Prepare for Winter — This is Real

The Covid-19 Second Wave is coming this winter. First indication will be a doubling of Covid deaths in the U.S. from Sept to Oct and again from Oct to Nov. This is due to falling blood levels of Vitamin D in the general population. Things could get so bad that the healthcare system will break.

Then there will be an election debacle, due to the extreme polarization in politics, the hatred for Trump, the mail-in ballot controversy, etc. Protests will turn violent.

The Govt may decide to impose a strict shut down and quarantine, keeping people in their homes. Remember the run on grocery stores earlier this year? It’s going to be so bad in winter that grocery stores will CLOSE. The shelves will be empty and not be restocked for months.

Store at least 6 months of food. You can read various prepping websites on how to do this.

Consider owning and learning to use firearms, depending on your situation. Firearms are not for everyone, but consider it.

Take Vitamin D. Take other prophylactic supplements. Stock up on supplements and vitamins that help against Covid-19. Stock up on any OTC meds that you need for various illnesses, not just Covid: pain relievers, fever relievers, antacids, etc. Ask your doctor for at least a 90 day supply of any prescription medications that you are taking.

Anything you need to stay in your home for 6 months, buy before December 2020.

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4 Responses to Prepare for Winter — This is Real

  1. Matt says:

    I pray that vaccines in development are effective and can be approved very soon before Covid really hits very soon again. Also hopefully the Russian Sputnik vaccine is truly effective as well. Otherwise, the upcoming months with huge spike in cases and deaths will cause a true economic collapse and ruin of society after lockdowns are strictly implemented. I am not sure if that is the best to do as the collateral damage is severe, i.e., livelihoods destroyed, mental health breakdown, suicides, divorces, etc.. We may have to simply learn to live with this dangerous virus and go about our daily lives using the many precautions as possible to keep safe. Yes, massive Vitamin D supplementation is extremely important during the upcoming months.

  2. Thomas Mazanec says:

    I could not shoot someone. I just couldn’t. So there is no point in owning a gun.
    I have an apartment style condo. I cannot store 6 months of supplies. However, my cousin and guardian has multiple properties and does have such supplies. I will have to rely on him.

    • Ron Conte says:

      Clean out a closet and devote a section of it to vegetable oil, pasta, rice, tomato paste, grated cheese (the type that keeps without refrigeration, and similar foods.

  3. Matt says:

    Sadly, it appears you are correct, Ron. Covid cases are rising in Europe and in half the states of USA as temperatures are dropping. Asia is already off the charts in cases!

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