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No, Taylor Marshall Children cannot be Possessed by Demons

The controversy begins with the interpretation of a Bible passage. [Deuteronomy] {20:13} And when the Lord your God will have delivered it into your hands, you shall strike down anyone who is in it, of the male gender, with the … Continue reading

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Michael Voris versus Feeneyism

This past weekend, I had a dispute on Twitter with Christine Niles of over some assertions I made, first about Feeneyism then about schism. This post is about Feeneyism, and the next one will be about schism. Feeneyism I … Continue reading


Does God will many religions?

Well, of course the answer is Yes and No. Before the fact of our sinfulness, No, God does not will many religions. [1 Timothy 2] {2:1} And so I beg you, first of all, to make supplications, prayers, petitions, and … Continue reading

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Salvation is not Restricted to Christians

The heresy of Feeneyism is not the teaching of the Catholic Faith. Instead, the Church teaches that salvation is possible for persons who are not formal members of the Roman Catholic Church. Pope Saint John Paul II: “The universality of … Continue reading

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Is Muhammad Ali in Heaven?

Muhammad Ali is most well-known for his boxing career. He converted to Islam in the 1960’s; he died in 2016 after enduring a long illness (Parkinson’s disease). After retiring from boxing, and more so after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, … Continue reading

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Do Infants who Die without Baptism go to Heaven directly?

As I’ve discussed previously, I can reach no other conclusion, given the current state of magisterial teaching, except that prenatals, infants, and young children who die without baptism receive eternal life in Heaven. But do they go directly to Heaven? … Continue reading

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Common Misunderstandings about Hell

A. The Two Paths to Hell There are only two ways to end up in Hell: 1. To die in a state of unrepented actual mortal sin 2. To die in a state of original sin alone The first way … Continue reading

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Church Teaching on Salvation for non-Christians and non-believers

In anticipation of the Apostolic Exhortation Gaudete et Exsultate, I’m posting a review of my theological position on salvation for non-Christians and non-believers. The full explanation is in my book, Forgiveness and Salvation for Everyone, which is still free, in … Continue reading

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Can a Fallen Human Person be Saved except by Baptism?

There are three types of baptism: 1. The formal Sacrament of Baptism with water. 2. A baptism of desire. 3. A baptism of blood. Is it possible for a fallen human person, that is, someone who is conceived with original … Continue reading


Doctrinal Errors on Salvation Theology at ProLife 365

Catholic prolife blogger Kevin Kukla wrote an ironic article titled I Stand Corrected on the Definition of Limbo, which itself contains several serious doctrinal errors in need of correction. Kukla ordinarily does good work on his blog, writing against abortion … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on Salvation for Non-believers

From the first encyclical of Pope Francis: “Because faith is a way, it also has to do with the lives of those men and women who, though not believers, nonetheless desire to believe and continue to seek. To the extent … Continue reading


Prostitutes, Tax Collectors, and Pharisees

Do the divorced and remarried go to Heaven? What about a married gay couple, or an atheist, or a wealthy business man? In my understanding, persons can die unrepentant from objectively grave sins, such as sexual sins or the sin … Continue reading

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If Even Atheists Can Be Saved, Why Be Catholic?

This is a common question in response to my position on salvation theology, that non-Christian believers and unbelievers can be saved by love of neighbor and invincible ignorance. Several points are key in understanding why it is better to be … Continue reading

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Who is Greatest among Christians?

Over at Canon Law Blog (In the Light of the Law), Dr. Ed Peters criticizes Cardinal Cupich of Chicago for saying “some of the greatest Christians I know are people who don’t actually have a faith system that they believe … Continue reading

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Things that Seem Unfair in Salvation Theology

These types of questions come up quite often. Essentially, the questions are based on a comparison between what Catholic salvation theology teaches versus what seems fair. And the answer, typically, is that it does seem unfair, and would be unfair, … Continue reading

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A Catholic Statement on Salvation

ONE I affirm that the state of grace is absolutely necessary at the moment of death; without it, salvation and supernatural happiness the beatific vision of God — are impossible. I deny that the state of grace is unavailable to … Continue reading

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All Salvation is Through Christ and His Church

I would like to call the reader’s attention to this talk by Pope Saint John Paul II: All Salvation Comes through Christ (General Audience — May 31, 1995). This concise discussion of salvation works as a summary of my understanding … Continue reading

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Cardinal Burke’s Error on Truth and Authority

Catholic News Agency reports: What Cardinal Burke really said about ‘resisting’ Pope Francis. “I simply affirmed that it is always my sacred duty to defend the truth of the Church’s teaching and discipline regarding marriage,” Cardinal Burke told CNA Feb. … Continue reading

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Will Pope Francis teach on Salvation this November?

Rome Reports: Pope Francis may travel to Bangladesh and Myanmar in November. Those two nations have very few Christians. Myanmar is 90% Buddhist, while Bangladesh is 90% Muslim. Concerning the Muslim minority in Myanmar, Pope Francis (Feb 2017) stated: “They … Continue reading

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CDF Prefect Ladaria on Universalism

In his book “Jesus Christ, Salvation of All”, Archbishop Luis F. Ladaria presents his private reflections on salvation, especially on the role of Christ in the salvation of everyone. Ladaria was recently appointed by Pope Francis as the prefect of … Continue reading

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