The False Prophecies of Fr. Michel Rodrigue

Here’s an article on one of Fr. Michel Rodrigue’s refuges for the faithful during the End Times: Who is Fr. Michel Rodrigue? The author of the article visited one of the refuges. Supposedly, during the End Times, the followers of Fr. Rodrigue (and according to other visionaries, their followers as well) will be led to places of refuge by holy Angels, where they will be protected from the End Times. This is a common claim of false private revelations — known to be false because they teach heresy and they contradict the dogma of the indefectibility of the Church. See also Dr. Mark Miravalle’s opinion on Fr. Michel Rodrigue

The refuge was run-down; “it was eerie, creepy, depressing, almost looked like the place had been abandoned.” The residents there were continually throwing away rotting food, because the timing for the End Times given by Fr. Rodrigue was continually wrong and continually updated. So they would store up large amounts of food, and then have to repeatedly throw it away. They also had to tear down cabins, as they would fall apart over time from having been poorly built and unused. Not so wonderful.

No true private revelations claim that there will be “refuges” for the faithful during the End Times. Instead, the faithful must suffer just as Christ suffered. For the End Times is the Passion and Crucifixion of the Church. This claim of special refuges is just as if Christ refused to be crucified; it is as if the Church is refusing to follow Christ to Calvary. Not so amazing.

Excerpt from the article at the blog “From Rome”. The man described is one of the caretakers of the place:

“He began venting a bit, seemingly frustrated, that they have also had to tear down most of the cabins and rebuild them because of corrosion, water damage and throw out such expensive materials i.e. wood, sheet metal, carpet (because they rot or corrode over time). The gentleman said this was all because Fr. Michel’s prophesies and especially the dates that he forewarns about regarding when events are supposed to come down, never come to fruition. So, in the meantime, money, materials and goods keep coming, but time and effort from volunteers really gets wasted. The workers (like him) are simply told to keep working because the next set of warnings and dates are on the horizon.”

“He actually sighed and lowered his head as he said that he was somewhat overwhelmed that Fr. Michel just had a habit of simply pushing the dates down further every time. He said Fr. Michel will scrap the past prophecies and never go back to them, never gets questioned, so he thrives on updating and coming up with new versions every time. What that does is get new people attracted into the movement, get them excited, and keeps the pipeline coming.

“He gave us examples of how Fr, Michel had prophesied some events that would come upon the world in December of 2019 which never came and prophesied something for June 2020 (which we now know also never came).”

That is what false private revelations are like.

As for myself, I write eschatology, but I have never received any private revelations. Changes in my eschatology are due to my own errors and misunderstandings. This is ordinary and to be expected in the writings of fallen sinners like myself.

But if someone claims that God or Jesus told them that a particular event will occur, and then it does not occur, God cannot err (in fact no one in heaven can err, as they all have the Beatific Vision of God) and so the claimed revelation must be false. Fr. Rodrigue’s messages are supposedly from heaven, but they repeatedly err, so they must be false. He is a false prophet.

{24:11} And many false prophets will arise, and they will lead many astray.

Jesus warned us about false prophets. Why don’t you believe Him?

Fr. Rodrigue and other false visionaries succeed because they tell people what they want to hear, that they are special, that angels will protect them, that they will not have to suffer. What did Jesus teach? That if you don’t pick up your cross and follow Him, you are not worthy of Him. Jesus’ teaching and that of Fr. Rodrigue are incompatible. Whom will you choose?

Another excerpt:

“One interesting detail is that there was an old playground system for children with lots of old toys that had been sitting there for years. We asked if those toys were because anyone lived here and had children who played with the toys, or if they were simply put there in case someone could use them in the future? He said there were people actually living there now, and that many who had moved in–in the past, had left discouraged (since the prophecies never came) and ended up leaving their toys and belongings there as well. Can you imagine!? And where are these people now!?”


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4 Responses to The False Prophecies of Fr. Michel Rodrigue

  1. Patricia laportw says:

    Can I ask where all of this took place were are the refuges? And if that was so why has the bishop allowed it? Where did you get you I formation from are there pictures of the so called refuge?

  2. Guest says:

    Well, since he gave no concrete details I’m going to remain sceptical and not rashly judge the alleged prophet. Unless the author would be so kind as to show a false prophecy that did not come true as evidence, rather than simply claim it.

    The only way we can know for sure if if nothing happens by November. His name is widely published and he is really building refuges, so it seems he believes it himself, or his prophecies would be vague and if they don’t pan out nobody will have anything to do with him. Being specific and revealing your name is not a smart move if you’re a huckster.

    If nothing he says comes true by November, he’s either crazy or deceived by demons, neither which I will prematurely judge. It’s not like he’s saying that we have to enter any refuge. God Himself will tell us according to prophecy, and we will all know if he’s right or wrong by November. In the meantime we should live our lives like it won’t happen, but keep our minds open that it might by ensuring we are in a state of grace, which surely is unobjectable to you? For we do not want to be like the Jews who condemned true prophets because they said things about the future that they did not expect in their ideas about the messiah, being the chosen people, and eschatological timelines.

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