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Is Our Lady Hinting about the Next Encyclical?

Is Our Lady of Anguera Hinting about the Next Encyclical? Here is the message of September 8th from the Blessed Virgin Mary to the visionary Pedro Regis: “You are heading for a future of great trials. Men and women of … Continue reading

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Human Fraternity tells us what All Brothers will teach

And the papal accusers are going to flip their lids. They are going to hit the roof. Steam will come out of their ears, like in the cartoons. Human Fraternity: “In conclusion, our aspiration is that: this Declaration may constitute … Continue reading

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Why is the Encyclical Called “All Brothers”, a non-inclusive term?

Whence the Title? Is it because Pope Francis is very conservative, and so he avoids inclusive language? Noooooo. Is it because Pope Francis is trolling the liberal media, just trying to get a rise out of them? Ye–Noooooo. Is it … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Papal Encyclical “All Brothers”

On October 3rd, in Assisi, Pope Francis is scheduled to sign a new encyclical, which for the time being is called “All Brothers”. We do not know what the Latin title will be. Perhaps the title is taken from the … Continue reading

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My Critique of Fr. James Altman

NOTE: Comments are now closed on this post. There’s just too much malice and too little regard for the teaching of Jesus coming from Altman’s supporters. I happened upon the video in this manner. First, I saw a news story, … Continue reading

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New Papal Encyclical “All Brothers” on themes from Human Fraternity

The encyclical will be signed by Pope Francis on October 3rd at Assisi. The same city where John Paul II met with and prayed with the leaders of a plurality of religions. This is THE encyclical that will force the … Continue reading

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Father Michel Rodrigue: True or False Prophecies?

False. His prophecies, supposedly from heaven, have been wrong time after time. This is substantially different from speculative eschatology, where one proposes an opinion and it is wrong. Fr. Rodrigue has claims that these messages are from heaven, and if … Continue reading

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Covid-19 Predicted U.S. Deaths for Sept. 2020 thru June 2021

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My previously published estimate for U.S. Covid deaths in August was off from the actual number, off by less than one percent. The total U.S. deaths from Covid-19 for the 4 months of Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec. based on … Continue reading

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Conditions for Papal Infallibility do not include Truth

What I mean by that title is that the criteria for a statement to fall under Papal Infallibility (PI) do not include an opportunity for the faithful to evaluate the statement, decide if it is true or false, material dogma … Continue reading

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Peer-reviewed RCT Finds that Vitamin D reduces Risk of ICU admission

Actually, the study found that vitamin D reduces risk that a hospitalized Covid-19 patient will need ICU admission. Reduction in severity of disease and in risk of death is suggested by the study. The study implies that this treatment could … Continue reading

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God positively wills the plurality and diversity of Religion

During the Apostolic Journey of His Holiness Pope Francis to the United Arab Emirates (3-5 FEBRUARY 2019), the Pontiff signed the following: “A Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together,” which is often called simply “Human Fraternity”. … Continue reading

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My Prediction for Covid-19 Deaths in August was Spot On. Winter Will Be Much Worse

My prediction for the number of U.S. deaths from Covid-19 in August was: 30,798 deaths. The actual number turned out to be 30,961 deaths. I was off by less than one percent. For number of monthly cases, the actual number … Continue reading

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