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The Main Problem with Bishop Barron’s “Reasonable Hope”

It is a dogma taught by several different Ecumenical Councils that some human souls go to Hell: Bishop Robert Barron on Hell: May we reasonably hope that all will be saved? Bishop Robert Barron versus the Magisterium on Hell … Continue reading

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Michael Voris versus Mark Shea on Bishop Robert Barron

Michael Voris has accused Bishop Robert Barron of teaching a form of the heresy of universalism, based on Barron’s assertion that “perhaps” no human persons are ever condemned to eternal punishment in Hell, and that we may “reasonably hope” that … Continue reading


Bishop Robert Barron versus the Magisterium on Hell

See my previous post: Bishop Robert Barron on Hell: May we reasonably hope that all will be saved? In his video talk, Bishop Barron (prior to becoming bishop), summarized his own position in this way: “We have to accept the … Continue reading

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Bishop Robert Barron on Hell: May we reasonably hope that all will be saved?

Bishop Robert Barron, prior to being promoted to the episcopate, gave a video talk for, also found on YouTube: Fr. Robert Barron on Whether Hell is Crowded or Empty. After discussing a range of views on the topic, Fr. … Continue reading

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A Teacher of heresy complains about heresy

Tweet Bishop Robert Barron @BishopBarron “It’s hard to describe how angry I feel after reading what the latest @pewresearch study reveals about understanding of the Eucharist among Catholics. This should be a wake-up call to all of us in the … Continue reading

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My Commentary on the Declaration of Truths (part 1)

[Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3] The document below was issued by a small group of cardinals and bishops, who claim to be reaffirming the teaching of the Catholic Church. Article and link to full text is here. … Continue reading

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Michael Voris: Public Formal Schism

This is part four of a four-article series. Read the previous three parts here: Part one, Part two, and Part three. Canon Law 751: “Can. 751 Heresy is the obstinate denial or obstinate doubt after the reception of baptism of … Continue reading

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How Heresy Works

1. The typical Catholic heretic does not realize he is teaching heresy. He has convinced himself that his own understanding is correct. That’s pride, of course. Once in a while I run across a teacher of heresy who, as far … Continue reading

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An Overview of Heresy in the Church Today: Part Two Salvation Theology

Universalism On one extreme, we have Catholics who claim that we may “reasonably hope” that “perhaps” all human person will eventually go to Heaven. This claim directly contradicts the teaching of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition that many souls go … Continue reading

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Will Joy of Truth solve the Church’s problem with false teachers?

“Those who teach matters touching on faith and morals are to be conscious of their duty to carry out their work in full communion with the authentic Magisterium of the Church, above all, with that of the Roman Pontiff.” “a) … Continue reading

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Why God specifically chose Pope Francis to lead the Church

Problem Previously, I wrote that The Catholic Church has a serious Heresy Problem. I have written on this topic many times. I have specifically pointed out teachings and teachers who were leading the faithful astray by various grave errors on … Continue reading

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Common Heresies on Salvation Theology

The Roman Catholic Magisterium has many definitive teachings on salvation, which have been taught by Ecumenical Councils, or Popes, or the ordinary and universal Magisterium. And yet common opinions on the same topic persist among the faithful, in contradiction to … Continue reading

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The Range of Opinions on How Many Are Saved

My understanding of Catholic teaching has led me to the conclusion that the majority of human persons go to Heaven, and only a small percentage of persons end up in Hell. See my book: Forgiveness and Salvation for Everyone or … Continue reading

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May We Reasonably Hope that All are Saved?

May we reasonably hope that all are saved? “No” says the Son of God, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior: [Matthew] {5:20} For I say to you, that unless your justice has surpassed that of the scribes and the Pharisees … Continue reading

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Three types of Pseudo-Dogma plague the Church

The infallible teachings of the Roman Catholic Magisterium are termed “formal dogma”. These dogmas are inerrant. They contain important truths on matters of faith, morals, and salvation. They are required beliefs to which the faithful must give the full assent … Continue reading

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12 Common Heresies in the Church today

In no particular order, and not an exhaustive list: 1. limited inerrancy – the heretical claim that the Bible is only inerrant on matters of faith and morals, or on matters pertaining to salvation. Correct doctrine: total inspiration and total … Continue reading


False Claims in Roman Catholic Salvation Theology

After lengthy study of the Bible, Catholic moral theology, and Catholic salvation theology, I have reach an understanding of the path of salvation that is thoroughly grounded on magisterial teaching. Unfortunately, many Catholics who write about salvation theology have not … Continue reading


Can We be Certain that Terrorists go to Hell?

As certain as God is just, terrorists are sent by God to Hell to be punished forever. Suicide bombers (also called homicide bombers) die in the very act of killing innocent persons. Their grave sin is fully deliberate, and they … Continue reading

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Who is qualified to write theology?

Ross Douthat wrote a controversial article for the New York Times: The Plot To Change Catholicism. In response to that article and some of Douthat’s tweets, a group of Catholic theologians wrote an open letter to the Times, stating: “On … Continue reading

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The Faulty Salvation Theology of Dr. Taylor Marshall

There are a number of conservative Catholic authors who promote an exceedingly harsh version salvation theology (soteriology) that excludes all unbaptized prenatals, infants, and little children from Heaven. Dr. Taylor Marshall’s approach is criticized in this article because his is … Continue reading