Questions for the Papal Accusers

A. How can Pope Francis — the successor of Peter, the Roman pontiff, the Prince of the Apostles, the true vicar of Christ, the Head of the whole Church, the father and teacher of all Christian people — be guilty of heresy, apostasy, and idolatry, when the Church is indefectible?
[Pastor Aeternus, chap. 4, n. 2]

If the head of the Church had defected, then the Church herself would have defected. And clearly the body of Bishops supports the Pope, as few have spoken out against him. So if the head had gone astray and the body follows the head, then the Church would have gone astray — which is impossible. Therefore, neither Francis nor the body of Bishops has defected in faith, nor in doctrine or discipline.

B. How can Pope Francis be guilty of heresy, apostasy, and idolatry, when the First Vatican Council taught that every Roman Pontiff has the charism of truth and a never-failing faith?
[Pastor Aeternus, chap. 4, n. 7]

Are you rejecting the First Vatican Council as well as the Second? Or are you saying that Francis is not a valid Roman Pontiff? But is he is not a valid Pope, how do you explain that the body of Bishops has accepted him? The body accepting a false head would mean the Church had defected, which is contrary to the promise and teaching of Jesus. So he must be valid.

C. How can any person or group — such as the signatories of the various public expressions against Pope Francis — judge the Roman Pontiff to be guilty of heresy, apostasy, and idolatry, when Church teaching and law states: “The First See is judged by no one”?
[CIC 1404; Leo IX, In Terra Pax Hominibus; Boniface VIII, Unam Sanctam, 7-8]

And if you claim to not be judging the Pope, your words belie your actions: public pronouncements signed by many persons claiming a negative judgment against the Pope.

D. If Pope Francis is guilty of heresy, apostasy, and/or idolatry, is he not automatically excommunicated and therefore no longer the valid Roman Pontiff and Successor of Peter?

E. Most importantly, IF Pope Francis is guilty of apostasy, heresy, idolatry and other grave sins and errors, why do you still attend Mass at churches which acknowledge Francis as the Vicar of Christ? Why do you still receive Communion, when you are not in fact in communion with the Church led by Francis?

F. Is Pope Francis the one true valid Roman Pontiff, or not? If a Pope commits apostasy, heresy or idolatry, is he cut off from the Church and no longer Pope, or does he retain his See? How can you profess to be a member of a Church, whose Head you have rejected?

Stop wavering and make a decision. Is Pope Francis the valid Roman Pontiff or not?


Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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5 Responses to Questions for the Papal Accusers

  1. sircliges says:

    Yes, he is the valid Pontiff. That doesn’t necessarily imply he is right on everything.

    If you allow me to reply, I can answer to the Questions.

  2. louisdemontfort says:

    Excellent post. Thank you.

  3. louisdemontfort says:

    It is a source of sadness to me that so many of the Papal accusers show a complete lack of humility and charity when criticising Pope Francis. I am grateful to Ron Conte for his faithful witness to our Holy Father who is a kind, caring Father to us all. Please stop all the criticism of Pope Francis. We owe him much more respect as the valid successor of Peter.

  4. Alex says:

    The papal accusers don’t search logical arguments, even less arguments based on theology. They base their accusations on what is not dogma but subculture of old times. Ultimately, they want to find their antichrist today.

    Ron, you explain in the previous long post of the antichrist that he is not now. But if he is, he will not come via the way of liberal views, because it will be too obvious. He will come via the way of ultra conservative traditional and religious views, because that is the only way to “seduce even the elect ones if possible”. The non elect ones don’t need special efforts to be seduced. And paradoxically, those fanatics who believe they are the so called remnant church, would and will bow before him when the time comes, thinking they serve God’s appointed man. As Jesus refers for the last times, ‘whoever kills you will think he makes service to God.’

    All the wonderful devotions that they follow, many coming from apparitions, are of course great to follow. I do some of them too. But if they are not followed by the heart and spirit, if the love that Jesus shows through them remains in the enclosed words and does not spread to the people those fanatics meet everyday, and as culmination in their attitude towards the pope and the majority of bishops, then all those perfect devotions remain useless for them. Maybe they will get the grace of final repentance after passing through fire, as St Paul said for those who build not on Christ but on their own preaching.

    Once Marija of Medjugorje said, our biggest mistake will be if we become “Medjugorians”. Well, now we have a cult that can take a name like “Latinists” or you name it. Not Medjugorians, because for many of them Medjugorje is too much open grace to all.

    How about the earth that St John Paul II was kissing in a plate everytime he stepped in another country? Idolatry to mother earth too? If tomorrow pope Francis reads from the long encyclicals of St John Paul II that contain many innovative points, and doesn’t say he quotes, they will accuse them no less. If it was not pope Francis Bergoglio but Maradiaga or Sherer or Schoenborn, it would be just the same or even worse. What a sinister work of the devil to detach the most practicing people in their egoism and pride and to make them useless salt that has lost its strength and is not good for anything.

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