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The Rainbow after Noah’s Flood

The Flood of Noah was a real historical event. Some parts of the Biblical description of the Flood are figurative and other parts are literal. There was literally a Noah, an Ark, and a great Flood. However, the expressions that … Continue reading

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How long have humans been on this earth?

I frequently see the claim made in news media coverage of science: that humans have been around for a couple of million years. They talk about the latest anthropological discovery in terms of “early humans” and “our ancestors” in times … Continue reading

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What Size Was Noah’s Ark?

Some persons say that the size of the Ark could not be literal. {6:14} Make yourself an ark from smoothed wood. You shall make little dwelling places in the ark, and you shall smear pitch on the interior and exterior. … Continue reading

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Noah’s Flood versus Modern Science

My interpretation of the Biblical story of Noah is complex. I consider that the story contains both literal elements and figurative elements. By faith, I accept the story as true, but with reason I understand that not every part of … Continue reading

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The Misguided Genetic Hunt for Adam and Eve

Here’s a recent news report on a search by scientists for the origin of the Y-chromosome. One groups of scientists places this starting point about 338,000 years ago. In the same news report, some other scientists argue for the more … Continue reading

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Evolution’s Glass Ceiling

The Catholic Christian Faith is based on faith and reason, not faith alone. And we are obliged by our love of truth to consider and accept any scientific theories that are reasonable, fairly well proven, and not in contradiction to … Continue reading

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Contra Mark Shea on Polygenism

Msgr. Charles Pope has a useful post on the topic of Adam and Eve and evolution: Polygenism is Problematic — A Catholic Caution on another Aspect of Evolutionary Theory. He supports the idea of monogenism, i.e. the origin of humanity … Continue reading

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Is Creation in a Fallen State?

When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of Eden (paradise), they fell from grace. In a sense, humanity was tested by God, and we failed. But why did Adam and Eve need to be in paradise, to be tested? … Continue reading

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Creationism versus Evolution: a Roman Catholic Perspective

The controversy between creationism and evolution has been in the news since Marco Rubio, U.S. Senator from Florida and a Roman Catholic, made these remarks in an interview with GQ magazine: GQ: How old do you think the Earth is? … Continue reading

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Why I write about World Hunger

My current writing projects include two books: a commentary on the Book of Revelation, and a book about world hunger. I’ve also started a blog about world hunger: Hunger Math. I’ve been researching the book for some time now, and … Continue reading

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Do 98% of U.S. Catholic women use contraception?

Many sources in the mass media and in politics (including a Whitehouse official) have recently cited a Guttmacher Institute study (Religion and Contraceptive Use [PDF file], Jones and Dreweke, April 2011) to the conclusion, phrased in divergent ways by various … Continue reading

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Michael Voris’ Global Warming Conspiracy Theory

This video is over an hour and 23 minutes in length. It is Michael Voris, in front of a small audience of Catholics, teaching them about a supposed hidden agenda behind climate science. The title is: Global Warming Unmasked: The … Continue reading

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