What Should I Take for Covid-19?

This article at covid.us.org explains, as concisely as possible, what to do and what to take for a mild “at-home” case of Covid-19. What To Take If You Have Covid-19.

The most important supplement to take for Covid-19 is Vitamin D3. Every adult should be taking Vitamin D3, per this recommendation, in an open letter, by over 100 experts.

There are over 40 studies showing the benefits of Vitamin D3 against Covid-19. The current sharp increase in Covid-19 cases is due to the falling blood levels of vitamin D in wintertime. And it will get worse as the weeks of winter pass.

January 2021 could see 2 to 3 times as many cases of Covid-19 as in December 2020, in the U.S. alone, unless people take vitamin D. February could be higher. That number of cases will break the healthcare and hospital system, causing the percentage of deaths to skyrocket.

Already, the death rate is rising, as of early December. See this article at covid.us.org

These high numbers of cases and deaths could cause a massive severe Shutdown, in order to decrease the cases and deaths.

Death or Vitamin D. A massive Shutdown that will ruin the economy and plunge the nation into a 1930s-type depression or vitamin D. A vast amount of suffering and death, or Vitamin D.

The Vaccine will not arrive in time. It will take months to distribute, and weeks after the vaccinations to develop immunity. Vitamin D now.


Hospitals and their staff are publicly stating that they are at or above capacity, they have run out of beds, they are at the breaking point. They cannot handle any further increases in cases. And yet there will be more cases, for Covid-19 is seasonal, as explained in this article. The only immediate recourse we have left is a massive nationwide Shutdown. It is coming soon. Prepare. There’s no other way to keep the hospitals from collapsing by the ever increasing number of patients.

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