The World is rushing toward another World War

Certain attitudes in societies and actions by politicians tends toward world war.

1. Russia is wrong to invade Ukraine; this war of aggression affects many nations, and could lead (indirectly, I think) or contribute to a third world war.

2. Ukraine has a right to defend itself, and other nations have a right and responsibility to aid Ukraine in its defense. Certain attitudes and actions are pressuring all nations to take one side or another. Sanctions by the US and EU include the threat of secondary sanctions against any nation, company, or individual who violates those sanction laws, even outside of the US and EU. This causes all nations to be compelled to decide whether to comply, and take action against Russia by refusing to buy or sell many goods and services, or to decide to refuse to comply, and continue doing business with Russia. Then, in the current globalized economy, few nations can say that they never buy goods or services from any of the large economic nations in the world.

The effect is to cause every nation to line up on one side of the war or the other. This obviously tends towards a world war, as the world becomes divided into only two camps, one on each side of a very bloody and devastating war.

3. The U.S. and E.U. have the right to make laws for themselves, and to refuse to buy or sell with certain other nations. Whether or not this is prudent, or whether it might be unjust in certain hypothetical cases (such as refusing food and medicine to a needy nation), is a matter of judgment of the circumstances. But it is generally lawful and just, given due circumstances and an evaluation of the consequences.

However, a nation does not have the right to make laws which propose to bind every other nation, without their consent, to comply with sanctions — under threat of economic or other punishments. US laws are made by duly elected representatives of the people, who make laws according to the democratic process (instituted by the Constitution), laws which are confirmed by the President, and with possible appeal to the judiciary. US laws are unjust, when they propose to bind the whole world, including nations and populations who have no representation and no possible part in the democratic process which resulted in those laws. The US and EU, and the Western nations as a group, have no authority over the entire planet, its nations and its peoples, outside their own nations. It is totalitarian and fundamentally unjust for the Western nations to compel other nations to bend to their will. This is contrary to the sovereignty of each nation, and the principle of government by, for, and of the people. It is anti-democratic.

If another nation or group of nations were to do the same to the United States, instituting severe economic sanctions against the U.S., our leaders and people would consider this to be an act of war. And someday the US and/or EU might be the on the receiving end of primary or secondary sanctions. See my previous article.

Threatening all nations with secondary sanctions tends towards world war, as this unjust oppression of sovereign peoples is an act of economic warfare. The good intention is to restrict Russia from money and goods in order to lessen their ability and will to continue a gravely unjust war in Ukraine; but a good intention does not justify an inherently immoral means, which in this case is forcing third-party nations to comply with our judgments and laws. And as a type of moral violence against the will and autonomy of other nations, this type of sanction law tends toward war.

4. The ICC has issued an arrest warrant for Russia Federation President Vladimir Putin. See this news story and many others. The ICC has authority based on an agreement signed in Rome, to which the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, and China are not signatories. As U.S. President Joe Biden has publicly stated, the warrant is justified as grave crimes were clearly committed, but this has no standing in the U.S. at all. News commentaries have opined that it is unlikely Putin will ever be arrested or tried by the ICC.

How does this tend toward world war? The U.S. has passed a law discussed at Wikipedia here, allowing the use of force to oppose ICC actions against U.S. military personnel:

“The George W. Bush administration signed the American Service-Members’ Protection Act, (informally referred to as The Hague Invasion Act), to signify the United States’ opposition to any possible future jurisdiction of the court or its tribunals.”

The law states its purpose as:

“To protect United States military personnel and other elected and appointed officials of the United States Government against criminal prosecution by an international criminal court to which the United States is not party.” [PDF]

Then the law text states a reason for protecting U.S. elected and appointed officials, including the President:

“No less than members of the Armed Forces of the United States, senior officials of the United States Government should be free from the risk of prosecution by the International Criminal Court, especially with respect to official actions taken by them to protect the national interests of the United States.”

“The President is authorized to use all means necessary and appropriate to bring about the release of any person described in subsection (b) who is being detained or imprisoned by, on behalf of, or at the request of the International Criminal Court” [Note that this includes both U.S. persons and allies].

So the United States takes the position that we may use “all means necessary” to oppose ICC actions, warrants, arrests, and prosecutions of U.S. government and military personnel and allies. This clearly includes military action, as military troops are a protected category of persons. This law was occasioned by the investigation by the ICC of alleged war crimes committed by US troops in Afghanistan. If the ICC were ever to arrest and attempt to put on trial U.S. government or military personnel, the U.S. would use military force, if necessary.

Now it is clear that Russian personnel have committed war crimes in Ukraine, and the complicity and responsibility of President Putin is also apparent. One of the worst war crimes allegedly committed in Ukraine was described by the former President of Estonia, in an interview:

– At the beginning of the war, you wrote you felt such a wave of strong anger after the destruction of Mariupol as you had never felt before.

– It was a deliberate destruction of a city of 400,000 people with the single purpose of killing civilians. It was absurd. According to the latest estimates, 116,000 people were killed – about as many as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.

– Is the situation in Mariupol still the most intolerable, or have there been even more shocking events since then?

– We don’t have much information about developments elsewhere. Of course, Bucha was a turning point for me personally, simply because it showed that nothing had changed since the Russians had done the same thing in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland in 1940-41. It shattered the illusion, “They’re different now, they don’t do that anymore. That was the Soviet Union. Now we’re talking about Russia,” was the political rhetoric of the last 30 years, but then it turns out that they behave the same way.

The war crime alleged by the ICC, according to an ICC statement, is that Putin “is allegedly responsible for the war crime of unlawful deportation of population (children) and that of unlawful transfer of population (children) from occupied areas of Ukraine to the Russian Federation….” The allegation is certainly very grave, but it is not as grave as the above alleged mass killings of civilians at Mariupol and Bucha.

In any case, an attempt, successful or not, to take Putin into custody, should he visit a nation that is a party to the ICC “Rome Statue” (as it is called), would be seen by Russia as an act of war — just as it would be seen by the U.S. and other non-parties to the Statue in the case of their leaders.

The approval of this arrest warrant by multiple nations in the West tends towards an escalation of the conflict between the nations supporting Ukraine, and those supporting Russia. And this is an unnecessary escalation, since no one thinks that the arrest warrant will result in a trial and judgment against Putin.

The International Criminal Court was set up with good intentions, but its implementation is problematic, as many nations, in refusing to be signatories, have indicated.

5. The Ukraine war has resulted in horrible damage to the people and nation of Ukraine, has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of troops on both sides, as well as many (perhaps a vast number) of civilian deaths. In my opinion, certain actions taken by nations on both sides have tended towards escalation and the possibility of a widening of the war beyond Ukraine. Supporting Ukraine in its self-defense is moral and just, as well as, for some nations, a moral obligation.

However, restraint is needed in public expressions by political leaders regarding the war. Such expressions might not help troops on the battlefield, and may tend toward escalation and a worsening of the war. Sending necessary weapons and munitions can be just. But these grave actions can have weighty consequences, and the circumstances, especially the consequences, must be carefully evaluated so as not to do more harm than good.

The Ukraine war could easily spin out of control, and result in a world war.

6. The U.S. has used the Presidential authority of a “drawdown” — taking military supplies stockpiled for U.S. defense, and sending it to an ally instead — 33 times as of early March 2023. We have sent Ukraine over 2 million artillery shells as well as many other weapons and munitions [U.S. State Dept. website, March 20, 2023]. We no longer have sufficient stockpiles of artillery shells to fight another Ukraine-level war, neither in defense of our Allies in NATO, nor other allies, nor even our own nation.

The U.S. and NATO as a whole is now vulnerable to a world war, having been weakened by our perhaps excessive and certainly LATE participation in the defense of Ukraine. NATO does not have the stockpiles or production capability to fight a world war at this time.

7. If the war in Ukraine worsens, such as by Ukraine defenses falling apart, and enemy troops advancing in multiple directions, the U.S. and other NATO nations would have to commit a large amount of troops, weapons, and munitions to all the NATO nations on the western border with Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

This would leave the U.S. unable to give a full and effective response to an attempt by China to take control of Taiwan, whether by war or by an air and sea blockade. The U.S. is entirely unable to fight two major wars, as we did during World War 2 — one in Europe and the other in the Asia-Pacific region.

If China obtains control of Taiwan, they could and likely would issue primary and secondary sanctions against the U.S. and perhaps other nations, regarding semiconductors. Such sanctions would endanger the U.S. economy, military defense, and infrastructure. See my previous article. No nation today can fight a war without semiconductors. No economy today can function without semiconductors. All infrastructure requires semiconductors, in the factories that produce goods, or in the goods themselves. Modern communication is also dependent on semiconductors. And almost all semiconductors in Western nations are imported from Asia.

8. The Allies won World War 2 largely due to our alliance with the USSR under Stalin and China under Chiang Kai-shek. Even though Stalin was a brutal dictator, we made alliance as the need required, so as to avoid being conquered by the Nazis. Recall that Germany was attempting to design and build nuclear bombs, and they might have succeeded, if given enough time.

But today, the U.S. is sanctioning China with newly and sharply increased semiconductor sanctions. We are threatening China with serious consequences, if they supply weapons to Russia. (A meeting between Putin and Xi Jinping is scheduled for March 20 to 22, 2023, to sign agreements — on what, we do not yet know.) The U.S. is supplying billions of dollars of weapons to Taiwan. Then the Western nations are severely sanctioning Russia, and supporting Ukraine in the war.

All these things make it unlikely that Russia or China will ally with us in a third world war. And they might very well take the side of our enemies, supplying them with weapons, munitions, training, intel, etc. This makes a third world war more likely, as any opponent might evaluate that they could obtain substantial help from Russia and/or China, making the opponent more likely to start a war.

9. Iran is close to obtaining nuclear weapons. (It is even possible that they might secretly currently possess one or more nuclear bombs.) The Washington D.C. anti-nuclear proliferation think-tank, Institute for Science and International Security (Twitter: @thegoodISIS) stated the following in their analysis of the situation, with my emphasis:

“Iran can now break out and produce enough weapon-grade enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon in 12 days, using only three advanced centrifuge cascades and half of its existing stock of 60 percent enriched uranium. This breakout could be difficult for inspectors to detect promptly, if Iran took steps to delay inspectors’ access.

“Using its remaining stock of 60 percent enriched uranium and its stock of near 20 percent enriched uranium, Iran could produce enough weapon-grade uranium for an additional four nuclear weapons in a month. During the next two months, Iran could produce two more weapons’ worth of weapon-grade uranium from its stock of less than five percent enriched uranium, meaning that Iran could produce enough weapon-grade uranium for five nuclear weapons in one month and seven in three months.” [Institute for Science and International Security, Analysis of IAEA Iran Verification and Monitoring Report – February 2023, Albright et alia; March 3, 2023]

Producing enough Weapon Grade Uranium (WGU) for five (or seven) nukes does not imply the actual production of those working nuclear bombs, but only the uranium needed. Elsewhere the Institute has said that perhaps 6 months would be enough time to make the working nukes.

If Iran obtains nuclear weapons, the public announcement (or worse, the use) of these weapons would tend to cause extremists in the region to want to ally with Iran. Such an alliance would attract extremists who wish to have more power by association with a nuclear Iran. And this is attractive to extremist groups because they currently hold little power in that region of the world. If those nations are taken over by extremists, and they join together with Iran, they could raise an army of millions of troops and attack the U.S. and Europe with nuclear bombs as well as a massive invasion of troops. And this scenario is my speculation as to how World War 3 begins (in my eschatology writings).

With assistance from Russia, China, and North Korea, the Arab Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa, allied under the leadership of a nuclear Iran, could present a grave and credible threat to the security of the NATO nations.

10. The possession of nuclear bombs by Iran directly and gravely threatens the security of the continental United States. Iran could send a nuclear bomb, even a crude one made with 60% uranium-235, on a commercial ship, and sail it into a harbor in New York City. The crew could detonate the nuke, causing massive destruction and loss of life.

Too many nations possess nuclear weapons today. But Iran is the most likely nation by far to actually use nuclear weapons in an unprovoked first-strike. The leaders of Iran are a very specific type of Muslim extremist; they are “Twelvers” who believe that they should start an apocalyptic war with the “infidels” and “apostates” in order to bring about the reappearance of the Twelfth Imam, and obtain a worldwide Islamic kingdom, by killing a vast number of non-Muslims.

* See my previous article here.

This is proposed by them to be obtained not only by a world war, but also by a requirement: convert or die. They propose that no one should be allowed to live except those who convert to their extremist version of Islam. Moderate peaceful practicing believing Muslims are termed “apostates” by them, for not believing in the extremist version of Islam. Believing and practicing Christian, Jews, and adherents of other religions are termed “infidels” (unbelievers) by them, as if belief in other religions were the same as absence of belief.

The Twelvers will fail to obtain a worldwide Islamic kingdom. But if they obtain nukes, they will become more dangerous than Russia and China combined. For they are convinced that they cannot lose a war with the West, and so they will not hesitate to make a nuclear first strike for the deliberate purpose of starting a worldwide war that will kill millions, tens of millions, or more.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.

Please understand that my writings about the future are speculative eschatology, based on study and interpretation, not based on knowledge that is absolute or certain. I have never received any private revelations myself.

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12 Responses to The World is rushing toward another World War

  1. Ben says:

    Ron, it is so complete that I have nothing to add (I already posted several comments on WW3). I will add however about USSR and Nazi Germany that they had a real term pact before WW2 that pretty much defied the democratic West (Molotov -Ribbentrop pact). People who were present at the signing o the non-aggression pact said Stalin was visibly happy that he cheated Hitler. It gave Stalin the territory of the Baltics and Eastern Poland (independent from Russia after WW1) as a precondition for signing the pact. When Hitler took Western Poland in 1939 that marked the official start of WW2. UK and France declared war on Nazi Germany because they had treaty with Poland, however they did not commit any troops to fight at that time. The Nazi propaganda with loudspeakers in French on the French border made false promises not to invade France. The West believed or wanted to believe.
    Then everything turned around with the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union. But before that turn in 1941 the West was practically losing to totalitarian regimes.
    Did God make it happen thanks to the not complete efforts for consecration of Russia? Would we have a dictatorial Reich(s) stretching from the Atlantic tot he Pacific otherwise? Only God knows.

    Today we have nuclear weapons. Even a limited use of them will be more destructive than all the explosions in WW2. We see Russia and China on one side, India and Brazil undecided, Iran, Nicaragua, Venezuela, South Africa, siding more with the Eastern block. What is it the West counts on? God and religion as it was during the Cold War? I’d wish to believe the West will find its lost spiritual strength again. Because, from a cultural point of view, most of the Western Christian built heritage is there. Cancel that (with nukes or otherwise) and we turn to pre-Christian spiritual desert and apocalyptic ruins, without the cathedrals and other buildings, art, traditions, and without many of the people. The survivors will be so desolate that they will envy the dead, said Our Lady in Akita. At this point, only a miracle can save us from destruction. A miracle as big as the Great Warning, if God wills to give it beforehand. Nevertheless, better we be prepared with all possible, besides the spiritual. Read FEMA manuals, download its apps, print for the time internet will be gone. EMP is the classical first strike of the nuclear war. It could be also preceded by a cyber attack that will knock out the grid, the gas, the water supplies, certainly the internet, as we were recently warned by no one else but Mr. Schwab (besides many others). Be right with God and expect to die tomorrow, but also make sure you can survive and have information what to do, if that is God’s will for you.

    And one last thing for those who believe they will be protected in refuges – I haven’t seen those refuges yet. Farms, yes, but not refuges with springs of miraculous water, caves protected by angels, and available space for hundreds of people to survive. Maybe God will turn your home into a refuge. Maybe. Be open for God’s plan and don’t expect He to follow our plans and views that cannot be other than humanly limited. Even if we know all the secrets of all apparitions that none of us knows them fully.

  2. James Belcher says:

    I believe WW3 (as you have stated many times) will be initiated by Iran, Middle East and North Africa. The USA will be attacked by some form of nuclear warfare. In my opinion, Iran will also coordinate its attack against Great Britan, France and Italy. Russia and China will not attack USA but overtake Ukraine and Taiwan. It will not be a coordinated effort with Iran. These acts will be separate as they take advantage over the conflicts of Iran and the Western Nations. The chaos to follow these events will be civil unrest, famine and a total breakdown of societies as a whole. It will take years for any semblance of the Western Nations to mount a counter attack and claim victory over Iran, Middle East and North Africa.

    I cannot see the Warning and Miracle happening before this war. I believe there would be many more lost souls should the Warning and Miracle occur before the war.
    People would lose faith and become withdrawn from God. Therefore, it will happen during the war giving the faithful a reason to repent and pray.

    Can you give any reasons on why the Warning and Miracle will happen before the war? I ask this in sincerity due to the facts of our Almighty God wants to save as many souls possible.


    • Ron Conte says:

      The Warning, Consolation, and Miracle are three blessings on the world to prepare everyone for the events of the first part of the tribulation (the first part of the end times). So these things occur first.

  3. Sunimal Fernando says:
    Your above link is very important.
    I shared it in my Facebook after getting permission from you.
    When Garbandal warning?
    Conchita is iving in USA now and you are also living in USA. Why no one question Conchita about it now? What is her age now?

  4. Ben says:

    The current war with Russia and the inability of the Vatican to intervene successfully despite its sincere and strong desire, is also a fail of the Ostpolitik of the Catholic Church since John XXIII. It might have had its successes during Communism to reduce the persecution in those countries. But now we see its complete failure, in 21st century when there is no official communist party to rule in Russia.

    It is a time to ask reasonable questions: What and Who went wrong in the think tank of the Vatican? It is not forbidden to ask. The Church is not a Dictatorship that she herself criticizes far and wide in the world (for example, in Libya, and most recently in Nicaragua). While the Holy Father is infallible on the matters of faith and moral, ex cathedra, the many cardinals and bishops are Not infallible, and they also do political and other mistakes. The pope also can do human errors, as human person. We do not deify the pope, while we recognize his special grace as successor of Peter.

    What went wrong, and why the Consecration of Russia expected for more than 100 years, didn’t work as supposed? Who of the bishops did it, and who did not do it? Can we see a list published on the official sites? We deserve answers. And not only we, a handful of faithful who believe the apparitions, but the billion wide Church and the 8 billion world whose fate is in the balance these days as we speak. Putin is accused of war crimes, threatened with arrest even in Germany that traditionally keeps the communication channels open. No negotiation is possible beyond this point until a regime change happens in Russia – a country with officially 5,000 nukes (maybe much more plus secret weapons), a country that has in its nuclear doctrine a preemptive strike if the existence of the state is endangered.

    If the price of the world peace would be to retire a hundred bishops who didn’t do the Consecration as required, or even a thousand of them, then better they go in early retirement (not prosecuted, not confiscated lavish property, just retired tomorrow) and other younger persons to be consecrated bishops who will Obey the Pope and Our Lady, and ultimately Our Lord, in what is required for the salvation of the Planet. Maybe we have one more month for that, or maybe we don’t.

    Indeed, we here expect the Great Warning every day, for years, to fix the things that we cannot do better. And what if it doesn’t come this year? What if the wrong fulfilment of the Heavenly command is so great that God let the people deal with it until they, led by the pope and in cooperation with ALL the bishops, finally do it as required, so everyone recognizes the intercession of Our Lady? Why would Cardinal Bea say infront of Malachi Martin, then young Jesuit priest: “we just killed billions of people”, after a meeting with pope John XXIII who decided not to reveal the secret and obviously not to fulfill the consecration? How many years passed since then, how many times the world was on the brink *the biggest in 1984 not in the Cuban crisis)? Last year pope Francis did the solemn Consecration of Russia exactly as required. Who didn’t follow it from the bishops? Will there be nuclear fires, nuclear ignition of atmosphere (as Oppenheimer feared and wrote Truman), because of those several hundred bishops who DISOBEYED GOD HIMSELF? Let it be Anathema, as in the olden days of Church councils! (after 2 years is the 1700 anniversary of the first Nicaea council). Better they go than the entire world burns.

    • Ron Conte says:

      The consecration of Russia is a consecration of its people, for a nation is its people more than anything else. And this consecration should be repeated at least once for each generation. But people have free will. And so we cannot expect the consecration to have a precisely controlled result, as that is not the will of God for His created persons, whose free will He respects. So the effect of the consecration, which I believe was done correctly twice now, works through grace and providence, over time, along with other graces, prayers, the treasury of merits of the Church, etc. The effect is not immediate or harsh. And I think the Warning will also work with the consecration, very likely to end the war in Ukraine by Russia’s unilateral withdrawal.

  5. James Belcher says:

    The Consecration of Russia is for individual souls just as the upcoming Warning and Miracle. It is not for a collective body of government. I believe the body of bishops have successfully completed their offering. Looking forward, the Consecration of Russia will not prevent us from entering the cusp of the Tribulation.

  6. James Belcher says:

    The Winds of Tribulation

    Since WW3 is part of the Tribulation, I have no doubt we are on the cusp of the Tribulation.
    In my lifetime, I have never seen such arrogance among powerful nations disregarding international law as we see today.
    In addition, the leaders of countries telling their people – We must prepare for war.
    – President Xi Jinping of China going on national tv four (4) times last week and declaring – We must prepare for war.
    – Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Um declaring – We must prepare for nuclear war.
    – President Biden’s administration of USA declaring – There will only be a ceasefire in the Ukraine / Russia war, if the USA agrees on the terms of the ceasefire regardless of Ukraine’s desires. This attitude reflects their desire to prolong the war as long as possible to weaken Russia regardless of human life.

    The past 50 plus years, the policy of the USA was to keep a wedge between Russia and China. The wedge was initiated by President Nixon in the late 1960s’. It is now evident Russia and China are aligned to counter the Western Civilization.

    China’s takeover of international waters via the creation of artificial islands and prohibiting countries to fish on their own waters.

    Lastly but probably most important is Iran’s desire to create horrific damage to the western civilization. There continues to be no stoppage of Iran’s buildup of nuclear capabilities.

    I have kept this post on politics – We all know the continuous breakdown of moral and civility throughout the world.

  7. Ben says:

    Although I expect the Great Warning this Holy Season, I have to admit that it is speculative on my side either. And that God may decide to stop or to allow a nuclear war. Many seers including Sr Agnes Sasagawa in Akita warn of fire from heaven. We may speculate, is it the Chastisement, is it the pre-Warning nuclear war, is Alois Irlmaier and other similar private visions true of Russian massive conventional invasion of Europe, or Blessed Elena Aiello who saw the red flag over St Peter’s dome. None of us knows what part of the prophecy has been fulfilled symbolically, what part was cancelled with the end of the Cold War, what will be fulfilled literally, and will it be before or after the Great Warning. It is too convenient to expect Great Warning to do the things we failed to do. I agree that God’s grace including of Consecration works through the consciences and decisions of the people who convert and change their ways. But also that is true for the Warning. Why would we expect God to stop a nuclear war? Conchita said that the Communism will be returned before it. And I don’t know how that or other predictions could be interpreted.

    According defected Russian spy col. Lunev and others (search online), the primary Russian strike will involve 100-150 nukes mostly military targets, not the heavy ICBMs. There will be millions dead as co-lateral damage, but it will not be the end of the world. And usually we think of a strike on USA, while forgetting that Russia and China, Israel and Iran, the Koreas, could equally be hit with hundreds of missiles. It may not all start with a surprise Russian attack on USA, but let say one miscalculation, one rogue group in any of those points including Ukraine, and then you have a chain reaction. Could we imagine for example a secret Russian group that acts not on orders from Kremlin, for whatever reason? There were such scenarios in the Western media before.

    So I’d err on the side of the caution, assuming the worst at the moment when any peace plan is rejected in advance from the opposite side. Putin just talked yesterday of depleted uranium to be considered as nuclear component. Such shells were already mass used in former Yugoslavia, Iraq other places, and NATO does not consider them nuclear weapons of course. But that could be the excuse of Russia to escalate. As of the situation today, Russia doesn’t intend to back out of Ukrainian territory, and the West doesn’t intend to push Ukraine for an armistice along the line of contact – the way it was done between India and Pakistan for example. Both sides hope for a breakthrough on the battlefield. And if such breakthrough doesn’t occur for Russia, she could be tempted to use tactical nuclear weapons. As the West already warned against, and what the consequences will be. We can be certain that IF that will be the case, Russia have decided that for years in advance. Nyquist has extensive research about the signs of a preplanned nuclear war that can be traced by the adversary’s intelligence for at least 6 months if not more. One of the signs of the immediate attack is hiding a good portion of the population. Moscow had at least two fake alerts in the last month, blamed officially on “hackers” in the Russian TV and radio stations. I leave the conclusions to you. The real attack will not be announced on CNN or on your mobile phone, not before the missiles have already landed – if you still have a phone service then.

  8. James Belcher says:

    I honestly cannot see a nuclear war between the major powers , be it China, Russia and the USA. Should this happen, it would be mutual destruction for all three major powers. I can see smaller and/or rogue nations attempting nuclear strikes against the western civilization creating tremendous loss of life.

    Should China, Russia and USA get involved in a conventional war among themselves,
    there should be no completion of a such war (Annihilation of country) and the victorious nation(s) allows the losing nation to gracefully exit. This would allow all 3 powers to have their governments continue as they were before except for major concessions.

    Is this fools gold? Probably!!!
    I am hoping cooler heads prevail.

  9. Ben says:

    Fictionalized BBC Special Report of NATO-Russia conflict

    as realistic as possible from BBC.
    Some believe nuclear war is winnable, and some of those people take decisions at least in 2 nuclear powers today, maybe more.

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