Terrorist Attack in Paris — Prelude to World War 3

See Google News for the latest reports. Multiple coordinated terrorist attacks, by Islamic extremists, struck Paris, France, and Saint-Denis (a suburb just north of Paris) on Friday evening, November 13th, 2015. Over 120 persons are reported dead and 180 are reported injured. ISIS has claimed responsibility.

Eschatology aside, it should be clear from the signs of the times that a great storm is gathering on the horizon: World War 3. How do wars start? First, there is division between two groups: differences in religion, politics, economics, culture, etc. Then conflicts increase continually between the two sides. Animosity, anger and even hatred follow. Next, violence breaks out, but not yet the violence of war. As the violence, fear, anger, and hatred increase, finally warfare breaks out. That is how many wars start, more or less. War does not come out of nowhere. If you are paying attention, you can see a war approaching.

There is a great division in the world between the Western nations, especially Europe and the U.S., on the one hand, and the Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa, on the other hand. There is a great religious division, cultural and political difference, and much distrust and animosity. Prior to World War 2, there were Nazi sponsored terrorist attacks. And now we have the terrorist attacks of Islamic extremists, prior to World War 3. The Islamic terrorist attacks are essentially the last stage in the progress toward war. I believe that in less than a year from now, World War 3 will begin.

As my readers know, I have many times warned that Iran is close to obtaining nuclear weapons. They may already have completed one nuclear bomb. When they have a few, they will let everyone know by threatening the West with nuclear attacks.

I believe that Iran and ISIS (based in Iraq) will soon make a pact to join together, out of hatred for the West. ISIS with access to nuclear bombs is a much worse situation. And the U.S. just made an agreement with Iran giving them access to frozen funds amounting to tens of billions of dollars. We are basically funding terrorism and the start of World War 3 with that foolish agreement. It is the World War 3 equivalent to Neville Chamberlain signing the agreement to turn over parts of Czechoslovakia to Nazi Germany in 1938. Very bad idea, in retrospect.

Many radicalized Muslim youths live in the nations of Europe. They can easily carry out terrorist attacks and all kinds of violent crimes, throughout Europe. When they see the perverse “success” of the most recent attack on Paris, it might embolden them to act similarly. The citizens of European nations are largely without a means of self-defense. Firearms laws are stricter in Europe than in the U.S., and in many nations the police are not always armed. When the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks occurred in Paris, the first officers on the scene saw the terrorists shooting people and did nothing, because they had no firearms. They waited for other officers to arrive who actually had guns.

Europe is a soft target for the Islamic extremists. The people are largely disarmed, and there are not enough police to guard every gathering of people. Then, once the invasions of World War 3 begin, terrorism and all kinds of violence will undermine the nations from within, while the extremist armies of the Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa attack from without.

What do the Extremist Muslims want? World domination. Literally. Extremist Muslims believe that it is their right and duty from God to establish a worldwide Islamic caliphate (kingdom), in which everyone without exception is an adherent of their extremist version of Islam. Moderate peaceful Muslims are considered to be “apostates” by the extremists. All other believer are considered to be “infidels” (unbelievers, or the unfaithful), because they believe in a different religion. And they have qualms at all about using force, including war and murder, to compel everyone to join their perverse version of Islam. Convert or die. They believe that God is on their side in this quest for a worldwide Islamic State (He is not). They believe that they cannot fail. They believe that any degree or type of violence is justified in the pursuit of this goal.

ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. A similar term, ISIL, stands for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (greater Syria). The group we call ISIS detests that name, because it limits their Islamic State to the areas they now control. They call themselves simply Islamic State because they hope to conquer the whole world, and force everyone to become an extremist Muslim.

Iran is also led by extremists. The leaders of Iran are all “Twelvers”. They believe that an historical figure, the 12th Imam, who lived in the 9th century A.D. never died, and that he remains hidden in the world. They also believe that, during the extremist Islam version of the end times, this 12th Imam will reappear (with Jesus of all persons!) to usher in this Islamic State. But they also think that a great apocalyptic war is necessary for all this to occur. The leaders of Iran literally believe that it is their duty to start an apocalyptic war, in which all who refuse to convert to Islam are put to death. They are willing to murder everyone who refuses to convert, even as many as billions of persons. And soon they will have nuclear weapons.

As bad as the Paris attacks are, things are only going to get worse.

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Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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