The Abomination of Desolation Begins Soon

The abomination of desolation is a false Eucharist; it is a perverse imitation of the most blessed Sacrament. This abomination is invented by heretical and apostate Catholics. And it is invented in stages, over a longer period of time. The abomination begins during the first part of the tribulation, which begins very soon. During the fear and confusion of the end times, people will seek what they imagine to be a better understanding of the Gospel, a Gospel which serves them and their desires. They will pervert the priesthood, so that their priests (and priestesses) are not validly ordained. They will pervert the Eucharist, so that it is not validly consecrated, not even if some of their priests were validly ordained. And their religious doctrines and celebrations will also go far astray. This occurs in a long process over the course of the first part of the tribulation.

After the Three Days of Darkness, there is a time of rebuilding and holiness on earth. The Church will have great influence over humanity. The abomination will be wiped from the face of the earth. But sinners will gradually return to their sins, after about a generation or so. And as the world becomes more and more sinful, generation after generation, century after century, the sins against the priesthood and the Eucharist will resume. And the abomination of desolation will be invented again, in a worse form. This occurs during the time of the kingdom of the ten kings.

When the Antichrist is on earth, before he has much power, the apostates will make the abomination worse than ever before. And when he rises to power, he will make use of this abomination as a part of his false religion. He and the false prophetess devise a formal structure for the worship of the Antichrist, which takes elements from Catholicism and other religions, and perverts them. They will make use of the abomination of desolation, incorporating it into their false religion, and giving it its final and worst form, as a part of the worship of the Antichrist, with the assistance of devils.

But for this generation, as the abomination of desolation has its beginning, it might not seem so bad, not from a worldly point of view. We must be on guard against these errors, for they lead, eventually, to the errors of the Antichrist and to his attack on the true Church and the true Faith.

Messages of Mary to Pedro Regis

Mary speaks of the Eucharist and also of the abomination.

“Dear children, the Eucharist is the Great Treasury of the Church, for it is Jesus Himself present in Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. In every battle the victory of the Church came through the Eucharist. There is no victory without the Eucharist. You walk into a great war and only by the power of the Eucharist can you achieve victory. The Eucharist is the Light that shines in the Church, without which you cannot walk to Heaven. The enemies will act to extinguish the brightness of the Eucharist. Defend Jesus. Defend the truth. As I have already announced to you in the past, the Presence of My Jesus in the Eucharist is a non-negotiable truth. Defend your precious food. Give Me your hands and I will walk with you in the defense of the truth.” [message 4972]

There will be a figurative war within the Church. We must be humble, and remain faithful to the Roman Pontiff, and to the Magisterium. Never imagine that you understand the Faith better than any Pope, nor better than the body of Bishops. Defend the priesthood and the Eucharist. Without the priesthood, we would not have the Eucharist.

“Welcome the Gospel of My Jesus and the teachings of the true Magisterium of His Church. The search for new understandings about the Word of God will cause great confusion and division. Many will lose the true faith. Remain faithful to your Covenant with the Lord. You are His, and [so you] cannot follow and serve the world. Many will make a covenant with the enemy, and the abominable [the abomination of desolation] will be present in the House of God. Be attentive.” [message 4971]

The search for new understandings of the Word of God — meaning not only the Bible, but also Jesus himself — will cause confusion and division. These errors will pertain to the written Word of God in Scripture, to the unwritten Word of God in Tradition, and to Christology, to Him who is the Word of God from before all ages. Do not waver in faith.

Many heretics and apostates will reject the true Roman Pontiff, and instead join with the most prominent antipope in the history of the Church. (No, I am not referring to Pope Francis, nor to any of his valid successors.) This antipope will be, I think, liberal, and he will reign after Pope Francis and after his successor.

The abomination is a false Eucharist, so beware of changes to the priesthood, of priests who have new ways of thinking about the Eucharist, so that perhaps their consecrations are not valid, and beware of false teachings.

Do not follow any subculture within the Church, nor should you follow any blogger or author or theologian or priest or other leader, apart from following the Roman Pontiff and the body of Bishops. Never let anyone lead you away from the Church, the Pope, and the body of Bishops. For those three have the gift of truth and a never failing faith.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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2 Responses to The Abomination of Desolation Begins Soon

  1. Alex says:

    Good long term prediction!
    Let remember that no one is a killer before he kills (as evidently from the recent tragic events). No one is schismatic or heretic before he becomes such. No one is a follower of the future antichrist before he pledges allegiance to him.

    Nobody expected the more conservative part of the Church to find itself in defiance of the pope, because traditionally the conservatives have been the staunch allies of the popes in past centuries. But they did it today, they defied the pope verbally. They are still not schismatics for the large public, unless they declare themselves as such, probably at some formal event in a near future when they will break up officially with the pope and the bishops with him.

    Today many of those conservatives acting accordingly to their conscience to the best of their deluded knowledge, assume that the liberals represented by the German bishops (not only German, because there are also Italian, Argentinian, Amazonian bishops…) are Already schismatics and heretics. In fact they are not! They are not schismatics until they break up with the pope or with a future one. The idea that somehow the ultra liberal ideas of some clergy absolves the conservative revolt that is very real here and now, while speaking of presumably committed liberal sins in the future, is wrong. A person does not sin in the future, a person sins today. Whether some liberal ideas will make their way as teaching of the Church or not, is a task of a future pope to decide.

    Maybe those ideas will remain in books as a matter of discussion, as there were enough explosive discussions in history, including of the revolutionary Gregorian calendar (the Orthodox churches still do not recognize it for the most part), or going back to the Apostles – the baptism of the non-Jews. Let also remember that scholars like the Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin go much farther from everything discussed on the Amazon or German synods. Still, his books are not forbidden as heretic Today (indeed, they were banned in the past).

    If the Church represented by her visible head the pope allows something to exist within her larger fold that allows diversity, even if that something is strange and not fit for everyone, it is not schismatic or heretic. The Catholic Church of 1.4 bln people and literally thousands of religious congregations of different kind, allows diversity, allows different gifts of the same Spirit to flowrish. The Church is NOT A SECT with only ONE ALLOWED PARTY LINE VIEW! The existence of this site of Ron Conte shows that. The existence of many sites of apparitions not officially recognized by the Church show that. We are NO MORE in the Middle ages when the illiterate peasants were not allowed to read the Holy Gospel outside the Mass because of the fear to interpret it differently. (St John Paul II officially called all Catholics to start reading the Gospel).

    As of what the ultimate sin of the Antichrist will be, maybe exactly as Ron says about the abuse of Holy Eucharist, it is yet to be seen. We may suggest and research it, but we do not know it for granted. So many speculations with the implanted microchip for example, and it seems now to be a technology so outdated that even if it is the future Mark of the Beast that is capable to send to hell, it wouldn’t quite serve him. Before, the old TVs were considered the devil’s image with two horns the antennas, and as such the image of the beast that can speak and move. Now we are far beyond that, both as primitive understanding and as actual technological advance, with the internet and the smartphones. Why the need of chipping if the smartphone tracks you better than the outdated chip and you voluntarily carry it all the time, even several smartphones in case something happens to one of them?

    And yet the conservative sites are full of ideas how all that works, how they know it better than everyone, better than the pope, how they and their bishops are given special bigger discernment gifts of the Spirit (while they are not). Including, as they say, of the 5G that causes immune reaction instead of coronavirus that according to them simply doesn’t exist, including of the coming vaccine, 666 barcode, etc. They live in a delusional world. Delusional is not equivalent to liberal. As of the world of the coming Antichrist several hundred years from now, I just don’t know. I know as of today we have several million ultraconservatives with their few bishops who want to destroy everything done by three saint-popes, one Council of the Catholic Church, and practically to turn the history back to 17th century or before.

    It must not be allowed to happen, for the sake of the future of that Holy Church that was not created in 17th century as a Fanatic Sect. The Holy Church was created by Jesus, and the Holy Spirit on the Pentecost, with the Love and Unity to be her visible marks for all to see and believe. Refer to Jesus’ last prayer in John 17 as well as His words of the utmost importance of the brotherly Love in chapters 13-16. Only the Love is the right discernment against heresy, as truly shown by St Athanasius.

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