What topics should I write about next? (closed)

I’m asking my readers: What topics should I write about next, in my blog and in books or booklets? No promises. I would just like to see what topics people are interested in reading about.

OK Thanks for everyone’s input. Comments are now closed for this post.

— Ron Conte

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  1. Debbie Poisson says:

    I’d love to read your insights on Luisa Piccarreta. Padre Pio has said she will become thee Saint of the church. I’m part of the children of the divine will prayer group focusing on the 36 volumes written to Luisa per our Lord. There is so much information about Jesus and information about how to pray and live in the Divine Will. For awhile there was great controversy over her writings due to poor translation. You can find correct translations and info about her writings on line. And now The Vatican has recently released a book on her and prayers for the Glorification of the servant of God is underway. The lord told her that the release of the volumes would come out during the worst of times. She died 70 years ago this past March. Her birthday is this Divine Mercy Sunday and the volumes are now released in our time. Her writings focus on Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
    A whole new concept of praying and repairing in the Divine Will is taught. Very, very powerful readings! I believe these teachings are key to where God wants His church and His people. Surrendering our human will to God in exchange for the Divine will. Obedience is lost these days….in our marriages, families, communities, government to our own church. God is going to reclaim this primacy of obedience back in order back to Him. This is where the new spring time will take us!
    Thanks be to God! He is risen! Happy Easter!

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