Week-End Question and Answer

Ask a question on any topic in theology, especially subject areas I cover in my theology. Questions are also welcome on Covid-19 and the pandemic.

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  1. Fiat says:

    Don’t forget the power of prayer!! And in all sincerity with consistent heartfelt prayer Ask the Holy Trinity what He thinks about the election and how you should vote. God wants to speak to us personally. Jesus longs for us to go intimately strait to Him for all our concerns and questions. He longs for us to be His best friend trusting Him that He will answer us in our need. His answer though not ours:) He will show us if we are seeking Him in earnest. My He be Qlorified in our need!:):). He loves to show up in our lives:)!


  2. dignaremelaudarete says:

    a) what does your prayer rule look like? that is what prayers do you usually say in a day, devotions you practice, and that kind of thing.
    b) what prayers/penances/advice would you give someone to overcome a porn addiction/vice/habit?
    c) is a marriage between two protestants who have been baptized considered sacramental or natural?
    d) is divorce forbidden in a natural marriage?
    e) is this idea true or false or true with qualifications: “salvation is entirely a gift from God, whoever is saved has been given the gift, whoever isn’t saved was not given the gift.” ?
    f) is the idea in this image true of the relationship between the Three Parts of the Church?: https://bit.ly/345swYe also related to it: those in purgatory can pray for us now but not for themselves, is that right?
    g) did St. John receive the baptism of blood at the visitation or was that the grace to not do personal sins? or maybe it was something else, if so what was what he received there?
    h) what do you think of the Great Commentary of Cornelius a Lapide? also what are your favorite commentaries on Scripture?
    i) last one, kind of speculative: do you think that God has some special love for the near east and middle east areas of the world? So many revelations and so much truth has come through that area compared to the rest of the world. Is it because it is almost like a geographic crossroads and center (historically at least for trade it was) or is there something more?

    Love the work keep it up! I’m taking vitamin D3 with big IUs and sharing this with everyone, especially since we all seem to have some kind of deficiency. Also thank you for defending the faith in these trying times! I’ll pray for you especially during the upcoming Rosa cycle and all your readers. <3

    • Ron Conte says:

      a. Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet
      b. practice prayer and self-denial; involve yourself in good works for others
      c. sacramental, usually
      d. natural marriage allows for the possibility of divorce and remarriage, e.g. pauline privilege.
      e. not correct; needs qualifications. It is an unmerited gift, but it is given, unmerited to everyone, and it is up to us to accept or reject it.
      f. i don’t know.
      g. baptism of blood and the grace never to sin throughout his life, just as St. Joseph also received.
      h. not familiar with it
      i. No, He loves us all as His children equally

  3. Alex says:

    Will you address the situation between the Vatican and China, and the recent exchange between cardinal Parolin and the US secretary of state Pompeo and his denied audience with pope Francis.
    Can we expect the Vatican to follow the US policy, particularly regarding China and to trash its relations with the world’s most populous country, while at the same time the US maintains embassy in Beijing and Trump meets with Xi even calling him a friend. Or can we expect the US to follow at least to some extend the Vatican larger approach? Let remember Bush before starting the second Iraqi war how John Paul II urged him not to go to war. Many US Catholics then supported Bush and not pope John Paul II. I see a similar situation now.

    • Ron Conte says:

      I do not follow politics too closely. The U.S. president must treat all leaders of other nations with respect. It is not the same as anonymous internet commentators issuing exaggerated opinions against the leaders of a nuclear nation (China). And the Pope can do very little against the decisions of China regarding the Church. He really has no way to stop the mistreatment of Catholics. Cooperation may be the path which provides the least harmful consequences. I don’t know anything about the “denied audience” and I wouldn’t speculate on the Pope’s motivations or reasons.

  4. RR says:

    Ron have you read about a new locked down Sabbath? It’s the same lockdown, just a different flavor. The idea is to lock us down every Sunday to give the earth a so-called rest from pollution and such, if you can believe the craziness. Some call this Satanic and earth worship.

    They say the pope is on board. I have long thought Pope Francis to be naive and gullible, which is confirmed if he is okay with this idea. Surely a Sunday lockdown would keep the closed CHURCHES closed, together with everything else, wouldn’t it?

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