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Over 100 Million Abortions Occur Worldwide Each Year

China Alone A 2014 study published in Reproductive Health Matters found that, of women in China age 20 to 49, from the year 1970 to 2010, the lowest yearly rate of abortion was 18.0% in 2001.[1] According to United Nations … Continue reading

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Catholic Hypocrisy on the Contraceptive Mandate

This issue was put on hold by the election of U.S. President Donald Trump. “In 2017, the Trump administration issued a ruling letting insurers and employers refuse to provide birth control if doing so went against their ‘religious beliefs’ or … Continue reading

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Can a faithful Catholic have sex with a Spouse who is using Contraception?

See the article at

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What Does Jimmy Akin teach on Contraception?

Initially, Akin taught the correction position on contraception, that its use is intrinsically evil and always gravely immoral, even outside marriage. In 2004, Akin simply taught that contraception is a grave sin: “The sinfulness of contraception has been infallibly proposed … Continue reading

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What Percentage of Conceptions are Lost Naturally?

Even for a healthy young couple trying to conceive a child, there is a natural rate of loss after conception (after fertilization). What percentage of conceived prenatals are lost, and therefore do not result in a live birth? Terminology: prenatal … Continue reading

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Which is Worse: Condoms or Abortifacients?

Which is Worse: Condoms or Abortifacients? The answer should be obvious, the use of abortifacients is more gravely immoral than the use of condoms because the former has both contraceptive and abortive moral objects, as well as the harm of … Continue reading

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Janet E. Smith’s hypocrisy on Humanae Vitae

Her article at is here: McCarrick, dissent from ‘Humanae vitae’, and the ‘sensus fidelium’. It contains two stunning hypocrisies. Hypocrisy 1 Janet E. Smith repeatedly decries the “dissent from Humanae vitae” that is causing harm to the Church in … Continue reading

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May a Catholic Wife use Abortifacient Contraception to Prevent Cancer?

Did you know that the use of chemical contraceptives can decrease a woman’s risk of ovarian cancer? The risk reduction for women who have ever used the oral contraceptive pill (OCP) versus never-users is 27%. And the risk reduction for … Continue reading

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7 Rejected Teachings of Humanae Vitae

Humanae Vitae has become a flag that conservative Catholics wave, as an empty symbol of their conservatism. For they do not accept its teaching. Not really. They ignore or radically reinterpret whatever teachings it contains that they dislike. Here is … Continue reading

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Contraception does not destroy the Unitive or Marital meanings

A set of heresies is being propagated on the topic of contraception and sexual ethics by unfaithful Catholic teachers. Previously, I wrote about the heresy claiming that contraception only applies to a valid marriage. Today, I address the claim that … Continue reading

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The Betrayers of Humanae Vitae

A battle for the soul of Catholic Christian morality is underway. And the true teachings of the faith are losing ground. The enemy is within our own ranks. Heretical Catholic teachers are spreading grave moral errors, under the guise of … Continue reading

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Two Versions of Church Teaching on Contraception

Version A: Contraception is intrinsically evil and gravely immoral, regardless of marital state. It is any act which deprives sexual intercourse of its procreative finality (i.e. its openness to life), regardless of whether the persons engaging in sex are married … Continue reading

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