So an heretical Deacon thinks all gay priests should leave the ministry

I cannot stay silent in the fact of this ridiculous hypocrisy. Deacon Jim Russell repeatedly publicly argued, contrary to definitive Church teaching and the moral law, that the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were moral. A Catholic deacon thinks it was just fine to kill vast numbers of innocent women, children, and elderly men, all non-combatants, for a good end. This is contrary to the Church’s teaching on just war, on intrinsically evil acts, and that the end does not justify the means. It is a moral heresy, expressed by application to a particular case.

And now this same deacon, with such a poor understanding of morality and doctrine that he publicly justified mass murder, thinks he should stand in judgment over all priests with a homosexual orientation (same-sex attraction). The article is titled: ‘Gay Priests’ Need to Leave Now — Period, and it’s online at, that bastion of hatred for gay persons and anyone seen as “pro-gay”.

If a Catholic wishes to argue that gay men should not be ordained, fine. That’s the current position of the Holy See, even if it is ignored by many Bishops. But proposing that all gay priests leave is something else. If a priest has a homosexual attraction, but serves the Church well without violating his vows, why should he leave? Why make the priest shortage any worse? Russell states, but does not prove, that such men are “unfit for the priestly ministry.” The irony is that Russell is unfit for the diaconate because he teaches heresy, and also commits the sin of scandal by the way that he treats clergy with a different view on LGBT issues than himself, e.g. “The Insanely Stupid ‘LGBT’ Rhetoric of Fr. James Martin” by Deacon Jim Russell, February 5, 2019. Malicious rhetoric and derision directed at a priest is not justified by the assertion that the priest has the wrong position on an issue.

Adding to the hypocrisy is the fact that Deacon Jim Russell’s boss at is Michael Voris, a man with extensive past homosexual behavior and also (in all likelihood) current same-sex attraction. So if a person with said orientation is unfit for the priesthood, why is he fit to be Russell’s boss at Hypocrisy.

In the article, Deacon Russell goes on to say, about straight priests who supposedly have the wrong position on gay issues, that “none of these men — as in zero — should ever have been ordained.” Okay. Well, deacon Russell has the wrong position on mass murder and intrinsically evil acts. So if he were to apply his own standard to himself, he would be calling for himself to resign.

Russell: “If we truly desire a priesthood free from the scourge of the homosexual inclination, and a Church free from the abuse of power inherent in the homosexual subculture, we need to call for the removal of all “gay” priests and all the homosexualist priests who are supporting them.”

You know what I desire for the Church? Priests and Deacons who teach what the Church teaches. And Jim Russell does not qualify. In addition, it is the grave sin of scandal for a mere Deacon to call for the resignation or removal of a vast number of priests worldwide. Who put this deacon in charge of the priesthood and the Church? But speaking as if they have authority over the entire Church, and authority to judge the Pope and the Bishops, is a daily habit at

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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3 Responses to So an heretical Deacon thinks all gay priests should leave the ministry

  1. King Robert the Bruce says:

    Michael voris is a self loathing hypocrite concerning homosexualty me thinks he doth protest too much.

  2. Matt Z. says:

    Maybe the deacon means “gay” priests as those priests acting on same sex attraction and those priests promoting homosexuality. Its not clear what he means by this. When I see the term “gay” I look at the term as someone who is giving into same sex attraction or committing same sex acts. On the other hand, a chaste person who is fending off same sex attraction, is not “gay, but someone like all of use who fights different temptations and evil inclinations. This is how the Courage program asks us to look at this and I believe it is the best way. Otherwise we put labels on people and give them discouragement.

    • Ron Conte says:

      He says in the article “Homosexualist priests like Fr. James Martin openly claim that he knows “hundreds” of “gay” priests and that probably 30 to 40 percent of our priests are “gay.” Which means that, if his percentages are accurate, 30 to 40 percent of our priests should leave — and permanently.” — So in this article “gay” doesn’t mean sexually active. That’s not consonant with what Fr. Martins saying, nor with the percentages. Russell is saying persons with a homosexual attraction.

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