The Warning did not occur on Good Friday 2017

The Warning of Garabandal did not happen on Good Friday in 2017. And none of the secrets of Medjugorje were announced. The next years that fit my conclusions about these events are 2022 and 2023. But I have a sense that these events are likely to occur before that time. So I have to say that I don’t know when the Warning and Miracle will occur, or when the secrets of Medjugorje will begin.

Even though the dates for the start of these events is incorrect in my eschatology writings, I still think that I have understood which events will occur, and in what order. I will not be updating my books of eschatology with new dates. But I think those books are still useful as a description of which events will occur and in what order.

Ron Conte

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9 Responses to The Warning did not occur on Good Friday 2017

  1. Patricia says:

    I have not study like you have and I don’t have the knowledge like you do – but I believe we are getting close for something to happening ….it’s just weird out there…it’s like people are walking around like zombies….not like flesh eating people but like sheepeople….

  2. arkammler says:

    What if the warning not tied to a Good Friday?

    • victor nieves says:

      believe in god and trust him pray so he can forgive our sins. be at peace with him and worry not. all things must come to pass. pray that our sins will be forgiven.

  3. Max says:

    Ron, you could still be right on the date of Miracle.

  4. Debbie Poisson says:

    I’m greatful for all your insight and it has always challenged me to try harder in my conversion every year instead putting it off as if there will always be time and for that I’m thankful for all your hard work, encouragement and insight. I also believe or sence that time does draw near for us. Our society is getting further and further away from God. How much longer can it go on? Many charismatic prophets of other faiths are also saying that this is a special year proclaimed by God. He is bringing in the winds of change so to speak with an outpouring of world revival as well as future hard times but I suppose which leads to greater dependency on God and conversion. This also seems to be what the seers have been telling us. Also a friend of Medjugorje( find has always senced in his heart that we would have 40 years (2021) from the start of the Medjugorje messages before something happens or perhaps comes to a climax. A lot is occurring this year with the Trump Presidency (thanks be to God) to the Fatima anniversary to the 12:1 sign that will take place in the sky with all the stars aligning up on Sept 23( I think). So, I also feel these next 3 to 4 years will play out with some sort of significance. We shall keep encouraging each other and keep our lamps burning for Christ while He uses us to reach more and more souls before His time draws near. Viva the Will of God:):)

  5. Raymund says:

    I am a believer of Garabandal. I have been asking which of “wait and see and pray” or “push something unpredictable” is closer to Catholicism? One is to act as a smallest and get rid of pride, and pray for a better world and the help from God, such as the Warning. The other is pushing something that we think they are good, but unpredictable, such as using biofuels, supporting immigration, supporting human rights, developing new technologies… How to do both?

  6. Alex says:

    How do you comment the prophecy of Theresa Neumann about the years of Cain 18 6×3 starting 1999 ending 2017?

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