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E. Christian Brugger’s Grave Error on Papal Authority

In a public statement earlier this year, theologian E. Christian Brugger issued an Open Appeal, which called on all Catholic Bishops to oppose, undermine, and contradict Pope Francis. By this public act, Brugger committed formal schism, the refusal of submission … Continue reading

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You Don’t Understand How Heresy Works

Material heresy is an idea that contradicts a truth which must be believed with divine and catholic faith. Formal heresy is the sin of the person who adheres to material heresy. Formal heresy is a knowing and deliberate choice to … Continue reading

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We are Living in the Midst of Heresy and Schism

What would it be like, as faithful Catholic Christians, to live during the time of the Arian heresy? It is said that very many persons fell into this error, including many Bishops. More than a few local Councils supported its … Continue reading

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Canon 915: Teachers of Heresy may not receive Communion

Canon 915 says nothing about divorce and remarriage, explicitly. It forbids ministers to give Communion to persons obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin. It is interpreted to apply to the divorced and remarried, if they are in the situation where … Continue reading

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Germain Grisez justifies many direct abortions

In his book, ‘The Way of the Lord Jesus’, Roman Catholic moral theologian Germain Grisez openly rejects magisterial teaching against direct abortion to save the life of the mother. And he approves of partial birth abortions. Grisez claims that it … Continue reading

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Heresies taught by some conservative Catholic teachers

A partial list, in no particular order: Heresy 1: the claim that when confessing all the mortal sins that can be remembered, in kind and number, a penitent may omit confessing and even considering the number, because there are “exceptions” … Continue reading

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Dr. Ed Peters’ heretical position on Contraception

There is more than one way to assert a heresy. The simplest way is to directly contradict an infallible magisterial teaching. But another way is to substantially distort an infallible magisterial teaching. That latter form of heresy is what I’m … Continue reading

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Untenable Theories on Adam and Eve

There are several theories on Adam and Eve, held and promoted by various Catholics (mostly online), which are contrary to, or substantially incompatible with, definitive magisterial teaching. But let’s begin with what we must believe, as faithful Catholic Christians, about … Continue reading

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Teachers of Heresy are Not Worthy to receive Communion

Under both Canon 915 (external forum) and Canon 916 (internal forum), Catholics who teach heresy should not receive Communion. If Canon 915 is to be applied in the strict manner preferred by many papal critics, then it cannot be applied … Continue reading

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Reply to the Seven Accusations of Heresy

The Foolish Correction accuses Pope Francis of propagating seven heresies. This article will consider each claimed heresy, to see whether it is heresy and if so, whether Pope Francis has propagated each one. Introduction This section therefore contains the Correctio … Continue reading

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Dogma, Distortions, and Heresy

Over at Canon Law Blog, Dr. Ed Peters states that the teaching of the Magisterium condemning contraception as intrinsically evil is infallible under the ordinary and universal Magisterium (About That Humanae Vitae Rumor). Then he badly misstates the infallible teaching, … Continue reading

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On Lying, Mass Murder, and Heresy

[1] Deacon Jim Russell wrote an article, titled Combatants, Non-Combatants, and Double Effect, published August 10, 2017 at Crisis Magazine. [2] My article is here: Response to Deacon Jim Russell on Combatants and Double Effect, with a follow-up titled: A … Continue reading

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