End Times: Second Horseman

The Second Seal of the Seven Seals, and the Second of the Four Horsemen (of the Apocalypse) is widespread civil unrest and violence, throughout the world.

{6:3} And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying: “Draw near and see.”
{6:4} And another horse went forth, which was red. And it was granted to him who was sitting upon it that he would take peace from the earth, and that they would kill one another. And a great sword was given to him.

This begins after World War 3 begins. The War is part of the reason for the unrest. The War causes fear, economic collapse, anger, poverty, desperation, etc.

What we are seeing now, in the U.S., is merely a foreshadowing of the unrest that will occur in a few years, when the End Times actually begins.

Note that the End Times is divided into parts:
1. first part of the tribulation (21st century)
2. inter-tribulation period (21st to 24th century)
3. second part of the tribulation (early 25th century)
4. Return of Christ (during the very end of the second part)


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3 Responses to End Times: Second Horseman

  1. Jose Maria says:

    Yo pensaba tambien que la tribulacion (1 parte) no comenzaria hasta despues del aviso y el gran milagro, siguiendo el esquema del mensaje de Garabandal. Pero ahora mismo no estoy tan seguro. Es posible que la tribulacion haya comenzado ya con esta pandemia, la caida economica, y los disturbios ( en USA). Aunque de una forma suave en comparacion con los eventos futuros, que de acuerdo con Ron, seran mucho mas graves

    Google translate: I also thought that the tribulation (1 part) would not begin until after the warning and the great miracle, following the outline of Garabandal’s message. But right now I’m not so sure. The tribulation may have already started with this pandemic, the economic downturn, and the riots (in the USA). Although in a mild way compared to future events, which according to Ron, will be much more serious.

  2. Alex says:

    Thanks, Ron, I agree there are two parts of the tribulation. The Revelation speaks of only 1260 days/42 months/3.5 years confirming three times the exact period of time. That contradicts with prophet Daniel’s 7 years, therefore they should be split in two, with unknown time period between.

    Instead of teaching us that and more, we witness how people like Vigano continue their crusade against everyone who is not one of them. Well, there are vast majority of priests who do not follow them. Some are very devote and holy and have much better understanding of the End times, as that young devote priest vicar of Oslo archbishop who speaks of the End times in his homily (in Norwegian).

    While watching at those young charismatic men who are obedient to the pope and the true magisterium of the Church, that I am sure all of us have noticed in our parishes or online, we are watching the next generation bishops and cardinals. Worth to consider it by our ultraconservative brothers and sisters who repeat the same story again and again, accenting on the strict fulfillment of the commandments (and that is good) but somehow forgetting that God is Merciful (as St Faustina speaks about). Thanks God the Merciful Jesus will be our judge for all who want to enter the door of Mercy. And that door I expect to open visible very soon (now it is opened spiritually and invisible).

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