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Can A Pope Go To Hell?

Certainly a Cardinal, Bishop, priest, deacons, monk, nun, or any layperson can possibly die unrepentant from actual mortal sin and suffer eternal punishment in Hell. It is the teaching of the Church that not all Christians will reach eternal life … Continue reading

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Papal Infallibility and the Canonization of Saints

Currently, it is the opinion of a majority of Catholic theologians that the canonization of Saints by the Pope is an exercise of papal infallibility. The Congregation for the Causes of the Saints (CCS) supports this opinion. And some Bishops … Continue reading


Who can be elected Pope?

Fr. Z.’s comments on who can be elected Pope are here. He has some good points. I’ll give a similar but more expansive answer. The Pope is the Bishop of Rome; he is the head of the college of Bishops, … Continue reading


Pope Francis: orthodox liberal

Pope Francis is a type of Catholic that many conservatives think does not exist: orthodox and yet liberal. I look forward to reading his first encyclical. The encyclical on faith was written almost entirely by Pope emeritus Benedict. This providentially … Continue reading


Kelly Bowring and Maria Divine Mercy

One particular Catholic author, Kelly Bowring, has recently published a book supporting the claimed messaged of “Maria Divine Mercy”. His book, The Great Battle Has Begun, quotes from the messages of “Maria Divine Mercy” many times. Each time Bowring treats … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ motto: pitiable yet chosen

Pope Francis has chosen a motto along with a coat of arms. The motto is in Latin: “miserando atque eligendo”. There is some dispute among commentators as to what the motto means and how it should be translated. I agree … Continue reading

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My eschatology writings

If you are still interested in my speculative eschatology, despite my errors in past predictions (e.g. that the next Pope would be Arinze as Pius XIII), these are the works I would recommend to you: 1. An Eschatological Commentary on … Continue reading


Is Pope Francis I the pope called Peter the Roman?

The next Pope after Pope Benedict XVI is Pope Francis I. He is a valid and true Pope over the one holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. But is he the pope prophesied by St. Malachy under the phrase: “Peter the … Continue reading


An American Pope? Not a Chance.

The Cardinals know that they cannot elect a Cardinal or Bishop from the United States to be the next Pope. Even if they wanted to do so — which they don’t — they cannot. They don’t want to do so, … Continue reading


How Will The Cardinals Vote?

Some Cardinals are considered “liberal” and others are considered “conservative”. However, the term liberal, when applied to a Roman Catholic Cardinal is a far cry from the use of the term in secular politics. A “liberal” Cardinal is still against … Continue reading