Heresies taught by some conservative Catholic teachers

A partial list, in no particular order:

Heresy 1: the claim that when confessing all the mortal sins that can be remembered, in kind and number, a penitent may omit confessing and even considering the number, because there are “exceptions” to the dogma of Trent.

Heresy 2: the claim (contrary to Trent) that, in transubstantiation, the substance of the bread and of the wine is annihilated, it ceases to exist, it returns to nothing. And then the body, blood, soul, and Divinity of Christ takes its place via “multilocation”.

Heresy 3: the claim that only baptized Christians, and no one else, are children of God by supernatural adoption. []

Heresy 4: that the souls in the limbo of Hell have perfect natural happiness, despite suffering the chief punishment of Hell (deprivation of the Beatific Vision and all its benefits) and despite lacking the state of grace.

Heresy 5: that an intrinsically evil act may be justified by an intention or circumstance, or that intention or circumstances can transform the act to be no longer intrinsically evil.

Heresy 6: limited inerrancy, the claim that the Bible is only inerrant in parts that teach on faith and morals, or in parts that were written for the sake of our salvation, and not also in matters of history, physical science, and all other matters on which assertions are made.

Heresy 7: that matrimony ratified, but not consummated, is not dissolved by the solemn profession of Religion by either spouse.

Heresy 8: that Adam is not a real historical person, who sinned in Paradise, and who subsequently was placed on earth, or that all human persons are not his descendants.

Heresy 9: that contraception is only intrinsically evil within a valid marriage, or that the Magisterium has no teaching on the immorality of contraception outside of marriage, or that direct abortion is always moral when the life of the mother is in danger.

Heresy 10: that the Virgin Mary, at her Immaculate Conception, was preserved free from inheriting the stain of original sin in her soul only, and not also original sin as it affects the body.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic theologian and translator of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible.

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2 Responses to Heresies taught by some conservative Catholic teachers

  1. Tom Mazanec says:

    Re: heresy 6
    Didn’t the vast majority of Catholics until 1820 believe in Geocentrism, based on the Bible?

  2. Mark P. says:

    Geocentrism as far as I can tell was never taught as a matter to be held by the faithful. Plenty of people still got to heaven living with the belief that the sun revolved around the earth. What passages of Scripture can you cite that explicitly teach that the earth is motionless? The passages that many geocentrists use ( such as “the sun stood still”) were stretched to accommodate a believe in the theory. But those passages were taken from the perception of the sacred human writers at the time even though we know they are figurative now. #6 above addresses other issues. Some theologians, both liberal and conservative, will make the case that there is such a thing as original sin, but that it is more of a common predisposition to sin inherent in humanity, and not the consequence of an actual first sin committed by an actual set of first parents. So they try to uphold inerrancy of Scripture by maintaining the doctrine of original sin, but eliminating its true revealed origin as having been committed by Adam and Eve.

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