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My new blog: That Your Faith May Not Fail will feature articles in support of Pope Francis and every Pope and Council. The title of the blog is also the title of my forthcoming book. I am considering publishing that book in serial form on the new blog (meaning many excerpts from the book may be published on the blog).

Gradually, I’ll be moving my articles from my wordpress blog (The Reproach of Christ) to this new blog at Substack. The articles here will be fewer and longer than many of the posts at “Reproach”. I’ll keep that blog open for quick short posts. But the most important articles and the material with greater breadth and depth will be at “That Your Faith May Not Fail”, also called Unfailing for short.

Unfailing will feature articles designed to help Catholics maintain their faith in the current difficult times.

The blog will also have articles on eschatology, and on remaining faithful to the Church during the difficult months and years ahead. The articles will be sent out by email, so please sign up for the email list.

On the topic of eschatology, as event progress, Unfailing will be important for getting my full commentary and any changes to predictions of the near future.

Articles on this blog will be fewer and progressively less frequent.

Ronald L Conte Jr

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  1. Sunimal Fernando says:

    Why, you remove from wordpress blog?
    How do we identify we attach to Jesus lover or anti-Christ lover?
    In last days ,Jesus told to be careful , people will come in the name of Jesus.

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