Vigano Calls Pope Francis the False Prophet

Here’s the latest diatribe from schismatic Bishop Carlo Vigano. In it, as usual, he makes vicious accusations against the Vicar of Christ indirectly. But his meaning is clear, nonetheless. He has generally ceased to call Pope Francis “Pope”, much less “Roman Pontiff”. And he either refers to him as “Bergoglio” or he references the Pope and the body of Bishops with some term which denies their authentic magisterium and their roles as the successors to the Apostles.

And examples of the latter is this assertion from Vigano: “I believe it is now understood beyond all reasonable doubt that the leaders of the present Catholic Hierarchy have placed themselves at the service of the globalist Oligarchy and Freemasonry”. This represents an exceedingly grave accusation, but without openly stating its obvious meaning. For if it were true, then the Pope and the Bishops would be apostates, heretics, and schismatics. He refers to Francis by the phrase: “this most ominous ‘pontificate’ “. And the word ‘pontificate’ is in quotes because Vigano does not accept that Francis is the true successor of Peter. Vigano is therefore openly schismatic.

Certainly, such a claim cannot be true, as it is contrary to the dogma of the indefectibility of the Church and contrary to the Vatican I dogma of the never failing faith of the Pope. It is also contrary to the teaching of the ordinary and universal magisterium on the unblemished See of Peter. In truth, Pope Francis is the supreme teacher and supreme judge of the universal Church, in whom the charism of the infallibility of the Church is itself individually present.

Therefore, Vigano commits the sins of false accusations against the Pope in a grave matter, grave scandal, and heresy as well as schism. Vigano has utterly rejected submission to the Roman Pontiff (in his dual role as Teacher and Shepherd — i.e. as holder of both keys).

But in this latest statement to his followers, Vigano accuses Pope Francis of being the False Prophet of the Book of Revelation, the very same false prophet who assists the Antichrist.

I question whether Carlo Vigano might be either mentally ill or at least in need of some type of psychiatric treatment. He seems to have more than a touch of paranoia. He frequently publicly “warns” people about a global conspiracy theory that is non-existent. He is in hiding. His lies about the pandemic, the “deep Church” and the “deep state” are similar to paranoid delusions. Perhaps he is in hiding so that Church and State authorities will not be able to issue an order that he receive a psychiatric evaluation, perhaps at a locked in-patient facility, for at least 30 days — longer if the doctors and a judge decides it is in the best interests of his mental health.

Vigano writes: “But as I have already pointed out, it would be misleading to limit oneself to an evaluation of events within the Church without framing them in the wider political and social context: there is only one direction being given in which both the main protagonists as well as the extras follow the same script. The purpose has now been declared: destroying Nations from within by means of the deep state and the Church of Christ by means of the deep church, in order to establish the kingdom of the Antichrist, with the help of the False Prophet.”

The writings of Vigano, issued from in hiding, are not of a sane mind. Vigano references: “the Bergoglian sect’s subservience to this infernal plan”. The plan is simply an agreement between the Vatican and the government of China.

Vigano: “I believe it is now understood beyond all reasonable doubt that the leaders of the present Catholic Hierarchy have placed themselves at the service of the globalist Oligarchy and Freemasonry… The purpose has now been declared: destroying Nations from within by means of the deep state and the Church of Christ by means of the deep church, in order to establish the kingdom of the Antichrist, with the help of the False Prophet.

The SSPX is a group of schismatic Bishops and priests who disagree with the teachings of Vatican II and the post-Vatican II Popes. They disagree with Francis as well. But what we have here with Vigano is something else. He is not merely disagreeing with the teachings of a Pope. He is justifying his position, against the theological position of the Pope and the body of Bishops, by means of an unreasonable, incoherent conspiracy theory — one that is so convoluted and extreme as to connect all kinds of disparate events as some kind of plot against … against whom? There are very few persons who think the way that Vigano does. What is this supposed “deep State” and “deep Church” as described by Vigano aimed at? Merely taking power away from a small group of religious conservatives on the very far Catholic right? It is not even conherent as the plot of a novel.

Vigano closes his letter with these words: “As Bishops, we cannot be silent: our silence would constitute an intolerable connivance and complicity with those mercenaries who, abusing a usurped power, deny Christ and consign souls to the Enemy of the human race.”

So Vigano thinks that all the Bishops in the world, by “being silent” — which really means by not speaking with the same extremist conspiracy-theory laden paranoia as Vigano — are conniving and complicit with mercenaries who deny Christ and consign souls to Satan. That is extreme. You either believe the extreme view of Vigano, or, according to Vigano, you are extremely evil. And he puts the Pope and almost all the Bishops in that category. I’m sure a psychiatrist could explain Vigano’s disordered thinking better than I. He needs to see one very soon.

What Carlo M. Vigano offers is not theology, not even a theology filled with errors. These are the writings of a sick mind. And I do not say that as a rhetorical criticism. I mean what I say literally. He clearly is not in his right mind, and is living day-to-day in the grip of a paranoid delusion. He needs medical care of the psychiatric type. Soon.


A new Vigano article attacks the modernist nativity scene at the Vatican with extreme malice, and then uses that scene as a symbol of the Second Vatican Council and “the Bergoglian church”. So whatever he says about that nativity scene becomes an indirect attack on the Council and the Church led by the successor of Peter. This has become a common modus operandi of papal accusers. For example, Steve Skojec calls the leaders of China monsters, and then he links Francis to them by means of the agreement between China and the Vatican, thereby allowing him to transfer all the malice and hatred he directs at China to the Roman Pontiff.

Ronald L Conte Jr

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5 Responses to Vigano Calls Pope Francis the False Prophet

  1. King Robert the Bruce says:

    He does come across as mentally ill he is most urgently in need of help he is extremely deluded I find many on the far right to be the same its like all these delusional evangelical prophets claiming that Trump won the election you just cant reason with these people.

  2. Alex says:

    That is the apex of rejection.
    In a way, it is good that Vigano writes clearly where he stands so no one can have any doubt from now on. Pope Francis cannot be the false prophet for obvious reasons. And the first reason I’d put is, you cannot have the false prophet alone without having the Antichrist himself. Currently there isn’t a world leader who have subdued almost entire world under his rule, as prophet Daniel clearly describes the one who later was called the antichrist.

    Pope Francis seeks to help the poor and outcast, to build bridges and work for peace, even with China that is obviously much harder having in mind the historical background and the current situation on the ground. Why should someone like Vigano (ex ambassador who knows in detail the ambassadorial way of doing things including the inevitable bargaining) throw stones against the meek efforts of pope Francis? Maybe they are not perfect, as nothing and no one on earth is perfect. But they are anyway good efforts as continuation what St John Paul II and Benedict did. Not only in regard to China but also in regard to the establishment of a supranational authority under the UN to control multinational companies and redistribute wealth. Check Vatican documents and words by pope Benedict himself. It is just beyond me why those good efforts that will save millions of poor people in the third world, and other millions in the developed world out of desperation and even suicide, would serve the one world government of a non existent antichrist and therefore the pope will be called the false prophet. It is not correct in any respect, even if you are not a strong supporter of the pope’s policy that is not ex cathedra.

    Vigano trespassed any red line. There should be excommunication now as there should be many times by now. If we just let it go, all those thousands “Latin mass priests” will continue to think they serve God “better” than all the others (the majority) and that admiring Vigano is the work of God too, to “defend” the “true” church. No, it is not. Now more evident than ever. All those several million faithful enclosed in the Latin mass communities who praise Vigano every time he opens his mouth to utter de facto blasphemy, endanger seriously their salvation. Now they do not have any more excuse to say they thought Vigano defends the traditional catholic values or the catholicism of before Vatican II. No he does not.

    Currently many protestants and orthodox sincere believers are much, much closer to the truth than the apostates in the group of Vigano.

    • Ron Conte says:

      I think the Pope wisely delays any action against the schismatics as perhaps he does not wish to lose many who are weak in faith, who are led astray by them. If Francis excommunicates Vigano, Schneider, and perhaps Burke (who speaks out much less and might be convinced by the Pope to rejoin the fold), so many would cry out against him and leave the Church. Some of the followers of these schismatics are even worse than the leaders. There would be a large exodus from the Church. And that could easily happen in a situation where few are attending Mass anyway.

    • Alex says:

      Obviously, the Holy Father has the biggest knowledge as what is better for the most of faithful. I agree that some of the followers of Vigano sect are much worse than their own leaders (as can easily be seen in the comments in forums). Those people cannot be converted except for almost miraculous intervention of God. To keep them in the flock out of fear what they might cause, is to keep the wolf inside the flock. Meanwhile they do their subversive destruction from inside as we speak. It looks to me like appeasing Hitler. Again, it is pope Francis who knows the best timing.

      I’d like to comment the paragraph where Vigano compares the Vatican nativity scene to pachamama, calls it demonic, and connects it with the freemasonry. Why so much anger? It is one word that slips from his mouth that explains much and it is “aliens”. It is not “astronaut” because the apparent presence of a man in a spacesuit cannot be against God. We all know the US astronauts did land on the moon and even one of them Buzz Aldrin was a Presbyterian elder. So it remains the other “alien” figure that makes Vigano so mad at the pope. However odd the green man called by the media “dart vader” looks, after all it is a figure of someone who worships Christ. Is it what bothers Vigano to the extend to call the pope the false prophet? Or maybe the kings of the East had only meek expressions on their faces? (we do not know). Or is it something that Vigano knows is coming and we don’t? One may want to search for president Trumps comments on that contradictory matter too (I say that for the sake of the readers, not that I need the opinion of Mr Trump on that as a guideline). Seems the teams are already split, and what we see is a circus show for the masses, while the actors know very well where they stand and why. Only, the one that will suffer is exactly the unsuspicious meek follower of Christ who will be told at one moment he/she must sacrifice everything, including his family and kids, be it in a Covid wave by not taking proper medication or be it in the waves of tsunami by not taking shelter, because “God wants that” while in fact God wants to save everyone and sends the rescue team enough in advance. For the sake of those meek persons and their children, those who actually will continue the Christianity and the Catholic Church after whatever events are coming, my personal view is that those evil persons must be expelled now regardless of how many of them will be counted as evil. They are minority anyway. I might be wrong of course. The pope knows better when or what is coming.

  3. Alex says:

    The way Vigano demands other bishops to join his sect,
    I call for other bishops to call for his prompt excommunication. People’s souls and physical lives are at stake in literal mean. What worse than that?

    sorry Ron for the many comments but the situation is dare.

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