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How To Recognize Schismatics, Heretics, Apostates, Blasphemers

A heretic is someone who obstinately doubts or obstinately denies a formal dogma. And formal dogmas are the truths of divine revelation (Tradition and Scripture) taught infallibly by the Roman Catholic Magisterium under Papal Infallibility, or Conciliar Infallibility, or the … Continue reading

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Comprehensive Reply to the Papal Accusers

The Errors The conservative papal accusers have progressed in their grave sins: from criticizing Pope Francis’ teaching; to criticizing everything he says and does, whether doctrine, discipline, or opinion; to attacking any Cardinal or Bishop who teaches or acts contrary … Continue reading

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Ed Peters on Fr. Sosa and heresy

Dr. Ed Peters: Rev. Sosa’s remarks on the devil warrant official response (August 22, 2019) The hypocrisy here is just stunning. Dr. Ed Peters, who has repeatedly publicly asserted, promoted, and taught heresy, is suggesting that the Church investigate and … Continue reading

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The Papal Accusers May Not Receive Communion

It is a dogma taught by the First Vatican Council, as well as the ordinary and universal Magisterium that each and every Roman Pontiff has the gift of immunity from grave error and the gift of a never-failing faith. Therefore, … Continue reading

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My Commentary on the Declaration of Truths (part 1)

[Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3] The document below was issued by a small group of cardinals and bishops, who claim to be reaffirming the teaching of the Catholic Church. Article and link to full text is here. … Continue reading

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The Church Should Penalize Papal Accusers

Professor John Rist signed the Open Letter, accusing Pope Francis of formal heresy. Then a Pontifical University expelled him (and his car). Perhaps it would be best for the Church to take formal ecclesiastical action against all the papal accusers. … Continue reading

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Timeline of Hypocrisy

May 2, 2019 Taylor Marshall on the Open Letter: “But if you’re saying that he’s a heretic, which they say in his opening line, an heretical Pope, my ecclesiastical sense says, you also have to say: ‘And therefore I am … Continue reading

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Professor John Rist was punished for signing the Open Letter reports: Pontifical university bans top scholar who accused Pope Francis of heresy in open letter Rist states: “Since I had received no previous indication of it ― not even when I had collected the car ― this less than … Continue reading

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Cardinal Muller on the Adopted Children of God

Here is the dogmatic teaching of the Council of Trent: “By these words, a description of the justification of the impious is introduced, as being a translation from the state, in which a person is born a child of the … Continue reading

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A Canon Lawyer errs gravely on the Open Letter

At the Catholic Herald, Dr. Ed Peters comments on the Open Letter accusing Pope Francis of heresy: The heresy letter is intelligent, but doesn’t quite convince. His comments are unintelligent and heretical. 1. First, Peters misunderstands heresy. Peters: “It is … Continue reading

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7 Mistakes that Papal Critics Are Making

1. The assumption that Popes Honorius I and John XXII committed or taught heresy. They never offer a theological argument to prove this accusation. They simply assume it. And that assumption establishes, without basis, half of their conclusion. For Pope … Continue reading

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Conservative Papal Accusers are Fortunate Pope Francis is Liberal

The conservative accusers of Pope Francis commit heresy and schism by their accusation against him and by their determination to resist him. But they are fortunate that the Pope is liberal, not conservative. A conservative Pope like Pius X would … Continue reading

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