Concerning the teacher of heresy, Michael Voris

I have now banned 5 members of my discussion group, for following the teachings of the heretic Michael Voris. The discussion thread that prompted this action is here.

A discussion group member (now banned) wrote these words about this Michael Voris video: “This is one of the best presentations I have heard on the religion of global warming and how it evolved from Hitlers Eugenics of the 40’s”.

What I would like to say to the readers of my blog, is that anyone who follows Michael Voris is following a teacher heresy and grave doctrinal error. I’ve already written several posts on this topic, so I won’t repeat that material here. But there is in fact a grave danger to souls from this man’s online video teachings.

Some Catholics gravitate to him perhaps because he presents himself as a conservative Catholic. There is an implicit false assumption among many conservative Catholics that the conservative theological point of view must be the correct one. But conservativism is not Catholicism.

Another reason that some Catholics like him is, perhaps, because his teaching is very accessible. This was one of the factors that made the preaching of the first Protestant reformers so popular among Catholics. A simplified and easier to understand version of the Faith. But this simplification is accomplished by means of severe distortions, to the extent of heresy, of profound and complex doctrines

As far as I know, Michael Voris has written no books or articles of theology, no formal written theology at all, only videos. He has a degree in theology, and another degree in communications. He uses his skills in communications to teach grave theological errors.

As I’ve written before: Voris presents himself as if he were a teacher of the Catholicism, but in my opinion, his level of understanding of Catholicism is equivalent to a student in a Catholic high school at about the junior or senior high school level…. Neither are his TV and online video lectures at all theological. Although his tone of voice suggests that he is teaching ideas that are definitive and irrefutable, his errors are glaring and easily refuted.

Anyone who follows the teachings of Michael Voris is not welcome in my discussion group.

Anyone who believes the teaching of Michael Voris on Judaism has fallen into a grave heresy and has rejected the teachings of the Catholic Faith on Judaism.

Anyone who believes the teaching of Michael Voris on the Three Persons of the Trinity has fallen into a grave heresy and has rejected the teachings of the Catholic Faith on Judaism.

More on Voris’ errors

This is the way that Michael Voris talks about the Church today:

“The Catholic Church is being torn apart by traitorous clerics within Her own ranks who have succumbed to humanist philosophies out of cowardice, lust and pride. How strong is the stranglehold that modern heretics and rebels have on the Church? Driven by their lusts and passions to play God, they have fomented Rebellion and whipped up Revolution within the Church and nearly destroyed all understanding of Truth and Authority. But a Counter-Rebellion has begun and a war for the soul of the Faith itself is now engaged.” (

But from my point of view, it is Voris who is fomenting rebellion against the Church. He does, in fact, teach abject heresy. And he presents this heresy in a very modern way, by using modern means of social communication. Moreover, he uses a technique that, it seems to me, has developed only in modern time: presenting heresy while claiming that the heretical idea is merely a correct understanding of magisterial teaching. And I have seen in my own discussion group what a strong stranglehold Voris has on some members of the Church.

But Voris is not playing God; he is playing Pope. He pontificates new doctrines, which are directly contrary to the definitive teaching of the Roman Catholic Magisterium, including the teaching of the Pope. He has proclaimed that Judaism is a false man-made religion. To the contrary, this address by Pope Benedict XVI, on the occasion of his visit to the synagogue of Rome, plainly shows that Judaism is not a false religion.

He has pontificated a new doctrine on the Trinity, the error of which I explain at length here. Voris teaches his audience that different attributes of the Divine Nature are distributed to different Persons of the Trinity. He goes on at great length teaching this heresy. The worst example of it is here: “Love is not something in the Father. Love is not something in the Son…. the Holy Spirit is the Love.” So Voris is claiming that Love, one of the attributes of the Divine Nature, is not in the Father or the Son, but only in the Spirit.

His claim is a very clear rejection of the dogma of consubstantiality. When we say, in the Creed at Mass, that the Son is “consubstantial” with the Father, or as it used to be phrased “one in Being” with the Father, what we mean is that each Person of the Trinity full possesses the whole Divine Nature. Each attribute of the Divine Nature: existence, knowledge, love, mercy, justice, etc. is fully possessed by each and all of the Persons of the Trinity. And each of these attributes (though they seem like separate qualities to us) are entirely one in the Divine Nature; they are not really attributes OF the Nature, but rather they ARE the Nature itself. Hence, we say that God is Love, and not merely that God is loving. God is pure Act, and so His attributes are entirely one and are the same as His very Being.

Voris seems to have no understanding of this topic at all. His exceedingly superficial explanation contains severe doctrinal errors. And he does not notice that his teaching is entirely incompatible with true Catholic dogma. Yet he has appointed himself to teach the Church, worldwide, over the internet.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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2 Responses to Concerning the teacher of heresy, Michael Voris

  1. Connie says:

    The errors you have mentioned are severe, and it is rather important that your group members respect your expertise and accept correction. You cast light on problems with this website that should be exposed. Good thing you have not deleted the thread, though it is sad to see a long term member banned without any show of regret.

    Yet, a fair number of Catholics would instantly spot the errors you have pointed out. Again, you are right to reinforce that they are wrong when you see them. However, viewing the videos does not necessarily constitute “following” them. It is a fact that only a certain number of videos made by Voris are so completely objectionable, as a great number of them are about current events rather than theology. Your responsibility to the truth leads you to reasonably reject them all, while others may choose not take this stance, and may want to rely on your educated opinion on specific items.

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