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Response to the Protest against Idolatry part 1

The name of the document is Contra Recentia Sacrilegia (Protest against Pope Francis’s sacrilegious acts). The accusation is essentially idolatry, not merely or only the lesser but still grave offense of sacrilege. This article responds to the claims. A. Dogmatic … Continue reading

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The Papal Accusers have No Path Back to the Church

They have already accused Pope Francis of teaching heresy and even apostasy. They have utterly rejected Francis as Teacher and Shepherd, as true Roman Pontiff, along with all his teachings. When Pope Francis approves of ordained women deacons, they will … Continue reading

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Reply to a False Argument On Papal Heresy

Argument: 1. All men have free will. 2. The individual elected to the papacy is a man and remains a man even after ascending to his office. 3. Therefore the pope has free will. 4. Heresy is an act of … Continue reading

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Why The Papal Accusers Can’t Be Right

1. They say Pope Francis taught material heresy and other grave errors on doctrine and discipline. This claim is itself heresy as it contradicts the dogma that the Pope has immunity from error. See the Teachings here. 2. They say … Continue reading

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This Simple Faithful Defense of Pope Francis

1. The Indefectibility of the Church It is a dogma of the faith that the Church is indefectible. Any proposal or claim or narrative which contradicts this dogma is certainly false. It does not matter what the claim is, nor … Continue reading


Summary of Reasons for Trusting Pope Francis

1. As per Saint Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church, even if a conclave were invalid in electing a putative Pope, he becomes the validly elected Roman Pontiff when he is accepted by the body of Bishops as Roman Pontiff. … Continue reading


They sin gravely who insult the Pope

Is an insult only a venial sin? Often it would be. But if the insult is said to anyone with malice, it is an actual mortal sin, no matter how slightly worded. Malice is always objectively grave, as it is … Continue reading

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Can the Church be subject to Infiltration by Satan? No!

The premise of the book Infiltration by Taylor Marshall is that the gates of Hell have prevailed against the Church, in doctrine and discipline, since the pontificate of Pope Pius XII, through the Second Vatican Council, and most fully in … Continue reading

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How To Recognize Schismatics, Heretics, Apostates, Blasphemers

A heretic is someone who obstinately doubts or obstinately denies a formal dogma. And formal dogmas are the truths of divine revelation (Tradition and Scripture) taught infallibly by the Roman Catholic Magisterium under Papal Infallibility, or Conciliar Infallibility, or the … Continue reading

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Children Harassing a Priest in the Confessional

This is a true. Many years ago, I was in an old stone church for confession on Saturday, and as I sat in the pews (before or afterward?), I saw a couple of children sitting near one of the booths. … Continue reading


Which are the Sheep and Which are the Wolves?

I saw a tall shepherd walking across the face of the earth. He was the chief shepherd, and almost all of the other shepherds followed and obeyed him. And because the other shepherds, as a body, followed and obeyed, I … Continue reading

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The Papal Accusers have Usurped the Gifts of the Pope and the Bishops

1. Dogma: The Church is indefectible. The Church can never go astray. She can never lead anyone astray. She can never become corrupt. She can never be controlled by, nor led by evil or the devil. She can never teach … Continue reading

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These Condemned Errors sound like the Papal Accusers

In the 15th century, the Council of Constance (1414-1418) condemned the errors of Jan Hus. Many of these errors seem entirely consonant with the words and/or behavior of the modern-day papal accusers. Let’s review some of the condemned errors and … Continue reading

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