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Theological Q and A

Did Jesus literally descend to the Hell of eternal punishment or to the limbo of the Father or to Purgatory? All three. Jesus went to the gates of Hell, so that all the denizens of Hell would now know the … Continue reading

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One Consecration of the Eucharist

Whenever a priest or Bishop consecrates the Eucharist, it is really Jesus Christ who consecrates the Eucharist. But Jesus does not consecrate the Eucharist again and again. Jesus Christ consecrated the Eucharist only once, at the Last Supper. Jesus Christ … Continue reading

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Michael Voris is Ashamed of His Own Beliefs

…either that or he doesn’t know what he believes. Moreover, Mr. Voris couldn’t write a theological argument to support his position on salvation theology, or any other topic for that matter, if his job depended on it. (It doesn’t. His … Continue reading

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The Notre Dame Fire is a Sign from God

A reader messaged me on Twitter to opine that the Notre Dame fire, occurring as it did during Holy Week, was a message from God. I agree. I believe that the fire is a foreshadowing of something big that is … Continue reading

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Heresies on Salvation at the Saint Benedict Center (Richmond NH)

The Saint Benedict Center of Richmond, NH, — hereafter SBC — runs That site is not to be confused with the orthodox website SBC teaches the error of Feeneyism. The schismatic religious order at SBC is the “Slaves … Continue reading


Michael Voris supports the Saint Benedict Center

The Saint Benedict Center of Richmond, NH has been condemned by the Holy See, i.e. by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Here are some public notices from the Diocese of Manchester, NH, which has authority over the … Continue reading

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Questions for Michael Voris on EENS:

Questions for Michael Voris on EENS (Outside the Church, No Salvation) 1. Can atheists who have sufficient accurate knowledge about Christianity, are able to be baptized with water, but who decline baptism and belief in God, enter the state of … Continue reading


Michael Voris’ Grave Errors on Salvation

Voris’ latest Vortex rant is called: “The Church Is Necessary for Heaven”, and it repeats the ancient formula, “Outside the Church there is no salvation”. Those two assertions (in quotes) are true, if properly understood. And to obtain the proper … Continue reading

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The Main Problem with Bishop Barron’s “Reasonable Hope”

It is a dogma taught by several different Ecumenical Councils that some human souls go to Hell: Bishop Robert Barron on Hell: May we reasonably hope that all will be saved? Bishop Robert Barron versus the Magisterium on Hell … Continue reading

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2000th Anniversary of the Last Supper

In my speculative biblical chronology, today (April 6, 2019) is the 2000th anniversary of the Last Supper, the night before Jesus died for our Salvation. April 7 is the date of the Crucifixion, and the 9th is the date of … Continue reading


Better Church Governance is Violating Universi Dominici Gregis

and the penalty is a latae sententiae (automatic) excommunication. Pope Saint John Paul II wrote the rules governing each papal conclave in the document: Universi Dominici Gregis. Those rules are still in effect, and they include a prohibition against individuals … Continue reading

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The Miraculous Signs at Medjugorje, Garabandal, Akita, etc.

Mary promised permanent miraculous signs at Medjugorje, Garabandal, and Akita. I believe that the same signs will be at other places of true private revelation as well. What will the permanent miraculous sign be? It is something that has never … Continue reading


Please Ignore Janet Smith on the Topic of Child Abuse

Janet E. Smith, Ph.D., has a painful-to-read article on the state of the Church: God Chose You to Live at This Moment in Church History. I had to check the calendar after reading it, to see if it might be … Continue reading


The Georgia HeartBeat Abortion Law: Knowledge of Pregnancy

One of the complaints about the Georgia HeartBeat Abortion Law, which bans abortion from the time that a doctor can detect a heartbeat, is that it begins supposedly “before most women know they are pregnant”, at what the media is … Continue reading


Michael Voris: Public Formal Schism

This is part four of a four-article series. Read the previous three parts here: Part one, Part two, and Part three. Canon Law 751: “Can. 751 Heresy is the obstinate denial or obstinate doubt after the reception of baptism of … Continue reading

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Getting Answers from God

Here’s a spiritual practice I’ve been doing for a while now: * Ask a question of God in prayer * Look for the answer in the providential circumstances of your life. I’ve had many questions answered in this way. Awesome … Continue reading

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Theology Q and A

Ask a theological question.

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Will Pope Francis issue a document on Homosexuality?

The rumor is that a document is planned for April of this year. What will the Pope say on the subject? 1. One suggestion, the mildest claim, is that he will condemn the use of the death penalty against persons … Continue reading

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God Does Not Hate Anyone Or Anything

God is love by His very Nature. God is three Persons, but one Nature. As concerns the One Nature, the Godhead is entirely thoroughly One. Therefore, the Divine Nature is not divided into being and doing. God is not divided … Continue reading

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Michael Voris’ Hypocrisy on Cardinal Pell

The following are all quotes from Michael Voris: “If there is a blessing coming from all of the scandals in the Church, it’s that the wolves are being exposed for the hypocrites that they are.” [1] “What do most Catholics … Continue reading