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Are the Divorced and Remarried Saved?

There has been much controversy about whether divorced and remarried persons should be permitted to receive Communion. By divorced and remarried, we mean: 1. a person who has a previous marriage, 2. to a person still living, 3. which seem … Continue reading

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If the Warning is difficult for you…

…repent from your past sins, resolve to love others and avoid grave wrong doing. Then wait patiently for the Consolation, on Easter Sunday. The Consolation will take away the burden of sorrow for all who truly repented at the Warning … Continue reading

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Divine Mercy Sunday indulgence

The Divine Mercy Sunday indulgence is a special type of plenary indulgence by which all sins are forgiven and all punishment due for those sins is remitted (wiped away). To obtain the indulgence: 1. Go to Confession within about 20 … Continue reading

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The path to Heaven

Everyone who truly selflessly loves others is forgiven for all their sins. The path to Heaven: (1) Love others selflessly, (2) follow your own conscience, (3) regret the things you’ve done wrong in your life.

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