Catholic Faith is believing the teaching of Jesus’ Church

People, on the right as well as on the left, who say something like, “If the Church doesn’t teach what I think is right, I’ll leave… or I’ll fight against that teaching… or anything similar” they lack faith. The faithful sons and daughters of the Church look to Her for teaching and guidance. It is not our place to judge every decision and look for “errors” — which are really just points where we disagree — to complain about.

Those who are living lives contrary to Church teaching can stay in the Church, go to confession, pray and struggle to live up to that teaching. But they cannot engage in civil war, and fight against the Popes, Councils, Magisterium, and essentially the Church.

If you need a Church that conforms to your will, leave. You don’t really have faith. I will say, to those few who might listen, Reconsider your position and decide to accept Church teaching on faith. But these persons publicly proclaiming that the Pope is wrong and a hypocrite and that they are leaving the Church because of him, are not likely to change. They are acting on pride, and faith requires humility.

If you have trouble accepting what the Church teaches, but you have faith that Church teaching is from Christ, stay and work things out. Anyone who is absolutely obstinate that the Church has erred gravely (and especially in longstanding teachings) is just kidding themselves if they think the Church will change.

The Church can bless individual persons. The Church cannot bless gay couples who are living in sin, as it would clearly cause the grave scandal and misunderstanding of Church approval for sexual acts outside of a valid marriage as well as for unnatural sexual acts (which are not even moral within marriage).

Why can’t the Church give permission to priests to bless a gay couple who are living chastely? It is not possible to determine that the couple who publicly identify as, for example, two gay men in a loving relationship living in the same domicile, are not having sexual relations. This would cause grave scandal, as many would interpret this permission as allowing any same-sex couples to be blessed. Those who oppose Church teaching would use this permission bless all same-sex couples. It would be interpreted as a step towards blessing all same-sex couples and as a step towards approval for gay marriage. Some gay Catholics would then live according to the end toward which the Church seems to be moving. If the Church gives the impression of moving towards eventual approval for same-sex marriage, gay Catholics would marry in anticipation of that approval (which would in fact never happen). The problems and harm that would be cause by such a blessing — which is in no sense needed for the path of salvation for anyone — far outweighs any good that would be done. And that is especially true since an individual can ask for a blessing.

A gay Catholic who wishes to conform to Church teaching, should go to confession, and then ask the priest, at the end of confession, if he could give the individual a blessing at some time. Any priest would do so after a good confession, even a very conservative priest who knew the person was gay.

So nothing is lost to the chaste gay couple. Also, it is not common practice for Catholic heterosexual couples to ask for a blessing, nor is it common for married couples to do so. This is not something that very many Catholics receive, that is being denied to gay Catholics.

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  1. Alex says:

    Ron, as I said before, this is a smokescreen. We did not ask or need for that discussion to be held in the Vatican right now, to substitute the open schism the traditionalists wage on the Church here and now. Are the gay couples the scape goat, again? It was avoided on the Synod of the families where we knew the majority of bishops were in favor of much bigger changes than the Amoris Letitia made. Pope Francis apologized to the gays after that, apparently for lack of action on them on the Synod.

    What made it so urgent specifically the Congregation of doctrine of Faith to take that decision NOW and not two years ago or four years ago, or to wait until after the Covid crisis, if it waited for decades so far? (in Western Europe the “gay marriage” is nothing new). It is obvious they hide something else coming that they do not want to tell us so we must be preoccupied with internal strife between Catholics liberals and traditionalists.

    It is also strange the pope didn’t sign the document, although ite was made known to him, as they say. We do not have a papal statement, even less “ex cathedra” one. What we have is a statement of the Congregation of doctrine of faith, consisting of just ONE WORD, followed by some explanation notices with questionable quality of reason. Thanks so much for the new “dogma”! Is it infallible, is it a dogma at all? No. The Belgian bishops conference already objected it.

    Here is a strange Orthodox prophecy posted originally in Russian
    “The phrase is constantly spinning in my head: “At Passover they will see destruction.” I have a calendar in front of me, it looks like a normal pocket calendar, but it is very well visible, large and all the numbers are visible. Saturday-Sunday are highlighted in a different color, similar to red, but not bright. Five lines, the first and last not complete.” (shortened)
    Notice the Orthodox Easter falls on May 2nd 2021. Maybe it is worth to consider, maybe not, IDK.

    • Ron Conte says:

      Please use discretion in what you link to in the comments. Thx.

    • Alex says:

      I think it is quite interesting that Orthodox “prophecy” of imminent events around Easter, be it the Oorthodox or the Catholic date. Of course I do not know how true that might be, but I have my expectations around Easter too, and you wrote about Great Warning on Good Friday, so worth to mention it IMO.
      The latest news comes with the explosive interview of the former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe during Trump presidency. You can find the link on Spiritdaily.
      Besides the well known geopolitical dead end between Russia and USA that goes beyond the level of the Cold War, according to the Russian MPs.

      That all comes to tell us, the Vatican goes after the events, and either doesn’t know as little as the average internet user knows (very unlikely), or rather hides information it has for long time from apparitions and other sources including ancient manuscripts. And now certain people within the Vatican want to instigate a new conflict within the Church. I firmly believe the pope is not on their side. Otherwise he would make a statement, “ex cathedra” if needed, or as little as “airplane interview” that is of course not ex-cathedra. He did NOTHING of the sort. We have seen ultra conservatives in the Vatican before, including ex-prefect of CDF card. Muller talking very negative of Medjugorje and saying “I spoke with him” (pope Francis). History shows they do not last for long, at least since the second half of 20th century.

  2. Philip says:

    The background of this decision is the German synodal process. It started in December 2019 and will end in sept 2021.

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