Did the Virgin Mary predict the Pope Francis Encyclical at Assisi?

Did the Virgin Mary predict a great controversy in the Church over the Encyclical of Pope Francis, called “All Brothers” (or “Brothers All”)?

To the visionary Pedro Regis

In Assisi shouts of despair and great lamentations will be heard. Bend your knees in prayer. God expects much from you. Don´t lose heart. You who are listening to Me, don´t lose hope. Your reward will come from The Lord.”
2,596 – Message from Our Lady Queen of Peace, transmitted in 10/30/2005

The weak in faith will lament at the teaching of Pope Francis, and when so many traditionalist and conservative leaders tell their little flocks to break communion with the Apostolic See, they will be in despair, faced with losing their little local community of believers on whom they depend for so much, or losing their Church and their Pope.

“(in Assisi, Italy). Dear children, I invite you to imitate Saint Francis, so as to profoundly experience the love of The Lord. Seek to live simply! Be good one to another! Love always, and everywhere witness that you are of The Lord. Fear not! Courage! Even if they treat you as crazy, go always to meet Jesus! Live turned toward paradise, for you were created only for it!”
954 – Message from Our Lady Queen of Peace, transmitted in 5/15/1995

Those who remain faithful to the teaching of the Church at Assisi will be treated as if they are crazy by the far right in the Church. That’s entirely possible as it has already happened that more moderate voices in the Church are attacked as if we were worshiping the Pope or as if we were crazy. And note the mention of paradise, as the teaching will be on Salvation.

Something frightening will happen in Assisi and My poor children will weep and lament. I suffer because of what awaits you.”
3,296 – Message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace, Maceio. AL.Brazil, transmitted in 3/21/2010

Some of the faithful will be frightened by the teaching of Pope Francis, that could be. Some of the truly faithful put too much trust in conservative and traditionalist leaders, more so than in Bishops and Popes. They will be torn apart in their minds and hearts for that error, when their leaders reject the Pope and call him an antipope who teaches heresy.

Do you understand how bad this is going to be?


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  1. Juan Luis says:

    I personally think those prophecies refer to an earthquake in Assisi that is yet to occur, one already happened in the past.

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