Information about the Russian vaccine

Information about the Russian vaccine Sputnik V

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4 Responses to Information about the Russian vaccine

  1. Alex says:

    Ron, thanks for the Covid site!
    Rumors on secular forums repeatedly talk of incoming asteroids this Fall. Would you comment on that? That Covid (although very real and entering its second wave in EU) is the cover story, the lesser evil to keep people inside.
    The conservatives will say that all is to make Trump lose. All that suffering just for one man. And they will say about the false prophet or his forerunner in the Vatican…and so on and so forth. They cannot be farther from the truth. At this point, I think no amount of persuasion, nothing, not even apparitions, can make them change their mind. I say that from first hand bitter experience on a daily basis. Maybe the Great Warning will change them, IDK.

    • Ron Conte says:

      I will be writing a post on eschatology, about this winter and spring 2020 to 2021. There will not be any asteroid catastrophes in the coming months. Other sufferings are in store though.

  2. Clifton patrick says:

    Hey ron, I know this is outto the blue but i just wanted your take on fr michel rodrigues prophesies .

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