Today is the 2001st Anniversary of the Crucifixion

According to my conclusions in Biblical chronology, today (April 7, 2020) is the 2001st Anniversary of the Crucifixion in A.D. 19.

May God have mercy on the Church and the world, through the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, and Son of humanity.

NOTE: Today, on the anniversary of the Crucifixion, I unexpectedly had a lot of pain, beginning about noon time and ending not long after 3 p.m. It was an unusual non-specific generalized pain, not back pain, not covid-19. It’s gone now.


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4 Responses to Today is the 2001st Anniversary of the Crucifixion

  1. David says:

    Lord have mercy.

    “In her Magisterial teaching of the faith and in the witness of her saints, the Church has never forgotten that “sinners were the authors and the ministers of all the sufferings that the divine Redeemer endured.” Taking into account the fact that our sins affect Christ himself, the Church does not hesitate to impute to Christians the gravest responsibility for the torments inflicted upon Jesus… ” (from the CCC 598, for meditation.)

    “Behold, O good and sweetest Jesus, I cast myself upon my knees in Thy sight, and with the most fervent desire of my soul I pray and beseech Thee to impress upon my heart lively sentiments of faith, hope and charity, with true repentance for my sins and a most firm desire of amendment: whilst with deep affection and grief of soul I consider within myself and mentally contemplate Thy five most precious Wounds, having before mine eyes that which David, the prophet, long ago spoke in Thine Own person concerning Thee, my Jesus: They have pierced My hands and My feet, they have numbered all My bones.”

  2. Matt says:

    There has been no announcement today 3 days before Good Friday of 1st secret of Medjugorje. It appears the Warning will not unfold this Good Friday.

  3. Thank you for sharing Ron. Peace and grace.

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