Will Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei step down?

Jan 11, 2020: “In video posted on social media, protesters chanted for Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to step down….” [CNN.com]

I suspect that the protesters are acting under orders handed down by President Hassan Rouhani, to remove Khamenei, so that Rouhani can take his place, and then still retain his role as Iran’s President. Rouhani would then cancel the 2021 elections, in which he is not eligible to run at all. This would make Rouhani a virtual dictator over Iran.

The reason that Rouhani seeks this power is that he wishes to start an apocalyptic war with the West. He and other extremist Twelvers think that to usher in a worldwide Islamic kingdom and the return of the 12th Islamic leader after Mohammad (PBUH), they must start such a war. They think that this 12th Imam, who is often called al-Mahdi (the guided one), will return (with Jesus as his lieutenant to help win the war. Then all persons on earth will be required to submit and convert to Islam (in its extremist version), or be killed. Those Muslims who are devout, peaceful, and moderate, are considered “apostates” by the extremists, as if they had abandoned Islam. If this plan were ever to succeed, there would be no other religion on earth by Islam.

The plan of the Twelvers cannot succeed, for we know from Catholic dogma that the Church is indefectible, and that there will be many Christians on earth when Jesus truly does return. However, they can do vast damage to the world and to humanity by attempting to fulfill this plan to conquer the world.

Rouhani would like to start World War 3, by striking Israel with nuclear weapons. But he cannot do so, as Israel would reply with a large number of nuclear missiles, destroying Iran completely, as well as other enemies of Israel. So their second favorite target would be New York City, which has the highest number of Jews outside Israel, which hosts the headquarters of the United Nations, and which is a major city of “the great Satan”, meaning the U.S.

This is the reason that Iran has been trying to obtain nuclear weapons. And, as I’ve explained before, they likely have already succeeded in making at least a few nuclear bombs. So the next step in the plan is to remove Khamenei. The protesters calling for him to step down are probably acting under the influence of operatives from Rouhani. He will not resign; that is not in the nature of the position of Supreme Leader. But this would give Rouhani a pretext to kill Khamenei, and make it look like the act of some protesters.

If Khamenei dies soon, and Rouhani takes his place — being at the same time President and Supreme Leader — know that World War 3 has drawn near, and is at the very gates.


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4 Responses to Will Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei step down?

  1. King Robert the Bruce says:

    I cant remember if it was on this site or on another blog I read that said Khamenei allegedly converses with the hidden Imam. So wouldn’t Khamenei also be looking to speed up the 12 th Imams appearance.

    • Ron Conte says:

      There are different ideas among Muslims about the 12th Imam. Khamenei has publicly spoken against nuclear weapons. Also, he does not seem to be the same type of extremist as Rouhani.

  2. Rob says:

    Answer: not while he’s breathing. Khamenei is not the Shah, he was an ardent supporter of Khomeini for many years, even before the 1979 revolution. He believes wholeheartedly in the current dictatorship, and is not going to abandon it.

    Also, these Iranians protesting are largely younger, more educated, more secular-minded students and middle-class folks. They aren’t extremists, they’re probably the most moderate force in the country. But they will probably just be killed by IRGC again, and little will come of their protests.

  3. John Neagram says:

    I think you will find this thread quite interesting : https://twitter.com/doranimated/status/1218163869044084738?s=21

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