A Teacher of heresy complains about heresy

Bishop Robert Barron
“It’s hard to describe how angry I feel after reading what the latest @pewresearch study reveals about understanding of the Eucharist among Catholics.
This should be a wake-up call to all of us in the Church.”

My Tweet in response:
A Bishop who teaches heresy on salvation is angry that most Catholic believe heresy on the Eucharist. That’s the Church of today: teachers of heresy complaining that the faithful believe heresy.

Here’s a link to a set of posts on my blog about Bishop Barron. These posts prove that Bishop Barron teaches heresy on salvation. His teaching is contradicted by the dogmas of several different Ecumenical Councils. Yet he thinks himself to be an orthodox teacher of the Faith, and he literally becomes angry when he learns that many of the faithful adhere to heresy. Hypocrite. If you don’t want the faithful to believe heresy, stop teaching heresy.


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4 Responses to A Teacher of heresy complains about heresy

  1. erm6 says:

    Hi Ron. There’s a post from June 19 that seems pinned permanently at top of this blog. I’m wondering if that happened by accident?

  2. dom64verona88chrysostomos says:

    Oui, il peut arriver que des hérétiques tonnent contre l’hérésie et l’apostasie… Voir la Parabole de Notre SEIGNEUR SUR LES DEUX AVEUGLES…: le Saint Rosaire!

  3. Alex says:

    Indeed, why should the fanatics take the monopoly of defending the sacred truths? As if no one of the rest 95% Catholics, priests and bishops believes or is ready to defend the Holy Eucharist? Vatican II clearly states the importance of the Holy Eucharist by adopting Sacrosanctum Concilium, the Council’s Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy. So many Corpus Christi processions since then, led by practically all bishops, and by the popes including pope Francis. So…I really don’t need to be taught by fanatics on the Holy Eucharist.

    I want to mention another topic that soon (Sept 23) will become officially N1 topic in the world: how to save the planet from imminent catastrophe imposed by the Global Warming, that now everyone can feel it if he does’t believe the measurements. The pope spoke enough on that. And again the ultraconservatives reject it. As if all science is the devil’s tool, while they know it all. As if we must not believe our senses even without the science, when we literally burn more every next Summer.

    Seems to me, the humanity is before a test of survival, whether it will choose Life and save the only planet it has for now, or whether it will choose Death under various pretexts and even “in the name of God”. We know where such screwed psychic could lead in past centuries, burning books of ancient knowledge and more… In a way, if the humanity now chooses to save its own life, it is worth to continue its history. To fight for life doesn’t mean to fight ONLY for the life of the unborn, but ALSO for the life of the born, for the life of all of us including the necessary sustenance of our only common home planet given by God. I believe the sanity will prevail, against the recent surge in fanaticism.

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