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The Strange Treatment of Islam in Fratelli Tutti (Brothers All)

3. “Unconcerned for the hardships and dangers involved, Francis went to meet the Sultan with the same attitude that he instilled in his disciples: if they found themselves “among the Saracens and other nonbelievers”, without renouncing their own identity they … Continue reading

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How the Canonization of Three Popes by Pope Francis utterly defeated the Papal Accusers

The position of the typical Francis critic is an unusual amalgam of essentially incompatible claims. For example, they say “Recognize and Resist”. With or without that phrase, it is the most common position they take. First, they “recognize” Pope Francis … Continue reading

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Open Letter to the Papal Accusers

You have accused Pope Francis of propagating heresy, of teaching material heresy, and some of you have accused him of the canonical delict of formal heresy. You have also accused Pope Francis of idolatry and of syncretism. The meaning of … Continue reading

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Taylor Marshall interviews Bishop Athanasius Schneider

In a video on YouTube, Bishop Athanasius Schneider was interviewed by Dr. Taylor Marshall on Vatican II. These two schismatics agreed that Vatican II taught heresy, and needs to be corrected. But there are some problems with this claim. So … Continue reading

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Will Pope Francis Slap the Hand of the Papal Critics?

In a news story that received much more coverage than it deserved, Pope Francis slapped the hand of a woman who grabbed him. She was saying something difficult to discern. She grabbed his hand and pulled him sharply towards her. … Continue reading

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Is Pope Francis automatically excommunicated?

Twitter Poll here: Is Pope Francis automatically excommunicated for apostasy, heresy, and/or idolatry? — Ronald L. Conte Jr. (@RonConte) January 2, 2020 . . . A. The Faithful View: 1. Pope Francis must be the valid Roman Pontiff, as he … Continue reading

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Is Vigano Right or Wrong on Francis?

Is the recent public statement by Carlo Maria Vigano Right or Wrong on Pope Francis? I want to begin by assuring my readers that my position on Francis has not changed. But let’s take a trip down the rabbit hole … Continue reading

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Proof that Pope emeritus Benedict is Not still Pope

One prominent theory among the papal accusers is that Pope Francis was never the valid Roman Pontiff. The reason given is that Benedict’s resignation was invalid, making him still the Pope. This would then imply that any subsequent election would … Continue reading

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Soon the Conservatives Schismatics Will Walk Out of the Church

The rhetoric against Pope Francis has been getting progressively worse. I thought things reached their peak when he was accused of formal heresy by the Open Letter. But then they went on to accuse him of apostasy, which then seemed … Continue reading

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Response to the Protest against Idolatry part 1

The name of the document is Contra Recentia Sacrilegia (Protest against Pope Francis’s sacrilegious acts). The accusation is essentially idolatry, not merely or only the lesser but still grave offense of sacrilege. This article responds to the claims. A. Dogmatic … Continue reading

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Can Pope Francis Be Excommunicated?

Can Pope Francis Be Excommunicated? No. Never under any circumstances. Here’s why: 1. Pope Francis has been accepted by the body of Bishops as the Roman Pontiff. The indefectibility of the Church therefore guarantees that he is the true valid … Continue reading

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Why The Papal Accusers Can’t Be Right

1. They say Pope Francis taught material heresy and other grave errors on doctrine and discipline. This claim is itself heresy as it contradicts the dogma that the Pope has immunity from error. See the Teachings here. 2. They say … Continue reading

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