Is Pope Francis automatically excommunicated?

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A. The Faithful View:
1. Pope Francis must be the valid Roman Pontiff, as he has been accepted as Pope by the body of Bishops. The prevenient grace of God absolutely prevents the body of Bishops from going astray by accepting a false head. Otherwise, the Church would have lost Her indefectibility, which is impossible.
2. The Church, the body of Bishops, and the Roman Pontiff are each and all indefectible. They can never err gravely on doctrine or discipline, nor fail in faith by apostasy, heresy, or schism, by idolatry, sacrilege, or blasphemy.
3. Therefore, it is a dogmatic fact that Pope Francis is innocent of accusations that he has erred gravely on doctrine or discipline, and that he has failed in faith by apostasy, heresy, or idolatry.

B. The Opposing View:
1. That Pope Francis has manifestly committed formal heresy, idolatry, and apostasy.
2. That a Pope who commits such grave sins against faith is automatically excommunicated; he is no longer a member, nor the head, of the Church; he is no longer a valid Roman Pontiff.
3. That no one can judge and remove the Roman Pontiff, even in such a case, but his status as an automatically excommunicated former Pontiff can be declared.

My position and firm belief is “A. The Faithful View” as described above. However, I ask those Catholics who hold “B. The Opposing View” this question: If Pope Francis is guilty of apostasy, heresy, and idolatry as you claim, is he not automatically excommunicated? If so, should you not state your belief on that point and withdraw from your pretended communion and disingenuous obedience to Pope Francis? Why are you still pretending to be Catholic?

Now some Catholics on the far right claim (incorrectly) that only Catholic Christians are saved — not heretics or schismatics or non-Catholic Christians. They think salvation is rare or non-existent outside of Catholic Christianity, and especially outside of Christianity. But this view conflicts with their rejection of Pope Francis and their rejection of the dogmas of Vatican I. They are manifest heretics and schismatics who believe that heretics and schismatics are not saved. Yet they have disdain and contempt for those who do not agree with their beliefs. And if they themselves were judged according to their own (erroneous) beliefs, they would be condemned to Hell forever. As it is, God will have mercy on them. But they are truly in danger of Hell for the malice they bear toward the Roman Pontiff, the Bishops, and all who disagree with their own erroneous views.


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1 Response to Is Pope Francis automatically excommunicated?

  1. Alex says:

    Pope Francis is not automatically excommunicated. His accusers are. Only the Church leaders including his close advisers don’t want to declare it yet. All those common catholics who support blindly the rebels, are in danger to excommunicate themselves too. I am not theologian to say how responsible they are individually. But when the rebels visibly break apart from the Church, (and doing so put themselves much farther than the Protestants), then all devote, deluded and STUPID people who follow them will find themselves excommunicated by their own decision to follow the rebellion.

    It would be good in these days of Love and Peace of Jesus’ birth they to think more and seek more God’s Love. It is the right time for giving time and space for God’s Love in our lives. As we see USA rapidly advances on a major war with Iran, maybe a world war. (we will see which end times scenario will be the real one). The politicization of the Church has led us here. Jesus didn’t tell us, whoever is conservative (politically and religiously) will merit the kingdom of Heaven. But rather, whoever gives food to the hungry and whoever Loves will inherit it. Words that somehow find no place in those who boast most to be the true followers. I doubt such discipleship, it gives no fruits, neither temporal nor eternal.

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