Who Are The Freemasons Of Today? Vigano, Schneider, Taylor, etc.

Literal freemasons pose no threat to the Church today. They have not had substantial power in society for a long time. The real threat is figurative freemasons, those who wish to chip away at and replace the Stones of the Church, which are Her doctrines and disciplines.

The Roman Pontiff, Pope Francis, has been accepted by the body of Bishops as Pope, therefore it is a dogmatic fact that Francis is the valid successor of Peter. And every valid Pope has the charism of truth and of never failing faith divinely conferred by the Holy Spirit. And this necessarily means that every valid Pope, including the recent Popes and Pope Francis, can never teach grave error on faith or morals, and can never fail in faith. No valid Pope can ever teach or commit heresy, or apostasy, or idolatry, or any other grave failure of faith — and that is by the promise of Jesus (Lk 22:32) that the faith of Peter will never fail. Whoever says otherwise rejects the Word of Jesus and accuses the Holy Spirit.

Then the Roman Pontiff, with his never failing faith, turns and confirms the faith of the body of Bishops, so that they, too, can never teach grave error as a body and can never fail in faith as a body. Individual Bishops can go astray, but not the body.

The Church is indefectible; She is also Apostolic. The true Church is none other than that Church led by Francis and the body of Bishops. For no other Church is one, holy, catholic (universal) and Apostolic. The conservative Catholic subculture, which has committed heresy and schism by rejecting the teachings of Vatican I and II, and by rejecting the authority of Francis, is not the true Church. It is a breakaway sect like the SSPX.

They are the freemasons of today, these papal accusers who wish to change the teaching of the Church, the teaching of Vatican II, the teaching of John Paul II, the teaching of Francis, so as to remake the Church according to their own minds, according to their own reason alone. And that is what makes them freemasons. For the papal accusers do not live by faith. They have no faith in the Popes and Councils, having accused many Pope of grave error and having rejected the authority of Councils to teach, whenever that teaching is contradicted by their own reason. They pretend to have faith, but they live by reason alone. Faith calls us to accept the teachings of Popes and Councils which are contrary to our own understanding. But these figurative Freemasons judge every teaching by their own reason, and reject whatever seems wrong to them. Living by reason alone is freemasonry. Chipping away at and replacing the Stones of the Church, Her doctrines and disciplines, is freemasonry. They wish to change the Church’s teaching and liturgies to conform to their own minds and hearts. They reject the role of the Holy Spirit in guiding the Church and instead insist that the Spirit must guide the Church according to the dictates of the conservative or traditionalist subculture. This is heresy and schism, this is apostasy and blasphemy against the Spirit of God.

Vigano, Schneider, and Marshall are constantly living in fear of freemasons. They are the enemy that they fear. They are the freemasons who wish to take control of the Church, to infiltrate Her, and to lead Her astray. But they have failed. They have no influence over the Pope or the body of Bishops. They remain a loud-mouthed group of fringe former-Catholics, who have no faith at all.


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  1. Sunimal Fernando says:

    Freemazons will say bad things as good and it’s opposite. In Last days, Jesus said to be careful, because people will come in the name of Jesus. They will say lesser evil is good. Evil means no difference whether it’s big or small. People who says others are sinners , Jesus compared them. Pope Francis is good. Who am I to judge? Similar in identifying Freemazons.

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