Michael Voris’ Global Warming Conspiracy Theory

This video is over an hour and 23 minutes in length. It is Michael Voris, in front of a small audience of Catholics, teaching them about a supposed hidden agenda behind climate science. The title is: Global Warming Unmasked: The Hidden Agenda. The video description says:

“Are the environmental movements and groups simply devoted to laudable, correct stewardship of God’s creation, or do they have a more sinister, hidden agenda? Is ‘global warming’ being used as an excuse for something far darker? Is the final goal of the liberal elites behind the push of junk science population control, eugenics and Gaia worship?”

Or, is it even worse? By the end of the video, Voris has tied together global warming, eugenics, Hitler, population control, Al Gore, contraception, abortion, Obama, earth worship, the USCCB, and Satan, in one vast conspiracy theory. I kid you not.

In the video, Voris claims that “the various agents of climate change” have three different goals:
“1) Population Control
“2) Global Governmental Cooperation
“3) Earth Worship instead of God Worship” (1:47 mark in the video)
He claims that these are “three different crowds”, not one group with three goals. But it’s all interconnected; it all dovetails together, he says.

Voris: “Catholic leaders must recognize global warming for what it is. It is a government power grab via population reduction. It is a pseudoscience and hyper-sensationalism. These things are being used to promote the global warming agenda, just as they were in the early 20th century eugenics movement…. In fact, global warming is the evolution, the natural evolution, of that early eugenics program.” (2:40 mark)

Voris: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC is “a political advocacy group that dresses itself up as a scientific body”, and it has aligned with various groups. “The goal of these groups — and this is it — is population control, global governmental cooperation and the promotion of Earth worship as a new religion.” (26:00-27:00)

Voris: “Look what global warming shares in common with the eugenics movement. Eugenics is accomplished by cleansing and control of the population. Now, while many people think that eugenics died after World War 2, along with the Nazi regime, they’re wrong. Originally, eugenics in America was primarily focused on all undesirable immigrants and those already living here.” (41:00)

Text on Screen: “Hitler adopted the American eugenic ideals and implemented them throughout his Nazi regime.” (50:30)

Voris: “Hitler did not originate the idea of eugenics and creating superior Arian race. It was indeed an American concept. He saw this happening in America, and went ‘Ah-ha’ and grabbed it and incorporated it into his whole Nazi philosophy.” (50:50).

Voris: “Population control is not about race any more. It’s about survival of the fittest, about preserving and supporting a superior elitist class of human beings.” (51:10)

Voris then goes on to claim that the promotion of ideas about climate change and carbon footprint is a way to advance the agenda of reducing the population, so that only the elitist class is left. He then links this agenda to the promotion of contraception, sterilization, and abortion.

Voris: “What you have to understand is that the elite have now moved on to a sort of new updated version of this, a new technique. It’s not eugenics anymore. Now its called global warming. The elite need global warming in order to pursue their reduction in population goals.” (55:00)

Voris next claims that governments support the fallacious idea of global warming in order to gain power and money. Voris sees Cap and Trade as part of this nefarious plot, as well as the entire green economy.

And then he suggests that the forced sterilizations in the U.S. during the time when eugenics was popular might be used again, by these groups that support global warming. And now he’s talking about World War 2 and the holocaust, which he claims is somehow related (in a way I don’t quite understand). Voris has gone completely off the deep end in this video. (1:04:00 mark)

This last section of the video is about the supposed third group that is conspiring with the other two groups — population control advocates, and global governments — to push global warming. Voris calls this third group “Earth Worshippers” and says that they “believe the earth itself is a living being with an intellect and a will”.

I don’t think any such organized group exists. The term ‘earth worshippers’ is used as a rhetorical device to criticize persons who give too much importance to the environment. But it is not an organized group that conspires with governments and population control advocates to use global warming to — what was it? — form some type of elitist utopia?

Voris claims that the Gaia hypothesis is this Earth Worshipping religion. Not so. Here is the Wikipedia explanation of the idea. He is taking all kinds of material way out of context and using it to build a bizarre conspiracy theory.

Finally, Voris claims that these groups are trying to co-opt all religion….

Voris: “Which is why the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops embracing this movement is raising considerable alarm, and it should.” He says the U.S. Bishops are “very deep” and “neck deep” in this. (1:14:55)

Voris is using his own elaborate bizarre conspiracy theory, and the USCCB’s mild support for good stewardship of the environment, as a way to attack the U.S. Bishops.

He then offers a nice quote from Pope Benedict XVI on good stewardship of the environment and not taking environmentalism too far. This juxtaposition between the attack on the U.S. Bishops and a quote from the Pope makes it seem as if it is the Pope and Michael Voris against the U.S. Bishops and the world. Voris gives the term “intellectual dishonesty” a new level of meaning.

His final point, is that the person behind this elaborate worldwide conspiracy, behind global warming as Voris sees it, is Satan, trying to use climate change, which is the new eugenics, to destroy Christianity. Wow. At this point, I don’t even know what to say.

I’m not a big fan of global warming and climate change science. But my take on this whole set of claims by Voris is that it closely resembles a paranoid delusion. And I’m not speaking rhetorically. His claim of a grand interconnected conspiracy to use the climate change issue to accomplish nefarious and patently unrelated “goals” such as population control, governments gaining power and money, eugenics, the establishment of an earth-worshipping religion and the destruction of Christianity by Satan, is completely and utterly contrary to both faith and reason. The material in this video from Michael Voris is false, absurd, bizarre, and gravely harmful to souls.

Michael Voris is not a reliable and faithful teacher of the Roman Catholic Faith. The faithful would do well to avoid his videos and lectures.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and
translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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