The path to Heaven

Everyone who truly selflessly loves others is forgiven for all their sins.

The path to Heaven:
(1) Love others selflessly,
(2) follow your own conscience,
(3) regret the things you’ve done wrong in your life.

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6 Responses to The path to Heaven

  1. matt z. says:

    It may be “A” path to heaven but it is not “The” path to heaven. The best and safest path is through the Catholic Church, and in the end will be the only path. Not to mention we are called to love others for the sake of God. So in the end if a person did live the way you say and did enter heaven it would be that they loved God by doing those things even if unintentionally. Just my 2 cents. Also they would enter heaven through the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church!

    • Ron Conte says:

      There is only one path to Heaven, love. But people walk that path in many different ways. If you love your neighbor, you love Christ, at least implicitly. If you love your neighbor, you are in the state of grace and are therefore a member of the Church, at least implicitly (a non-formal member).

  2. R. P. Rajkumar says:

    Doesn’t this open the way to a soft Universalism, no matter how you slice it?

    The Church first opened the Pandora’s Box of allowing a little elbow room in the Dogma of Salvation in the 19th century, and we’re still suffering from the effects.

    • Ron Conte says:

      It is not universalism, since not everyone loves their neighbor selflessly. There are many Church teachings, in the Bible and prior to the 19th century, supporting the idea that non-Catholics and non-Christians can be saved. See my book: Forgiveness and Salvation for Everyone

    • Matt z. says:

      In my opinion if you put these comments out there it would be prudent to be clear. Taking only what Ron said by itself makes it look like there is no need for evangelization, conversion, or becoming Catholic. Also, it would be wise to include that if someone knows the Catholic Church to be the true Church but fails to enter it, that person sins gravely. I do like the fact Ron is stressing the importance of a real definition of love (although I would include love of neighbor for the sake of God.) Today so many, even from the pulpit, talk about a love that is communism, socialism, and liberation theology…..a love that doesn’t care about a persons spiritual good. Thus we love someone with same sex attraction only to go to extremes to change the definition of marriage and which destroys society and makes God angry.

  3. Bezader says:

    Matt z.on
    I agree whit your comments

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