If the Warning is Tomorrow (April 7, 2023)…

If the Warning of Garabandal is tomorrow — Good Friday, April 7th of 2023 — then it should occur at 8:51 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (i.e. the time in New York, Boston, or Miami).

This timing is based on my work in Biblical chronology, in which I determined that the time of Christ’s death on the Cross was 2:51 p.m. Jerusalem Time. The Bible states that Jesus was on the Cross from the sixth hour to the ninth hour, which is from noon to 3 p.m. by the sun. Modern times do not correspond exactly to the position of the sun, so 12:00 noon is not the same as solar noon (when the Sun is at its highest point in the sky). And the timing therefore depends upon the month and day of the Crucifixion, to determine how far away from 3:00 sun time the ninth hour would be.

Through my work in Biblical chronology, I concluded that Christ died on April 7th and rose from the dead on April 9th, since April 7th that year was the preparation day of the Passover (Nisan 14). On April 7th, the ninth hour (or 3 p.m. by the Sun) would be 2:51 p.m. Jerusalem time, which is 8:51 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

I cannot be certain if this is the year of the event called the Warning, predicted in the Marian apparitions of Garabandal. I have been wrong about the year many times in the past. But the next viable years appear to be only 2027 and 2028, which also seems to far into the future to meet other conditions for the start of this series of events.

So, we will have to wait and see.

Ronald L Conte Jr

Note that the Warning occurs everywhere on earth at the same moment, so the time on the clock will be different depending on which time zone you might be in. For example, 8:51 a.m. on the East Coast of the U.S. will be 5:51 a.m. on the West Coast of the U.S.

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15 Responses to If the Warning is Tomorrow (April 7, 2023)…

  1. Mike says:

    Hello Mr. Conte: Seer Conchita is supposed to anounce it to the world, wasn´t it?
    So far, I haven´t heard anything from her lately. Maybe I am wrong. Thanks, God bless you.

    • Ron Conte says:

      She is only supposed to announce the Miracle, 8 days in advance, not the Warning. Perhaps there is no advance notice of the Warning.

  2. Thomas Barnabas says:

    Nothing happened, and wont happen?

    • Ron Conte says:

      It looks like the Warning is not today, as 3 pm Jerusalem Standard Time has passed without the event. (Jerusalem daylight savings time does not matter as this was not in effect during Jesus’ day.)

  3. Thomas Barnabas says:

    Anyway, when will it occur, Mr Conte? Which years are possible? Or can it happen in this year yet?

    • Ron Conte says:

      At this point, I just don’t know. The years 2027 or 2028 fit my understanding of these events, but those years are also too late to fit the rest of my chronology. I suppose that the Warning could still occur this year, but on some day other than Good Friday. But I don’t have a suggestion for which day.

  4. James Belcher says:

    I still believe the Miracle will occur on the Feast Day of Blessed Imelda Lambertini. The earliest year I see now is 2027. I think just the mentioning of a Synod has greater significance than just being enacted. Pope Francis has stated 3 risks concerning the current Synod: 1. Formalism 2. Intellectualism 3. Complacency.
    The Synod has been extended into the year of 2024 and I believe there will be further interruptions and extensions.
    I understand your reasoning of the 3 blessed gifts (Warning, Consolation, Miracle) happening before the Tribulation, However, I am of the belief this can occur within the same timeframe. It now appears we will have some types of wars and civil unrest prior to the Warning & Miracle.

    • Ron Conte says:

      I don’t have a new timeline at this point. I think 2027 or 2028, the next years when the feast of Blessed Imelda falls on a Thursday (depending on how one interprets which day is the feast), are too far into the future to fit my timeline. And though I could be wrong on any number of points, I just don’t think the Warning Consolation and Miracle occur after the tribulation begins.

    • Adrian says:

      Logically, if the warning is to occur when things are at their worst, it must therefore occur well into the tribulation. Things would certainly be worse then than what they are now. I think 2027 is either the year or, as another gentleman pointed out, it will be the even numbered year 2028. 2027 could contain some horrific event or events or an escalation of persecution culminating in 2028 with the Warning. That makes most sense to me right now.

    • Thomas says:

      Miracle could happen this May?

  5. Ben says:

    Ron, it is not you who fail in your predictions. It is all of us who expect the promises in apparitions for a long time, and they don’t happen. It seems they have been delayed despite it was said their dates were fixed. Not only the Great Warning in Garabandal, but all other prophesized events. Maybe it is a time to reflect on the larger picture, including apparitions like those of Blessed Aiello (of red invasion of Rome) and others that I am sure you know quite well. Seems God didn’t disclose all in only one apparition, not even in Garabandal, Fatima or Medjugorje (Fatima doesn’t have the Great Warning, Garabandal doesn’t have 10 secrets, and sure Medjugorje is not all in one either. Even if the seers know it they won’t tell us). How would Anguera Great Sign fit in the picture, if it will be in the heaven unlike the Miracle of Garabandal and the Sign of Medjugorje? How would a couple of other Latin American apparitions fit in the large picture? Why would Edson Glauber be blessed by the local bishop (correct me if wrong).

    [I deleted a short section with YouTube link. Please be careful what you link to.]

    I think the wiser approach now is to prepare for the worst case scenario to happen before the Great Warning. Seems we didn’t reach the bottom yet. That includes possible escalation in Taiwan and Ukraine to lead to a major war. Lavrov just announced that Russia will pursue a New World Order as a part of the peace in Ukraine. Those are not just words thrown in the air, they are backed by 5,000 nuclear weapons and unknown secret weapons. Yes America has them too. We are on the brink, and still some people think it is all about distracting attention from Trump or the next rise of the interest rates, in a secluded world that things are explained and happen for themselves. Let me say frankly that those otherwise very devote people are Not Ready Too. Their refusal to see the reality from all sides may lead to their rude awakening one morning without any pre warning. And here I will put the majority of clergy who somehow want to prolong the current status quo and do not tell the faithful that they need to prepare – from spiritual perspective first. Many of those devote people said for too long: “Don’t worry, after all destruction God will restore the world in a blink of an eye”, be it for the Great Warning or for the 3 days of darkness, or you name it.

    The whole Old Testament shows God acts but many times quite differently from our expectations. Remember the cloud and the fire column for God’s people when rescued from Egypt. We don’t have to cross the Red sea today, or do we? What if tsunami are about to befall us generated by Poseidon torpedo with 100 mgt (see Tsar bomb)?

    With so many apparitions given, we still don’t know what the Great Warning event will be. We know its effects on the people, not its essence (with the example of two stars colliding and letter A). Similarly, we don’t know what will be the Miracle and what will be the Chastisement. How then many devote people know it all, including the exact content of the Third Secret of Fatima? It is just absurd their claims on blogs and websites, from organizations who lead the fight of the conservative wing of the Church, etc. No they don’t know it. They are DELUDED, most likely self-deluded in their spiritual pride of being given too many graces including the grace of a holy life…because after all, all those gifts are Grace as St. Thérèse of Lisieux of the Child Jesus said. It is not their achievement, it is God’s grace they persist in doing their Church obligations, that tomorrow God may give to those who we call pagans if they will give better fruits…

    Dear brothers and sisters if you read here and you believe you know all about Fatima and the rest of what is to come, then think again. NONE of the expectations so far (including year 2000, year 2017) have been materialized the way we all expected them to occur. We all follow those apparitions and the Church teachings for decades. And none of us knows what exactly will happen. All are our best guesses that help us move forward, but at the end we have to humbly admit that God’s ways are higher than our ways. Much, much, much Higher.

  6. Sunimal Fernando says:

    Holy news will be given to the whole world, then end will come. Jesus Christ said.
    I think, before this event, Anti Christ must appear and this time is within the great tribulation period or last 3.5 year.
    There are so many people in the world, they don’t know about God or Jesus Christ. They are atheist or gay marriage people or follow
    Buddhism or Hinduism or false gods.
    I think, heaven will give Garbandal warning to show sins done by us (Islam and Christians and Judaism)and to show the existence of God to others said above.

    Pope Francis is the last pope in St.Malachi Pope list and it’s description match with great tribulation. Then Conchita’s age and Pope Francis age now ?
    Also Conchita said, that mother Mary said to her , ” when Communism comes again, Everything will happen”.
    See the world now.
    North Korea can creat Tsunami by heavy bombs and China to Taiwan, Russia to Ukraine .
    What USA and NATO do? Very weak now.

    I think, First part of tribulation is COVID. We are living in the middle now. Second part of tribulation Or great tribulation period will be commenced soon.
    Other wise, don’t expect Garbandal warning. No one knows the last date of this world.only God knows.

  7. James Belcher says:

    The return of spiritual communism has been expanding for a while now. The spread of invading countries has only begun (Russia vs. Ukraine and NATO, China’s part occupation of the West Philippine Sea). Once the new Axis is in place (Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran and Saudi Arabi), we will probably see the full return of communism and Islamic Terrorists. It is true the munitions of the free world has been reduced via the aid given to Ukraine and it is also true Russia’s munitions has been reduced as well. Although China has more military sea vessels, the navy of the USA, Japan and Australia is a powerful force to be reckoned with.
    I believe Russia and China will sit out of the war and it is the Islamic Terrorists as Ron has stated many times that the war commences with the terrorists attacking the USA, France, Italy and Great Britan.
    The Asian News Agencies for the most part favor China over the USA but the Asian citizens of the free countries favor the USA. The news media here in Asia are rapidly expanding their opinions for a civil war in the USA. They opine of neighbor vs. neighbor and not North vs. South. I believe their opinion of a civil war can actually be best addressed in calling this severe civil unrest (Second Seal). I believe the start of Islamic Terrorists wars will commence in the later part year of 2024 and last for many years. Then the Warning and Miracle will occur, possibly as early as 2027 (probably in 2033). After the Miracle, the USA, Italy, France and Great Britain will destroy the Islamic Terrorists and counter any Russia/China aggression. I think the Great Catholic Monarch and the Angelic Shepherd will play a great role in defeating Communism and Islamic Extremists in Europe. I believe the eagle and its plucked wings represents the USA losing all of its virtues and being withdrawn from Europe.
    In short, the duration of time from now thru the 2030s’ will be horrific.

  8. Del Griffith says:

    We must be careful with private revelations. What children interpret in the 1960’s will most likely be something totally different. The “warning” can be just a celestial event that the children misinterpreted. No way will planes stop in mid flight and cars suddenly stop on highways….that’s just fantasy in my opinion.

    • Ben says:

      or maybe we will have time dilation, as some sci fi movies show. In a way, we have to start thinking wider. Many things considered impossible and against the physical laws in 18th century, became possible with the newly discovered laws (all created by God at the beginning). And only some of these discoveries were materialized in practical devices. We write on internet today as a given fact. Who would have imagined it during the era of the telegraph – the “internet” of queen Victoria to command her empire? The people believed that was the maximum invention, together with the steam engine, and I bet there were religious fanatics who said that was from the devil.

      Tomorrow may happen something that is still in the sci fi books, or at least in the elaborated theories of Einstein that no one has fully comprehended yet. He proves in theory the time can speed up – only if you have a rocket to travel nearly the speed of light. And there are others that argue that the time could be slowed down in vicinity of massive objects or even around the earth – that is how the GPS works. We never know what is the next discovery around the next corner in that labyrinth. All is created by God, and sure the Angels of God can use any of these laws that they know in fullness, unlike us.

      But I agree with your point – it maybe something celestial, something that the girls couldn’t explain. And many people won’t accept it when it happens if it goes outside of their mind. The Warning event that we don’t know what will be, starts with the letter “A” in Spanish and looks like two stars colliding with each other. Does it sound like Einstein movie? For some that similarity will be enough to say the Warning is from Satan. Unfortunately, many of the most devote people were poorly educated in basic science in their teen age for a number of reasons. I bet most of those religious internet warriors can’t repeat the three laws of Newton that control our physical worlds, even less the three laws of Kepler that control the visible movements inside our Solar system. What to talk about theories of Einstein and others, that they reject outright? They prefer their simplistic view of a flat earth and dinosaur bones not older than 5000 years. For them the science is from Satan. Some even call Saturn – Satan because of the sound similarity that appear in English only. For these people, they will run away from the Great Sign/Miracle when they see the Divine action (as one or more seers have said) because their hearts are away from God even when they serve Him with their lips. And many others will convert in that moment.

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