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Pope Francis on Salvation for Non-believers

From the first encyclical of Pope Francis: “Because faith is a way, it also has to do with the lives of those men and women who, though not believers, nonetheless desire to believe and continue to seek. To the extent … Continue reading


Prostitutes, Tax Collectors, and Pharisees

Do the divorced and remarried go to Heaven? What about a married gay couple, or an atheist, or a wealthy business man? In my understanding, persons can die unrepentant from objectively grave sins, such as sexual sins or the sin … Continue reading

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If Even Atheists Can Be Saved, Why Be Catholic?

This is a common question in response to my position on salvation theology, that non-Christian believers and unbelievers can be saved by love of neighbor and invincible ignorance. Several points are key in understanding why it is better to be … Continue reading

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Who is Greatest among Christians?

Over at Canon Law Blog (In the Light of the Law), Dr. Ed Peters criticizes Cardinal Cupich of Chicago for saying “some of the greatest Christians I know are people who don’t actually have a faith system that they believe … Continue reading

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Things that Seem Unfair in Salvation Theology

These types of questions come up quite often. Essentially, the questions are based on a comparison between what Catholic salvation theology teaches versus what seems fair. And the answer, typically, is that it does seem unfair, and would be unfair, … Continue reading

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A Catholic Statement on Salvation

ONE I affirm that the state of grace is absolutely necessary at the moment of death; without it, salvation and supernatural happiness the beatific vision of God — are impossible. I deny that the state of grace is unavailable to … Continue reading

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All Salvation is Through Christ and His Church

I would like to call the reader’s attention to this talk by Pope Saint John Paul II: All Salvation Comes through Christ (General Audience — May 31, 1995). This concise discussion of salvation works as a summary of my understanding … Continue reading

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Cardinal Burke’s Error on Truth and Authority

Catholic News Agency reports: What Cardinal Burke really said about ‘resisting’ Pope Francis. “I simply affirmed that it is always my sacred duty to defend the truth of the Church’s teaching and discipline regarding marriage,” Cardinal Burke told CNA Feb. … Continue reading

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Will Pope Francis teach on Salvation this November?

Rome Reports: Pope Francis may travel to Bangladesh and Myanmar in November. Those two nations have very few Christians. Myanmar is 90% Buddhist, while Bangladesh is 90% Muslim. Concerning the Muslim minority in Myanmar, Pope Francis (Feb 2017) stated: “They … Continue reading

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CDF Prefect Ladaria on Universalism

In his book “Jesus Christ, Salvation of All”, Archbishop Luis F. Ladaria presents his private reflections on salvation, especially on the role of Christ in the salvation of everyone. Ladaria was recently appointed by Pope Francis as the prefect of … Continue reading

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Catholic Doctrine or the Heresy of Universalism?

Of the following theological positions, which is sound Catholic doctrine on salvation and which is the heresy of universalism? A. The universality of salvation means that it is granted not only to those who explicitly believe in Christ and have … Continue reading

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Who is in the State of Grace?

Only God can see the soul, and know who is in the state of grace, and who is not. However, in some cases, we can know with the certitude of human knowledge, not absolute certitude, who is in the state … Continue reading


My Position on Salvation Theology

1. Everyone who dies in the state of grace goes to Heaven, either directly or by way of Purgatory. This is already the infallible teaching of the Church. The criterion for who is saved is nothing other than dying in … Continue reading

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The Three Types of Limbo in Catholic Salvation Theology

The term “limbo” is used in three different ways: 1. limbo as a fringe or upper level of Hell 2. limbo as a fringe or upper level of Purgatory 3. limbo as a third final destination, that is not part … Continue reading

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How Christians should regard Muslims and Islam

All Christians are not the same. A wide range of beliefs is held and lived by various persons who call themselves Christian. And among Catholics, a wide diversity of beliefs and practices is also found. So when we consider Muslims … Continue reading

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Some People do not want to be in the State of Grace

To have eternal happiness in Heaven, a human person must die in the state of grace. The state of grace always includes the theological virtues of love, faith, and hope. So we can say that the state of grace is … Continue reading

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How Anyone can be Forgiven by God

If you truly selflessly love others, then you are already forgiven by God for all sins. True selfless love of others always includes, at least implicitly, a rejection of all that is known by conscience to be gravely immoral. True … Continue reading

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Common Heresies on Salvation Theology

The Roman Catholic Magisterium has many definitive teachings on salvation, which have been taught by Ecumenical Councils, or Popes, or the ordinary and universal Magisterium. And yet common opinions on the same topic persist among the faithful, in contradiction to … Continue reading

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Salvation Theology and “The Good Place”

“The Good Place” is an NBC sitcom, aptly described on the show’s official website in these words: “The show follows Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell, “House of Lies,” “Veronica Mars”), an ordinary woman who enters the afterlife and, thanks to some … Continue reading

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The Range of Opinions on How Many Are Saved

My understanding of Catholic teaching has led me to the conclusion that the majority of human persons go to Heaven, and only a small percentage of persons end up in Hell. See my book: Forgiveness and Salvation for Everyone or … Continue reading

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