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On Communion for Pro-abortion Politicians, Heretics, and Schismatics

The Roman Pontiff has the full authority given by Christ to Peter and his successors. He does not have that authority only when the faithful or the Bishops are in agreement with him, but rather at all times unconditionally. That … Continue reading

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On Catholics who Claim Orthodoxy in Opposition to the Roman Pontiff

There’s a very telling post at Fr. John Zuhlsdorf’s blog: Cri de Coeur: “What next?” After which, Fr. Z rants. An unnamed reader complains to Fr. Z., saying: “I am starting to feel like Jonah, who complained that God took … Continue reading

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The Council of Trent on the form of the Mass

Council of Trent Chapter IV On the Canon of the Mass “And since it is fitting that Holy things be administered in a holy manner, and out of all things this sacrifice is the most holy, [and] so that it … Continue reading

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Pope Francis: “They are the work of the devil.”

Pope Francis commented on “a large Catholic television channel” that speaks ill of the Pope. Clearly EWTN fits this description. And even if it were the case that the Pope had some other Network in mind, EWTN still fits the … Continue reading

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19 of the top 20 American Christian Facebook Pages are by Troll Farms

Here is the story at This is entirely believable. And it highlights a problem within Christianity (and Catholicism), that many persons just want to hear opinions that echo their own ideas and understanding. They do not want to be … Continue reading

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Pope Saint Paul VI rebukes the Traditionalists (part 2)

This second text is from Pope Saint Paul VI’s letter to archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. It reads as if it were written today to address those supporters of the TLM who reject Traditionis Custodes, who oppose Pope Francis and Vatican II, … Continue reading

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Pope Saint Paul VI rebukes the Traditionalists on the TLM (part 1)

This first talk is from 1976, and yet it reads as if it were written today, and as if it were written to those who rebel against Pope Francis and reject his decisions in Traditionis Custodes. Consistory for the Appointment … Continue reading

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How the Bishops Voted at Vatican II

See this article on Dave Armstrong’s blog here. For the 17 documents of Vatican II, most were approved by 99% or more of the Bishops voting. The highest percentage of Bishops voting “No” on any document was 7.7% on the … Continue reading

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Miracle of Liquification of the Blood of St. Januarius

Here’s an article on the subject. Tomorrow, September 19th, is one of three days when the blood of St. Januarius, an early 4th century martyr, liquifies miraculously. He is a good Saint for general prayers of intercession and assistance, especially … Continue reading

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The Ecumenical Council Failure Heresy

An article at New Liturgical Movement, titled: Lessons from a Failed Council and a Failed Reform essentially asks, as Fr. Z. phrases the question: “Can Ecumenical Councils ever be failures?” Certain types of articles are cropping up on conservative and … Continue reading

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Fr. John Zuhlsdorf approves the use of Fake Vaccine Cards

ASK FATHER: Is it sinful to make or use fake papers, vaccine passports, or false documents? Posted on 15 September 2021 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf The question is posed to Fr. Z.: “Is it sinful to make or use fake … Continue reading

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The indefectibility of the Church, the Pope, and the body of Bishops

The Church is indefectible. She can never fail, nor lead astray, nor be led astray. She can never lose the four marks of Her character as a Church: one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. And She will always have a succession … Continue reading

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