Jimmy Akin’s Heretical Errors on Salvation

I’ve updated my article, detailing the heretical errors taught by Jimmy Akin on the subject of salvation, to note that his book, The Salvation Controversy, also teaches these same errors. Akin’s article, A Tiptoe Through TULIP, is also a chapter in that book.

Catholic Soteriology versus Semi-Calvinism – a refutation of Jimmy Akin’s heretical errors on predestination, grace, salvation.

In summary:

Akin, a former Calvinist, has not freed himself from the heretical errors of Calvinism on salvation. His position on numerous questions of soteriology is essentially semi-Calvinist. He combines Calvinism and Catholicism in a strange amalgam that, while not the same as Calvinism, is nevertheless fundamentally contrary to definitive Catholic teaching on salvation. Jimmy Akin’s teachings on salvation are semi-Calvinist heresy. He sins gravely by adhering to these errors, and he sins gravely by teaching these errors.

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