying, that is the moment in which life blossoms, to bear ripe fruit in due time.”

    I am looking for the entire text (strangely not posted on the Vatican news website, only watered down excerpts) and of course for the next OFFICIAL STATEMENTS of pope Francis. And not the “hearsays” what the pope approved or not, be they coming even from CDF itself. Cardinal Muller was the previous prefect and he did exactly that – implied that pope Francis approved his harsh rhetoric against Medjugorje after “talk with him”, while the pope in fact did not . Whether that “cost the head” of Muller or something else, IDK. Currently, pope Francis has sent a visitation to the Congregation for Divine worship that expects the appointment of its new prefect after the retirement of card. Sarah. I hope the reform of pope Francis voted for by a landslide majority of cardinals by electing him in 2013, will reach to the bottom before he retires.

  4. Alex says:

    As you mentioned Taylor Marshal, seems he is afraid of banning the Latin mass altogether after the current papal appointed visitation (inspection) to the Congregation for Divine Worship. Let me say, that the only people who can make that ban happen are the ultra traditionalists themselves with their literally blind hatred, thrown accusations and judgment (as if they have the right to judge) against anyone who is not with their closed minds. It is not the popes who are guilty, from St Paul VI who de facto stopped the Latin mass, to Francis. Neither is the Latin mass any wrong. It is the fanatics who go to Latin mass who have already created a “church within the Church” with their absurd pastors. Let they come to their senses! Starting with the several cardinals their leaders. If they refuse to do so and SOON, pope Francis clearly said in an “airplane interview” that he is not afraid of a schism.

    And…sorry but that problem has NOTHING to do with the German bishops! We do not have some sort of a German soup for Pilate washing hands in the Church. That is a process starting at the Vatican II Council inspired by the Holy Spirit. Whoever sins against the Council sins against the Holy Spirit. It is not enough for cardinals Muller and Sarah to declare they support Vatican II while in every next statement they practically deny core issues of that same Vatican II. It is not enough for the common faithful Latin mass goers to say they have many kids and are against gay marriages, to indulge their very screwed consciences of everything else. That road leads them to a schism worse than Arianism. Because back then they discussed Theology, and if you are wrong on a theological matter you can reasonably be corrected. Now what we see is a blind hatred against any fresh air brought ultimately by the Holy Spirit. It will result in… well I said it in past comments.

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