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Did Pope Adrian VI say “in truth, many Roman Pontiffs were heretics”? Not as Pope.

One of my long-time commentators to this blog asked this question in my Christmas Time Q&A: “Pope Adrian VI (1522-1523) writes : “It is beyond question that a Pope can err in matters of faith, and even teach heresy… I … Continue reading

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Can Popes be Heretics?

No. The First Vatican Council infallibly taught that each valid Roman Pontiff has the gift of truth and a never failing faith. Therefore, each and every valid Pope is preserved from all grave failures of faith, including apostasy, heresy, and … Continue reading

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Open Letter to the Papal Accusers

You have accused Pope Francis of propagating heresy, of teaching material heresy, and some of you have accused him of the canonical delict of formal heresy. You have also accused Pope Francis of idolatry and of syncretism. The meaning of … Continue reading

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Vatican I taught that no Pope can teach heresy or be a heretic

First Vatican Council: Tanner translation: “This gift of truth and never-failing faith was therefore divinely conferred on Peter and his successors in this see so that they might discharge their exalted office for the salvation of all, and so that … Continue reading

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What If a Manifest Heretic of Low Character were elected as Roman Pontiff?

Suppose that a man of low morals and poor character, a fallen away Catholic who uses religion for his own exaltation, wishes to be Roman Pontiff. He is willing to sin gravely to obtain that position. He finds himself unable … Continue reading

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A Prophecy from Mary about a Future Antipope

and a rebuke of shameful behavior by the visionary, Pedro Regis, who received the true prophecy. Here is a link to an interview by a priest with visionary Pedro Regis. I believe that the messages to Pedro Regis from the … Continue reading

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What Bellarmine Really Said on Heretical Popes

In a recent article, Bishop Schneider makes a false claim about Bellarmine: St. Robert Bellarmine’s opinion is that “a pope who is a manifest heretic, ceases in himself to be Pope and head, just as he ceases in himself to … Continue reading

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Questions and Answers on Popes and Heresy

* Can the Catholic Church ever go astray, lead astray, or become corrupt or untrustworthy? No. It is a dogma taught by the Ecumenical Councils and the ordinary and universal Magisterium that the Church is indefectible. The Church as an … Continue reading

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Can An Ecumenical Council correct the Roman Pontiff?

No, per the dogma of Vatican I: “Since the Roman Pontiff, by the divine right of the Apostolic Primacy, governs the whole Church, we likewise teach and declare that he is the Supreme Judge of the faithful, and that in … Continue reading

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Arguments against Papal Faith: Peter

The First Vatican Council taught the dogma that each Roman Pontiff has the divine charism of a never-failing faith. This dogma has been rejected by the opponents of Pope Francis, the papal accusers. For they accuse him of having failed … Continue reading

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