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U.S. Presidential Election: Possible Outcomes

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The map below is one possible outcome. I’ll use it to discuss a range of different election outcome scenarios. Right now, Biden has just this a.m. pulled ahead in Wisconsin and Michigan, and he maintains his lead in Nevada. He … Continue reading

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Carlo Vigano’s Latest attack on the Church and the Pope

The Catholic Church is one, holy, catholic (meaning universal) and Apostolic. Is the true Church this one, over here, or that one, over there? She is universal, and so cannot be found only in scattered remnants of the faithful. She … Continue reading

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Now is not the Apocalypse, yet we have Covid-19

We have not yet entered into the End Times, the first part of the tribulation. And one of the sufferings of that time is the fourth horseman, which is death by a variety of causes, including disease (epidemics, pandemics). But … Continue reading


Who Are The Freemasons Of Today? Vigano, Schneider, Taylor, etc.

Literal freemasons pose no threat to the Church today. They have not had substantial power in society for a long time. The real threat is figurative freemasons, those who wish to chip away at and replace the Stones of the … Continue reading

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Choose: Mandatory Vaccine, Mandatory Shutdown, Mandatory Vitamin D

UPDATE: already this article’s predictions for cases and deaths is out-of-date. I’ll be writing a new post on the topic. The last week saw an increase of 250,000 more cases than the previous weekly total. If this continues, November will … Continue reading

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Plenary Indulgence Available Every Day in November

See the plenary indulgence on visiting a cemetery or a church during November or on all souls day here: The Enchiridion of Indulgences These plenary indulgences have been extended to every day in November. Details are found here at … Continue reading

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Archbishop Vigano does not believe Francis is the valid Pope

“Archbishop” Vigano does not believe Francis is the valid Pope. He has made this abundantly clear from his many public expressions. He thinks that Francis has committed apostasy, that he is the head only of an anti-church and exercises only … Continue reading

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Simple Question: Does Carlo Vigano believe non-Catholics are saved?

Here’s the Second Letter of Vigano to President Trump. It is rather strange for the far right in Catholicism to praise President Trump with such lack of restraint, putting him above the Roman Pontiff, calling the Pope evil and appealing … Continue reading

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Glen Greenwald’s full unedited article on Joe and Hunter Biden

Here it is in full and unedited, Glen Greenwald’s Substack Blog post of his article on Joe and Hunter Biden, which the Intercept Editors refused to publish — in direct contradiction to Greenwald’s employment contract giving him editorial and publication … Continue reading

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Vigano denies the Apostolic nature of the Church

The one holy Catholic Church is Apostolic. She is only that Church led by the successors of Peter and the successors of the other Apostles, the body of Bishops. The Church can never be a remnant of self-proclaimed “faithful” who … Continue reading

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My Covid-19 Predictions for this Winter

Past Predictions First: For August My prediction for the number of U.S. deaths from Covid-19 in August was: 30,798 deaths. The actual number turned out to be 30,961 deaths. I was off by less than one percent. For number of … Continue reading


Every Election Scenario: U.S. President November 2020 Election

1. Biden wins on election night. They have enough mail-in votes counted. It’s a Biden landslide, so the uncounted Mail-ins don’t matter, and they call it for Biden. * Evaluation: not likely. Too many Mail-ins, and Biden may not be … Continue reading

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